Oneida Indian nation High stakes Bingo is rated number 3 in the World! It features the highest possible payouts around, newest state the the art bingo device technology, comfortable seating and also the friendliest staff around.

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For more information around Bingo, contact 800.771.7711 or the Bingo Hotline 800.782.1938.

To purchase your tickets for pre-sale and large events, speak to by clicking the switch below! If girlfriend would like to see seating, click right here to download the floor plan.

Call to purchase Tickets


Doors Open: 9:00am & 4:00pm early on Birds: 10:15am & 4:30pm Superminis: 11:15am & 5:30pm Warm-Ups: 12:30pm & 6:45pm main Sessions: 12:45pm & 7:00pm

Please Note

Food and also drink might be spend in The Bingo Hall. Pursuant come our policy, unvaccinated guests must continue to undertake their confront coverings throughout your stay. Please review our health and safety plan online for much more information.


Bingo advanced Sales will be closeup of the door or have modified vacation hours.

Thanksgiving: ClosedChristmas Eve: 9am – 4pmChristmas Day: ClosedNew Year’s night & new Year’s Day: 12pm - 7pm

Thursday, November 25

Gobble all the method to the financial institution this Thanksgiving!

Evening session – Doors open up at 4:00pmEarly Birds start at 4:30pm and also pay $200Regular games start at 7:00pm and pay approximately $1,199

Purchase tickets at Bingo Admissions.


The holiday Festivities Continue

Friday, November 26 – Both Sessions

Black Friday Gift card Giveaway and Match your Pack$1,500 in $50 Gift Card illustrations to your favorite stores each session. That’s $3,000 in gift cards! Don’t miss it.

Purchase ticket at Bingo Admissions.


Saturday, November 27

Make the most of her holiday season by to win a share of $100,000 in prizes! sign up with us for festive games and prizes.

PAYOUTSJackpot pays as much as $14,000Specials pay up to $10,000Regular gamings pay approximately $3,000

ADMISSIONPaper - $55Electronic - $95

Call to purchase tickets now at 800.347.9086.

Sunday, November 28

Match Your load and dual Payout – Both Sessions

Purchase tickets at Bingo Admissions.

Celebrate the season with huge payouts! sign up with us for the Christmas eve Matinée Sessionand Christmas Day evening Session. The very first 500 guest will obtain a free gift both sessions. Jackpot Pays approximately $3,000! constant Games Pay approximately $1,000.

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Friday, December 31

Set sail at Turning stone and suffer a civilization of winning.

Doors and also Sales open up at 2pm.

JACKPOT Level 1 payment $2,500JACKPOT Level 2 payment $5,000JACKPOT Level 3 payment $10,000Regular gamings Pay $3,000 v $1,000 2nd Chance

Dinner, Calendar Coupon publication & Gift Included.

Tickets on sale now, acquisition at Bingo Reservations.

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January 1 – 3, purchase in to obtain a coupon publication with crazy discounts because that the whole year that 2022. Presale in ~ Bingo Admissions come purchase and also reserve your seat and electronic. Presale recommended.


When the lights walk out, the blacklights come on!Win some fun prizes the end on the lido deck!

January 1, 2022Doors open up 10:00pm games Starts at 10:45pm

The cards and also ink space fluorescent! DJ invoice T and also Emcee Jammin Joe will certainly be play awesome music plus drawings and also contests do it a night girlfriend can’t miss.

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The Nightclub & Bingo combine for a mark In The Dark ExperienceEvery 3rd Saturday the the monthDoors open up 10:00pm gamings Starts at 10:45pm Don’t miss out on prizes, music, cocktails, dancing and $6,000 in prizes.

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Bring your buddy come bingo!

When girlfriend win, you both acquire paid!

Buddies consists two human being only. Both buddies should purchase the same level admission fill to qualify. No dividing packages.

Purchase ticket at Bingo Admissions

Regular games pay $25 time the last number called.Special gamings pay $50 times the last number called.Jackpot gamings pay $100 times the last number called.

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Monthly Calendars


A TS rewards card compelled for every promotions and offers. Guests cannot split packages. Limit of one every guest where it applies. Monitoring reserves all legal rights to cancel or change promotion without notice.

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Oneida Indian Bingo Jackpots

The jackpot amount has actually been updated together of November 21, 2021and thus may not reflect the most existing amount.

pick 8 BONANZA steady WINFALL JACKPOT "G" BALL gradual
$5,000 in 20 numbers or less $10,500 in 50 number or less $14,820 in 18 number or less $4,000