acetone - 3.95 g/tsp/nbeer - 5.05 g/tsp/nbutter - 4.6 g/tsp/nethyl alcohol - 3.95 g/tsp/nflour - 2.85 g/tsp/nglycerine - 6.3 g/tsp/nmilk - 5.15 g/tsp/nsugar, sugar beet - 4 g/tsp/nsugar, granulated - 3.5 g/tsp/nsugar, powder - 2.8 g/tsp/nsunflower oil - 4.6 g/tsp/nwater - 5 g/tsp/n teaspoon = 5 g

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acetone - 0.253 tsp/g/nbeer - 0.198 tsp/g/nbutter - 0.217 tsp/g/nethyl alcohol - 0.253 tsp/g/nflour - 0.351 tsp/g/nglycerine - 0.159 tsp/g/nmilk - 0.194 tsp/g/nsugar, sugar beet - 0.25 tsp/g/nsugar, granulated - 0.286 tsp/g/nsugar, powder - 0.357 tsp/g/nsunflower oil - 0.217 tsp/g/nwater - 0.2 tsp/g/n g = 0.2 teaspoon
teaspoon to g counter table:0.1 tsp
=0.5 gram2.1 tsp=10.5 grams4.1 tsp=20.5 grams7 tsp=35 grams
0.2 tsp=1 gram2.2 tsp=11 grams4.2 tsp=21 grams8 tsp=40 grams
0.3 tsp=1.5 gram2.3 tsp=11.5 grams4.3 tsp=21.5 grams9 tsp=45 grams
0.4 tsp=2 grams2.4 tsp=12 grams4.4 tsp=22 grams10 tsp=50 grams
0.5 tsp=2.5 grams2.5 tsp=12.5 grams4.5 tsp=22.5 grams11 tsp=55 grams
0.6 tsp=3 grams2.6 tsp=13 grams4.6 tsp=23 grams12 tsp=60 grams
0.7 tsp=3.5 grams2.7 tsp=13.5 grams4.7 tsp=23.5 grams13 tsp=65 grams
0.8 tsp=4 grams2.8 tsp=14 grams4.8 tsp=24 grams14 tsp=70 grams
0.9 tsp=4.5 grams2.9 tsp=14.5 grams4.9 tsp=24.5 grams15 tsp=75 grams
1 tsp=5 grams3 tsp=15 grams5 tsp=25 grams16 tsp=80 grams
1.1 tsp=5.5 grams3.1 tsp=15.5 grams5.1 tsp=25.5 grams17 tsp=85 grams
1.2 tsp=6 grams3.2 tsp=16 grams5.2 tsp=26 grams18 tsp=90 grams
1.3 tsp=6.5 grams3.3 tsp=16.5 grams5.3 tsp=26.5 grams19 tsp=95 grams
1.4 tsp=7 grams3.4 tsp=17 grams5.4 tsp=27 grams20 tsp=100 grams
1.5 tsp=7.5 grams3.5 tsp=17.5 grams5.5 tsp=27.5 grams30 tsp=150 grams
1.6 tsp=8 grams3.6 tsp=18 grams5.6 tsp=28 grams40 tsp=200 grams
1.7 tsp=8.5 grams3.7 tsp=18.5 grams5.7 tsp=28.5 grams50 tsp=250 grams
1.8 tsp=9 grams3.8 tsp=19 grams5.8 tsp=29 grams70 tsp=350 grams
1.9 tsp=9.5 grams3.9 tsp=19.5 grams5.9 tsp=29.5 grams90 tsp=450 grams
2 tsp=10 grams4 tsp=20 grams6 tsp=30 grams100 tsp=500 grams

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g to teaspoon counter table:
10 grams=2 tsp210 grams=42 tsp410 grams=82 tsp700 grams=140 tsp
20 grams=4 tsp220 grams=44 tsp420 grams=84 tsp800 grams=160 tsp
30 grams=6 tsp230 grams=46 tsp430 grams=86 tsp900 grams=180 tsp
40 grams=8 tsp240 grams=48 tsp440 grams=88 tsp1000 grams=200 tsp
50 grams=10 tsp250 grams=50 tsp450 grams=90 tsp1100 grams=220 tsp
60 grams=12 tsp260 grams=52 tsp460 grams=92 tsp1200 grams=240 tsp
70 grams=14 tsp270 grams=54 tsp470 grams=94 tsp1300 grams=260 tsp
80 grams=16 tsp280 grams=56 tsp480 grams=96 tsp1400 grams=280 tsp
90 grams=18 tsp290 grams=58 tsp490 grams=98 tsp1500 grams=300 tsp
100 grams=20 tsp300 grams=60 tsp500 grams=100 tsp1600 grams=320 tsp
110 grams=22 tsp310 grams=62 tsp510 grams=102 tsp1700 grams=340 tsp
120 grams=24 tsp320 grams=64 tsp520 grams=104 tsp1800 grams=360 tsp
130 grams=26 tsp330 grams=66 tsp530 grams=106 tsp1900 grams=380 tsp
140 grams=28 tsp340 grams=68 tsp540 grams=108 tsp2000 grams=400 tsp
150 grams=30 tsp350 grams=70 tsp550 grams=110 tsp30000 grams=6000 tsp
160 grams=32 tsp360 grams=72 tsp560 grams=112 tsp4000 grams=800 tsp
170 grams=34 tsp370 grams=74 tsp570 grams=114 tsp5000 grams=1000 tsp
180 grams=36 tsp380 grams=76 tsp580 grams=116 tsp7000 grams=1400 tsp
190 grams=38 tsp390 grams=78 tsp590 grams=118 tsp9000 grams=1800 tsp
200 grams=40 tsp400 grams=80 tsp600 grams=120 tsp10000 grams=2000 tsp