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Please assist me through my 1998 Chevy Tahoe 5.7L 4x4. This feather my inspect engine light came on, I carried it come Autozone and also they scanned it with their OBD2 vehicle reader and it revealed password P0161, O2 sensor heater circuit break down (bank 2 sensor 2). Ns purchased the O2 sensor, however then check out online the they can be very challenging to remove if castle have been in for a long time. I made decision to carry it come a garage and have them execute it because that me. A couple of days later the irradiate came ago on. Very same code P0161.I lugged it ago to the garage and explained that the light had come ago on and also was revealing the same code. Castle inspected and discovered the they had installed the sensor I carried to them at location bank 1 sensor 2, not financial institution 2 sensor 2. I paid them because that a new sensor and also labor to install one at location bank 2 sensor 2. Problem seemed to it is in solved and light did no return.Fast front 3 months. After having actually some transmission work-related done critical week the check engine irradiate returned. Very same code, P0161. I figured possibly they had actually tugged on some wires on other while working on the transmission, for this reason I lugged it earlier to the garage the did the O2 sensors for me and explained ns thought possibly a wire had become disconnected when the transmission shop to be working around it. They tested the relations to both bank 1 sensor 2 and Bank 2 sensor 2. Whatever seemed to test the end fine, for this reason they finished up swapping the 2 sensors. Us were make the efforts to identify if the check engine light would certainly follow the sensor. This method if the light came earlier on and also said P0161 we would know that it should be in the link from the car"s computer system to the wire harness because that the bank 2 sensor 2 sensor. And if the irradiate returned and revealed the password for financial institution 1 sensor 2 us would understand it to be the sensor itself. Well today the irradiate returned and also revealed password P0141 O2 sensor heater circuit failure (Bank 1 sensor 2). The code seems to have adhered to the O2 senor"s adjust of location. I want to replace this sensor, right? I"m worn down of happen my automobile into the garage, and have spent practically $600 do the efforts to acquire this dang examine engine light off. I am i was sure I deserve to swap the sensor myself this time. Autozone will replace the original sensor i purchased from them in April, and also has one O2 sensor wrench I deserve to borrow. I"m not so worried about the sensor gift seized in there because it has actually been out currently twice in the last 3 months.My question, whereby is the location of financial institution 1 sensor 2? I think it is behind the Cat, but have heard conflicting info regarding weather it is ~ above the chauffeurs side or passenger side. Anybody understand for certain.Sorry this to be so long.

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