Please help, not only does mine a/c not job-related my new air door is stuck, at least I think, the heat from the motor is putting in and also it sucks!! you re welcome help

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8,7181,132113SEBuick Ownership1996 Roadmaster minimal Collectors version 58k - 1996 PAU 2019 Regal GS
More 보다 likely, the heat is coming from the heater core, which way that girlfriend probably have a poor actuator. This attach is because that the LeSabre, but the systems are very comparable & it provides some an excellent info on functions & places of the actuators. Click below
8,7181,132113SEBuick Ownership1996 Roadmaster minimal Collectors version 58k - 1996 PAU 2019 Regal GS
ACDELCO component # 1572971 #89018365 GM Original equipment Right; TEMP item #23 in diagram. Http://

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Just desire to do a point about the name of every of the actuators. Your auto has 4 actuators:1 - new Air Inlet actuator (1) #9 in previous diagram - together the name indicates it opens up the door that enables fresh waiting to go into the air circulation system. Throughout winter and also summer the exterior air can influence the workload that the compressor and/or heater core. For instance, in the summer if the outside air is 95 levels like that is right here in central Florida right now then the compressor will need to work harder come cool that air to say the 72 levels you have actually it collection to. If you were to use the recirc button then as the cabin air cools then it would save cooling that air and also if the within gets down to 80 degrees - 15 levels cooler - climate the compressor only needs to cool down one more 8 levels instead the the initial 23 levels from 95 come 72. 2 - blend door actuators (2) #52 in diagram because that left side and also #23 for the appropriate side - over there is a blend door actuator because that each side of the cabin. For this reason the passenger deserve to choose one more temp for comfort. If the passenger manage is not collection different, resets after every engine restart, then the two actuators occupational as one come cool the whole cabin.Just a quick note on the CJ2 mechanism - the compressor constantly cools the air coming turn off of the evaporator coil come 36 levels - the mix doors climate rewarm the wait coming off of it to the desired temp by bypassing the air v the heater coil. When you very first command the AC to max cool on a hot day the lot of reheating is minimal but, together the wait in the cabin reduce closer and closer to the collection temp then an ext and much more warmer waiting is included back in. I seem come remember that there are likewise some ambient waiting controls the might additionally limit just how much heat is supplied based on very hot or very cold temps.3 - setting Actuator (1) #51 in diagram yet can"t be ordered so girlfriend order #53 and also #51 comes through it - the mode actuator move the doors in the air circulation system the directs the air out the countless vents - including defroster, prior vents, bi-level (front vents and also heater vents) and also heater vents. I think that if you choose defroster you also get heater vent as well.The mode actuator can either be controlled manually or with the automatic climate manage system. If you select manual then any command entered on the control panel will make the actuator relocate to the desired position. If you choose automatic the device will continually change the place of the actuators to satisfy the temp that has be selected.Testing:1 - waiting inlet actuator - turn the vent button on and see if you odor the outside air and then revolve on recirc and also see if the smell go away. When it"s difficult to check out the actual door moving you have the right to remove the glove box and look way up near where the A pillar would be because that the windshield and also you have the right to see the white gear moving within of the actuator. That doesn"t necessarily median that the actuator or door isn"t broken - just that the electrical signal gained through and also the actuator make the efforts to revolve the door. I would certainly say that the possibilities of the waiting inlet actuator being damaged are lower than because that the blend doors. 2 - mode actuator - just press the wait Flow button on the manage panel and you will feel the air an altering it"s calculation from one collection of vents come the next. If you execute then it"s not broken - if girlfriend don"t climate either the actuator is broken, the door is stuck, or the electrical control system is not working properly.3 - mix Door Actuator (a.k.a. Temp Actuator) - these space harder to test since the room constantly moving and even if you watch white nylon gear moving that doesn"t typical it"s really functioning inside the actuator. There are numerous photos of the gear transforming the outside component but the outside part isn"t able come grab organize of the door linkage and turn it. And if the outside part doesn"t occupational that means you need a whole brand-new actuator. Some people have been able to open them up and fix the nylon v some kind of epoxy yet I"m not sure exactly how long the solve lasted in those cases.The great thing about the mix door actuators is the you deserve to see them much simpler than the air inlet actuator by just removing the driver and passenger hush panels you deserve to look up in the middle of the instrument dashboard (IP) and see them moving. Through the way - each actuator has 255 discrete positions the the controller can have them set to. On our 1998 year model you have the right to turn the an essential on v the engine off and leave it that means for 5 mins and also the actuators will certainly go through a recalibration to make sure the 1 and 255 positions room at the boundaries of activity for the actuator.You will have to do this reset if you perform wind increase replacing one of the actuators.I think many of the actuators run about $75-100. IIRC the waiting inlet actuator and also the appropriate or passenger blend door room actually the same component number. The left mix door is a different component number as is the setting actuator part number.If you do wind up needing the setting actuator you"ll have to order the bracket the it goes on and the actuator will certainly come through it. It take it me a few days to track that under awhile ago when among the other members here had trouble locating that part. If girlfriend look ~ above the connect that HotZ28 sent you"ll see all of the components listed.If it to be me I would look very closely at the blend door top top the side whereby the warm is coming out too much. Particularly if the other side vents have great temps.That"s a many of info so let us know if you have actually any an ext questions.Good luck!