The fuel filter ~ above the 1999 evade 1500 needs a different replacement procedure than on many Dodge Rams indigenous other version years. The role of the fuel filter on the Dodge ram is to filter any kind of sediments from the gas prior to the gas get the fuel injectors and also the engine. The gas is pumped the end of the gas tank through the fuel pump and into the fuel filter. Once that the fuel filter catch the sediments, the clean fuel then travels to the engine.

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Park the 1999 evade 1500 in a level functioning area and also open the hood.

Locate the fuel filter the is mounted near the behind of the driver"s next of the firewall. The fuel filter is a black canister housing that hold the fuel filter inside of it. There will certainly be a drain handle attached close to the fuel filter housing with a tiny rubber tube. Ar the record pan under this tube and turn the manage to drain the gas native the fuel-filter housing.

Remove the lid to the fuel-filter housing with the ratchet and also socket. Rotate the lid counterclockwise to loosen and also remove.

Pull the fuel filter out of the housing and also discard it right into the record pan. Then, slide the new fuel filter right into the housing. Additionally replace the canister lid O-ring with the brand-new O-ring that comes with the brand-new fuel filter.

Put the lid ago onto the fuel-filter housing and tighten down v the ratchet and also socket. Remove the fluid catch pan native the engine compartment.

Turn the ignition crucial on and also off four times to prime the canister through fuel. Then, crank the engine ~ above the fourth turn the the ignition. Let the engine run for around 30 seconds and also then revolve the engine off.

Inspect the fuel-filter real estate lid because that leaks and close the hood.


Always find out what your local and also state regulations are for discarding fuel filters prior to throwing the used fuel filter away. Most quick-lube shops will take in used fuel filter to discard for you.


Never smoke roughly gas. Constantly wear security glasses around gas.


"Haynes fix Manual: dodge Full-size Pick-ups Haynes repair Manuals for 1994 thru 2001"; man Haynes; 2002

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