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Hi Everyone,I just acquired a 2000 ford emphasis station wagon. I have replaced the PCV valve, rear pcv valve hose so far. After ~ I replaced the behind PCV valve hose, the battery irradiate on the dash started flashing. I drove the automobile home and the next morning it wouldn"t start. The electrics come one (i.e. Stereo, lights, etc..) however it won"t even click... Therefore I got a new battery and also put the in. Exact same thing! I put the an essential in and also the electrics come on, however it won"t even click over...Is it possible that ns knocked something loose in the back when placing on the PCV valve hose?? Is there a means to inspect the starter or starter relay on this car? I have a double cam focus. Thanks!Raj

did girlfriend mess around with any type of of the censors near the alternator? i remember i had a comparable problem and my problem was that the alternator censor had come of hence keeping the battery warning irradiate on and also not charging my battery

This sounds favor a starter relay (solenoid). This taken place with my 2000 F150. If the emphasis has a comparable solenoid you deserve to switch on the ignition and short the solenoid terminals v a screwdriver to see if it starts. If the vehicle starts when you quick it, either the solenoids gone negative or there"s another problem going come the solenoid prefer you knocked a cable loose. Sorry i don"t know that year of emphasis to offer you precise instructions but far better advice have to be in a forum somewhere.
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first thing to inspect is the cable end at the starter. The cable actually goes from the battery to the alternator through a tee in ~ the starter solenoid. In all their wisdom they couldnt leaving a little bit of slack. After awhile the tee terminal can snap apart usually leaving a cable from battery come alternator.If you were messing around the cable and pulled the or such the tee terminal might have damaged which is basic to shouldnt move at the starter. If you have power to everything yet the starter ns can virtually guarantee this is the problem. To be there done that. Never noticed it till I to be removing the starter.If its damaged its a dealer only cable. No one provides one through the tee in it.
we have 00 focus se sound favor my trouble ive tryed jumping starter seloind it will crank but not begin not a cable problem .tryed nutrural and park sill no fire however have u tryed this .
Hi Guys,A few questions prior to I walk out and also check the automobile 1: wherein is the starter solenoid? Is it near the firewall top top the passenger next of the car? 2: Is the starter additionally in the same location? I"ve heard the they are difficult to accessibility on this car. I"ve tried trying to find the location but couldn"t uncover it.I have actually the 2.0 DOHC version of this car. Hope it"s one of the relations is loosened to the starter or starter solenoid! Raj
on mine 00 se spring ai the battery pos cable over there is a wire conector in the exact same area that is a 1 wire conector 2-3 customs in size black plastic notsure wire color or id inspect 4 u . Seloinoid is ~ above starter if u location a wire from batt pos come the side of conector going towards the lower side that eng it have to crank over

Perhaps this is an angry coincidence. Those take place sometimes once working top top cars. I"m going to pretend choose I don"t know that you just fiddled about under the hood, and the very first thing I"d want to understand is which transmission you have? If you have a hands-on transmission, then something might be amiss v the clutch place switch. If you have an automatic transmission then girlfriend should examine out the neutral safety switch. I"ve heard of problems with those because of spilled drink in the console fudging up NS switch- and also have friend tried shifting right into N and starting it there?
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Hi,Okay so ns took a look at the wiring. Whatever so far seems to it is in securely in place. Ns tried cleaning the battery contacts. Still nothing. I have a auto trans, additionally tried placing it in Nuetral. Ns tried in search of the starter by adhering to the an unfavorable battery cable ago to the firewall that the engine. Have the right to you see the starter by looking under the intake manifold? I have a multimeter so I could unplug the starter solenoid and also test the volts.

What"s the PATS (Passive Anti Theft) light doing during an attempted start? ~ above a 2000, it"s a red LED light in the middle of the dash through the hazard switch. It should be off when the tool gauges come on. Confirm normal operation of the PATS mechanism first.
Did you inspect the starter relay fuse? (in engine compartment) and also start relay wire.The cable to the starter solenoid runs very close come the egr pipe and also can melt as well it (even thru the insulation, ask me just how I know.....)The starter solenoid wire (8-10 gauge wire) has a 1 pen connector close to the optimistic battery terminal, and also runs close come the main positive cable, and also the egr tube.....

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If you have an automatic infection then girlfriend should examine out the neutral safety switch. I"ve heard of problems with those due to spilled drinks in the console fudging increase NS switch- and have friend tried shifting into N and starting it there?
The neutral safety switch is part of the transmission selection sensor ~ above the former of the tranny (follow the shift cable till you uncover a bar arm on the infection casing). The just switch ~ above the console shift lever ~ above automatics is the overdrive on/off. Starter solenoid is a smaller cylinder on optimal of the starter motor. Starter and solenoid is a one piece assembly tucked increase under the input manifold in between the manifold and the motor. You deserve to see it, if you have actually a flashlight and a winter on a stick. PITA to gain the damn point in and out. Starter relay is in the main fusebox in the cabin. Things in the circuit between you and also a beginning vehicle:1. Battery2. Cables (positive and also ground)3. Ignition switch4. Starter relay5. Transmission variety sensor (neutral safety and security switch). There room a couple of to adjust of contacts here that might go bad and prevent starting. Contacts 6 and 9 are in between the begin relay and the starter solenoid. Contacts 1-5 and 1-8 report ago to the PCM (engine computer) even if it is the tranny is in neutral or park. If any kind of of those set of contacts space bad, you gain no start/no crank. 6. Starter motor and solenoid Note likewise that the wizards the Ford got in addition to the insurance demons and also came up v the PATS (Passive Anti Theft System). Its quickly confused and will refuse come let you start your auto if you haven"t shined your shoes or shave recently.