Almost any type of driver can perform this on their own if they have the important materials and also hydraulic jacks. Check out on come learn exactly how to change the oil on your Civic.

This article uses to the Honda civic (1992-2000).

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Honda recommends an oil adjust when the maintenance light comes on, or after one year—whichever come first. In hard driving conditions with a most stop-and-go traffic, the maintain light will come on after about 6,000 miles, which shows 15 percent the oil life remaining.


Materials NeededHydraulic jacks and also jack stands17 mm box finish wrench5W-30 engine oil (4 quarts)FunnelOil drain plug gasketOil drain panOil filter wrenchRagsEngine flushEngine restore

Step 1 – begin the engine and also jack increase the car

Warm increase the engine to the operation temperatures. This helps to suspend any kind of engine contaminants in the old oil. While the engine is warmed up, prepare and position the hydraulic floor jack and also three ton jack stands. Then, rotate off the engine.

To jack up her car, very first you will should pull the parking brake.Underneath the front passenger"s side, place a jack under the jacking point of the frame, i m sorry is likewise called the pinch weld (the more thickness metal part just behind the prior wheel).Lever the jack till you have enough room to work-related comfortably under the car.Place a jack was standing under the pinch weld behind the jack.Slowly reduced the vehicle onto the jack stand. Leaving the hydraulic floor jack under the structure for added support, and also be sure it is no lifting the car over the jack stand.Repeat these procedures with the driver"s side of the car.
Figure 1. Hydraulic floor jack under the pinch weld.
Figure 2. Insert the jack stand beside the hydraulic jack.

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Step 2 – drain the old oil

Remove the oil lid on peak of the engine. This will aid the old oil to fully drain.Underneath the vehicle (closer come the engine than the transmission) is a 17 mm hex oil drainpipe plug, facing the behind of the car. Ar the oil pan under this plug.Use a 17 mm box finish wrench to ease the drain plug 3/4 the a turn.Remove the drain plug by hand, and then permit the oil to drain into the pan.
Figure 3. Remove the oil drain plug.
Pro Tip

Observe the oil for shiny specks. Steel flakes in the oil indicates a serious difficulties with the internals of her engine.

Step 3 – Clean the oil drain plug and replace gasket

While the oil is draining, wipe off the drain plug through a clean rag. Then, eliminate the old drain plug gasket.Place a brand-new gasket top top the oil drain plug, and also make certain it fits approximately the plug threads.Once the oil has actually slowed under to a drip, wipe off the area around the drainpipe plug through a clean rag.Apply a light coat of fresh engine oil to the object of the oil drain plug come ensure it seals properly.Using the box end wrench, re-install the oil drain plug tightened come a snug fit.
Figure 4. Attach a brand-new oil drain plug gasket.
Pro Tip

Alternatively, you can use a speak wrench come verify that the plug is tightened come its exactly specification.

Step 4 – lower the car and also replace oil filter

Jack increase the vehicle with the hydraulic jack, so the is no much longer resting top top the jack stand. Remove the jack stand, then slowly lower the automobile to the floor.

To replace the oil filter, an initial locate it. Top top the firewall side (halfway under the engine block) is wherein the oil filter is located.Using the oil filter wrench, remove the old oil filter by rotating clockwise.Before re-installing the new oil filter, apply a irradiate coat of new oil roughly the rubber ring and also threads to ensure it seals properly.Install the brand-new oil filter and also tighten it come a snug fit.
Figure 5. Removed the jack stand.Figure 6. Use fresh engine oil come the oil filter.Figure 7. Download the brand-new oil filter.

Step 5 – pour in the brand-new oil

On optimal of the engine, remove the oil filter cap.insert the funnel into the filler feet to prevent spills.Pour 4 quarts the 5W-30 engine oil (preferably full-synthetic) into the funnel.
Figure 8. Remove the oil filler cap.

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Figure 9. To water in the brand-new engine oil.
Figure 10. Inspect engine oil level.
Pro TipsLook in the owner"s hand-operated for the acceptable weights of engine oil for her car.Refer come the orange oil dipstick to identify the oil level in the engine. The height of the crosshatched area is the maximum quantity of oil, while the bottom of the crosshatch is the minimum.Take your old oil and also oil filter come a recycling facility. Many auto components stores and also repair shops accept these at no charge.