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We"ve had actually this conversation before and the end consensus was that Mercon is no longer obtainable and that Mercon V is a an ideal sub.
Mercon 5 ~ no what you usage for the power steering it will certainly eat every the seals in p/s system. The original ford mercon p/s fluid was mercon 2 or mercon II which it got superceded come mercon 3 or mercon III. So if you go to one auto parts store acquire there an easy atf mercon II/mercon III to put in the p/s liquid jug. Ns looked it up in my computer system at job-related (I occupational for NAPA A/P) and it claimed use mercon III. Plus when i functioned as a technician because that ford the is what us used
Mercon V is the replacement for Mercon. There were problems an altering from Mercon come Mercon V at first, however all the was fixed years ago. I replaced my power steering fluid (02" Escape) around a year back and have had no problems, but it go remedy a moaning and also groaning issue! Also, Mercon V is transmission fluid. If I"m wrong on this...please somebody collection me straight! :?
As others have actually said Mercon V replace instead replace Mercon, you can mix the if you favor with the old fluid yet it"s best to flush and fill. Mercon V is for sure for power steering and also tranny, if girlfriend buy Motorcraft Mercon V it states so on the label.TSB 06144 came out in 6/2006 if you desire to review it.$s7product$

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I began to usage Mercon V after speak to an engineer at Chevron around it. The told me it has actually a man-made trace which causes it come flow better when cold and coke in ~ a higher temperature. Forgotten exactly how long ago it came out however the liquid had plenty of positive benefits. It lasted longer since it took the heat longer. My liquid used come darken prior to hitting 30k miles driving roughly in this traffic. Another is smoother shifts. Among my larger Fords had kind F fluid in the strength steering - ns left it alone due to the fact that the friction properties of type F is different.I think TSB 06-14-4 is Ford"s very first announcement of the upgrade.