Ford traveler owners have actually reported 70problems regarded transmission not get in gear (under the power train category).The most recently reported worries are provided below.Also please inspect out thestatistics and reliability evaluation of Ford Explorer based on all troubles reported for the Explorer.

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Transmission is recording which convert gears. Vehicle has under 6,000 miles. Transmission will not switch gears and catch. Automobile will jolt forward and it feels prefer I am being behind ended. See all difficulties of the 2020 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

I have a 2020 Explorer restricted edition, with simply over 10,000 miles. Due to the fact that I acquired it, ns noticed that changing from 2-4 gear was quite rough, and jerky. Around 2 month ago, ns left the driveway, heard a thud once I placed it in d, and also it didn"t move. Ns hit the gas harder, and also it moved, yet would no leave first gear. Obtained a examine engine light. Turned that off, waited a while, tried it again, and also it journey fine, yet check engine light to be still on. The auto drove fine for a couple of weeks. The examine engine light went off the following day. 2 mainly later, i took it out of the drive, placed it in drive and also again, the wouldn"t leave an initial gear. Put the car earlier in the garage, waited a while, and it was fine. Called the dealer, and also scheduled one appt since I can"t have actually these serious issues continue. My worry was that they won"t be able to duplicate the issue, and just send me on mine way. Needless come say, they ran several diagnostics tests, and also found part issues/codes. Lock performed a pinpoint test trace and also found password p062c, p2242. They then performed TSB 20-2217 again, and also the codes were clear. For a short time after, the jerkiness in the changing of the gears go away, however that has because returned. Stopping and also starting, and also driving especially in neighborhoods, is very frustrating. The is uncomfortable to say the. Least, the very aggressive shifting, and also jerking that the automobile at short speeds. I have actually not yet had the same concern where the vehicle refused to change gears, or to be stuck without moving, however the transmission as a totality is an extremely problematic, and also somewhat scary to drive.

Vehicle jerked very hard if slowing down, about 30mph and 1500 rpm, worsening to incorporate violent bucking as soon as pulling out approximately 1000-2000 rpm and also 20-30mph, worsening yet to affecting another gear when slowing down. Dealership called me to drive it till appt. (over a mainly later). Snap ring broke and transmission housing cracked upon inspection at dealership, new transmission installed.

Tl-the contact owns a 2004 Ford Explorer. The call stated that their kid was driving and also they check to shift gears. The contacts child pulled a small to hard and also he broken the gear shift leaver. Now the leaver is loose and will certainly not go into any type of gear. The dealer was not contacted. The car was no diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was no made mindful of the vehicle. The failure mileage to be unknown. Jw. Check out all difficulties of the 2004 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

Car sitting in park will not shift out that park with brake pedal totally pressed. Can"t drive car because it will not go into gear. See all troubles of the 2010 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

While driving the vehicle in hefty traffic ~ above a city street I shed power. The vehicle would not transition into gear. As soon as I parked the automobile it would certainly not go in reverse. I had actually to placed the auto in neutral and also get driven out that the parking lot. The automobile would not shift into equipment to journey home. The car had to be towed come the dealership. The second time this happened I to be on a 600+ mile trip out of state. Ns was driving at high rate on the interstate. I took the auto to a dealership as soon as I got to my destination. There business department might not fit me in t look at it. I drove the automobile directly come the dealership when I returned home. The 3rd and fourth time ns was 150 miles from home. I was control in heavy traffic ~ above a 4 roadway highway. The issue additionally happened once the car was stationary sitting at a avoid light climate attempted to proceed into traffic. I have had the same problem 4 time without the "nonconformity" gift resolved. I have taken it right into the dealer 3 times because that service. The vehicle has been out of business greater ė³“ė‹¤ 15 days. Carfax suggest the electrical throttle body to be repaired a month prior to I purchased the vehicle. That information was no disclosed to me at the time of acquisition by the dealership. Check out all difficulties of the 2016 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

The equipment shifter/lever damaged off into my hand once attempting to shift from park come reverse. The gear shifter/lever broke at the base, within the steering column. The broken component seems to be a cast metal part, the the gear shifter/lever rotates to adjust gears. The fracture surface appears rough -- that is not clean. Happily the automobile is stuck in park, not one more gear, and in a safe location (parking garage). Should this have happened when in any kind of other equipment I would need to turn off the automobile in the gear, if ns had enough room come maneuver the auto to a for sure place. Otherwise it would certainly just have to sit wherever it was left, no matter exactly how inconvenient to various other drivers. I referred to as Ford and they state this is no a documented issue, as such no remind or reimbursement is available. However, an net search discover this is has happened to plenty of people, with images of the same precise break suggest that I have experienced. Also, there room after-market replacement components for this precise part, additional hinting this is a well-known problem. Check out all troubles of the 2005 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

Complete and also total catastrophic failure of transmission while control 65 mph on highway. Ns was travel in my auto with my family members when us heard a loud explosive bang indigenous under or car. I shook mine wife and also scared mine children. Ns knew it definitely was not an excellent and feel an immediate loss of forward momentum in ~ highway speeds, us were traveling in the rapid lane at the time and other vehicles were complying with behind us. Lock were no happy and also hammering their horns at our sudden and unexpected deceleration. Luckily no one rear-ended us or panicked and slammed ~ above their very own brakes which might have caused a significant collision ~ above a major interstate. Ns was maybe to shore over to the emergency lane and also come to a safe protect against with in a couple of feet of a yellow emergency speak to box. We signaled for assistance and aid came come me and also my household within 10 minutes. (thank friend to all by the way) we had the car towed to a local significant brand transmission shop wherein they discovered the transmission liquid to be burnt and also black, metal pieces in the pan and also determined the infection to it is in a complete loss and also have it changed with a certified rebuilt transmission. 69,000 mile in ~ time of failure. Not acceptable at much less than 100,000. This is a security issue due to the fact that if this were to happen to an inexperienced driver or various other drivers approximately these automobile when it happens at highway speeds, a serious maybe life threatening or deadly accident could result from this form of mechanically failure. This is no a slipping infection or a car that wont transition gears or one issue comparable to those form of complaints. This is a total and also complete failure of a major vehicle component under regular operating circumstances. Ns don"t have actually pictures, together I am remote from the auto until I choose it up when business is finished however I will certainly be maybe to provide towing receipts and also repair bills from servicing transmission shop. See all problems of the 2006 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

My 2006 traveler has newly started moving hard and sometimes will not change into gear right away. When I pull as much as a prevent light or come to be stationary that will shot to die and also sometimes will. And will also not enter gear uneven I give it a most gas and then the takes a minute to choose up complete speed. Ns have currently had to change multiple points on this vehicle and am seeing the others have actually been having the very same trouble. Ford do the appropriate thing and also recall this vehicle. Also my interior lights have gone out and is no the fuse or bulbs.

The car hesitates once shifting indigenous park to reverse, or park to drive or any type of other gear. You have to put the car in the gear you want and also wait for it to shift. The then gives a jolt as soon as it shifts, and then you can move. At times, the vehicle will shift to neutral once stopping because that red light, and also you need to move the gear to another gear then earlier to journey on eco-friendly to move the vehicle. The car only has actually 73,950. 9 miles and also the mechanic recommend it essential a brand-new transmission. The date listed below is an estimated date. Us have had the vehicle in the shop number of times in the past year. Check out all difficulties of the 2007 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

The transmission would certainly not change between gears in my 2002 Ford explorer resulting in my gift unable to advice on the massachusetts turnpike at sirloin hour. Watch all difficulties of the 2002 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

The vehicle was hesitating and also would not communicate into gear when speeding up during a turn bring about the rpms come rev . This resulted in several cars to swerve to protect against an accident. After taking it to the shop together it to be a known trouble with 2006 Ford traveler that it was a fail transmission. Cost to resolve is $2,508.

My transmission would certainly not shift gears. This is the 4th time this has happened. As soon as I placed in in drive the vehicle did run however would no shift. . . Ns was stuck on a hill road can not to pull over and also my rpm"s to be pegging without my transmission changing into second gear. I practically got behind ended. I was just able come go favor 15 miles per hour, my car started smelling choose it to be burning and the engine was stressed. When I to be able to lastly pull over I had actually to placed the vehicle in park turn it off, revolve it earlier on and also then it operated fine. Again this is the fourth time this has happened. I dubbed the Ford dealer, for the fourth time and also they claimed I could carry it in yet if it didn"t plot the same means with them over there isn"t lot they deserve to do. No the answer ns wanted. I have a neighborhood who has the very same vehicle and also it has likewise happened to her. There is clear a systemic problem here. Check out all difficulties of the 2014 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

Ford has an ongoing concern with this vehicles. Ideal after purchasing the vehicle, Ford enhanced the auto warranty from 50,000 come 75,000 miles. The infection slips, fails to get in gear, slams hard when that goes into gear and also is security issue. The vehicle additionally has worries with the radiator, i beg your pardon in my situation has been changed twice in ~ my expense. The infection should have been recalled and also replaced. In talking v my Ford dealer, it is a known concern that Ford has actually failed to address. If you search the web you check out it is an issue as over there are numerous complaints about this exact same failure. I very first experienced this a pair years ago when the auto had 53,000 miles and I to be told to drive it until it failed and also then replace it. Ford must be replacing this transmission. They need to assume obligation for the defect in design or manufacturing.

Before my transmission went the end my end drive would flash then my 4wheel drive quit working. I had actually the 4wheel drive switch replaced and also everything was fine until I checked out sacramento. ~ taking treatment of my eddie bauer traveler having the infection flushed and filled ~ above a continuous basis. While leaving sacramento stopped at a chevron to fill up prior to heading earlier up come tahoe. As im leaving the gas station all of the suddenly there"s a loud crunch of metal sound comes from under my car and also it wont kick into any kind of gear. Had actually to have it towed and also after reading the thousands of complaints from other owners about their exploders act the sme point I figured I would complain. Im tired of large companies screwing the little people end who acquisition their assets when they room perfectly may be to solve it. Dead on u Ford. Watch all problems of the 2000 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

As i was control in traffic, the panel suddenly began beeping and flashing lights and my vehicle would not change gears. The o/d light come on and the information facility indicated there was something wrong v my transmission. Now the automobile will not shift into third gear until it reaches very high rpm and when that does change it is very hard. I drive the vehicle to and also from occupational a full of 6 mile a job and virtually never top top the highway. That is almost 10 year old and it only has actually 70,000 miles. I"ve heard this has been a trouble with Ford transmissions because that over 10 years yet they refuse come take obligation for the defect. I have actually been purchase Ford cars due to the fact that 1995 however this will be my last. Too many other troubles that they refuse to fix.

Yesterday evening, I obtained into my 2002 Ford Explorer and also noticed the gear transition lever was stuck in park. I was unable to change into turning back in bespeak to earlier out the the driveway. This morning i figured ns would give it one more attempt together I necessary to head the end for work. Together I make the efforts again, i simply used the break, got the change lever and also as ns pulled the in the direction of me and also began to pull down to shift into turning back the lever totally broke and also is currently hanging. I did not use excessive force at any type of point. No more pressure climate I generally do as soon as shifting indigenous park to journey to reverse, etc. I looked increase this details situation via internet and also noticed many, many complaints that the same precise description. Hope Ford will acknowledge this issue and also issue a part recall.

The call owns a 2003 Ford Explorer. The call stated when driving approximately 25 mph, the infection failed to shift gears. The over-drive and transmission warning indications were also illuminated continuously. The auto was maneuvered come the next of the road where the engine to be turned off. ~ above restarting, the fail persisted. The automobile was no diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer to be not informed of the defect. The approximate fail mileage was 120,000. View all difficulties of the 2003 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

The automobile began hesitating during takeoff, allowing the engine to experience high rpm"s but very tiny acceleration. The car then began to not loss into 1st gear, as soon as you change the vehicle into journey from park the automobile would hesitate for around 4 seconds then lurch heavily, the vehicle likewise does this in ~ every stop, after you do a finish stop and precede to effort to journey again the auto will rpm together you press the accelerator however won"t relocate for about 4 seconds, after ~ the 4 seconds the car lurches forward heavily and also spins both rear tires. View all difficulties of the 1996 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

While ns was merging from one roadway to the following the traveler transmission felt favor it popped out of gear. As soon as I ongoing the transmission would certainly not change gears without me "feathering" the gas. Take it it come a repair shop and also had to pay $2000+ to repair/rebuild the transmission.

First incident occurred in at an early stage April 2012: my auto was emitting a foul smell and also overheating. Upon inspection, it was uncovered that mine radiator to be leaking. Ns turned my auto into Ford and also it was replaced. Second incident emerged early-mid oct 2012: my vehicle was jerking and also the check engine light come on. It was taken to have the password checked and also it was shown that I had 2-3 random "miss-fires" to my spark plugs. As this is normally basic at-home fix, us were maybe to change all the spark plugs. The problem with this occurrence was the in the process of removed the spark plugs, all but one damaged in half. This is such a usual problem that Ford has designed and also sells a details tool come remove broken spark plugs. When the device was purchased, ns was may be to solve the problem and also my vehicle no longer jerked and also the inspect engine irradiate went off. Third incident arisen late Nov 2012: car started jolting and also jerking excessively and check engine light come on. Feels choose transmission is not engaging gears properly. After lot research, I discovered that this is a usual and significant safety issue regarding this vehicle. A safety and security recall requirements to be done imminently. Another issue, started in the finish of 2011: when going indigenous park to turning back or drive, stick transition will stick and I will have actually wiggle and pull tough to make it move.

Out infection isn"t the end yet, it"s on its way out. When accelerating it stops at 25-35 mph and also the rpm rev approximately the red limit if girlfriend don"t take her foot off the gas and also it wont switch gears for a minute or so. Sometimes you hear a according to dropping sound and the entire vehicle jerks when it switches gears. This an initial happened when increasing on a busy main road close to detroit, almost causing united state to be behind ended. We took it to a transmission garage and were informed it would certainly be $2,000 or over there abouts to fix. Had actually the other driver not been paying fist or had this happened on a highway myself, mine fiance, ours four kids would have actually been seriously injured or worse. Apparently the transmission is a recurring problem with this design of vehicle and also the manufacturer need to be do responsible for this blatantly attention defect.

The call owns a 2002 Ford Explorer. The contact stated that while driving 70 mph, the over drive warning light illuminated as the automobile started come skip gears. There was an abnormal boost in engine rpms and the vehicle would not shift into gear. The automobile was taken to a local mechanic however the auto was no diagnosed nor repaired. The failure and the present mileage to be unknown.

The contact owns a 2002 Ford Explorer. The call stated that while shifting from park to reverse, the gear shifter fractured. A local mechanic inspected the vehicle and also located the failure at the gear housing unit. The mechanic advised the contact that the equipment shifter real estate would have to be replaced. The car was no repaired. The failure and the existing mileage to be 143,000.

The contact owns a 2003 Ford Explorer. The contact stated the while driving 30 mph, the transmission would certainly not change into gear and also failed. The examine engine and the bs warning lights were illuminated. The call notified a mechanic the the failure and also was advised the the transmission would likely need replacing. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The VIN was unavailable. The fail mileage was 148,000.

Transmission failed without warning. Would not catch 3rd gear and then sounded prefer a toolbox to be scattered under the car. Car successively lost all gears except 1st. Repair price over $2800. 00. Check out all problems of the 2001 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

While entering the highway, my SUV would certainly not change into gear. The fastest it would certainly go was 35mph, the tachometer to be pegged out, the o/d light was flashing on and also off and also transmission would not shift into the next gear. Practically got struggle by vehicles traveling the speed limit which is 65mph, because the transmission would certainly not shift properly for me come merge into traffic.

The call owns a 2002 Ford Explorer. The call stated the while driving, the auto would no accelerate more than 20 mph, and the over journey warning light stayed illuminated. As result of the kind of warning light, the vehicle would not shift into gear, leading to the transmission to fail. The dealer was no notified. The manufacturer declared that there to be no recalls or warranties, and offered no assistance. The failure mileage to be 68,000.

The contact owns a 2002 Ford Explorer. The contact was control 10 mph once the automobile failed to change gears properly. The over drive warning light illuminated during the failure. The vehicle was taken to the dealer wherein it was confirmed that the first and second gears the the infection failed and also needed to it is in replaced. The manufacturer was contacted. The car was not repaired. The fail mileage to be 100,000 and the present mileage was 120,000.

Explorer od light come on and also truck would certainly not change gears properly. Examine engine irradiate appeared and also the truck just made it come the mechanic. The truck essential a new transmission in ~ the expense of $3000. The is evident that the Ford traveler is well-known for this kind of failure. Sent an email to Ford and also they will not help on the costs or recognize there is a problem with this vehicles.

Bought 2005 Ford explorer with only $5700 miles on vehicle. By the moment I had actually 60k miles, o/d light started flashing and I had actually to get new transmission. Currently my vehicle has 125k miles and also o/d irradiate is top top again. Will certainly need an additional transmission. Both times, auto does not change gears correctly and sounds prefer your infection is walk to loss out when driving down the road.

Transmission failure reverse gear at 115k miles in July 2010. Watch all difficulties of the 1999 Ford ExploreršŸ”Ž.

Ford explorer 2005 transmission failure. Auto would no leave very first gear. Had I to be on a highway can have led to an accident. This trouble seems to rampant v all Ford Explorers--Ford should have had a recall top top them!!.

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We just purchased a 2002 Ford Explorer. Us picked increase the vehicle on march 3, 2010. The car drove fine the very first 2 days. On the third day the o/d light starting blinking and also the vehicle skipped a gear. We heard a huge clunk and also the vehicle keep skipping. After that the service engine light came on. Us took it to two transmission shops today and also they diagnosed it together the vehicle does not have actually a 3rd gear. Us received estimates of $2600 to repair.

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