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Hi everyone. Just purchased a used 2005 Dodge ram 4x4 through the hem engine. I have two questions.1. I was an extremely low on fuel and also in error provided the reduced grade fuel rather than the mentioned mid grade. Will certainly this cause any type of damage come the engine?2. I got from Chrysler Canada of every the choices on mine truck. I am confused. The fuel tank size shown for mine 2005 Dodge ram 1500 hem with expanded cab and six foot crate is 26 gallons v a comment next to that says, "4 extr gallons that gas" i assumed that intended I had actually a 30 gallon tank. I simply filled increase from empty, (the gas light was on) and I might only squeeze 92 litres in. Any ideas? i think my hand-operated says the tank should host 112 litres.Thanks
The below grade fuel won"t hurt the engine if it"s simply one tank.With respects come the tank, you have actually a 26 gallon tank. Ns think they leaving the 4 added gallons as reserve yet it may not be usable.And remember, no all fuel gauge systems, including the system in the tank, space not all that exact as they obtain older.

Welcome come the Z from Calgary! putting 87 right into your tank wont injury anything, in fact, lots of world run 87 all the time to no detriment, however the hem performs finest on 89. Now, if you put 85 ethanol climate you"ll have actually trouble. You"ll have actually the 112L tank unless you specifically know you have actually the 135L tank. There"s always some the the pump can"t obtain at, just a fact.
Okay ns am confused. So i probably have the 112 litre tank however from among the posts it appears that several of the tank is taken into consideration reserve and also from an additional post it seems that the pump cannot fill it up full. Does that seem correct? My various other truck seems to fill up fine based on the fuel tank size however this one doesn"t. Five well, perform like the truck. Thanks again

Had mine 04 carry out the same thing, appropriate fro new, till I made decision to see just how accurate the DTE was. Once it called me had 0kms to empty, ns drove an extra 165kms. Then as soon as I fueled up, the gauge to be correct, and also so was the DTE.After that, i was able to get in 110L once the DTE showed around 30kms.
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I don"t know about a "reserve section" to the tank, but I do know that if you have actually the 112L tank, it will begin to have draw issues approximately 108L together the bottom that the tank has actually a sump for the pump and also it have the right to only traction from a certain height, after the it"s suck fumes and air; this means that you will never be able to pull the complete 112L native the tank. When I fight the "E" I usually have another 100kms in my tank, therefore it relies on how far you usually drive her truck prior to filling it back up, as a preeminence I normally top up at 1/8 and also get 90-100L right into the tank; and in winter I never ever let it obtain below fifty percent unless I"m driving that a long distance.

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when it reads empty, you ideal get right into a service station ASAP, if you depend on any kind of reserve 4 gallons, remember your sucking up the dregs in the tank & setting yourself up for junk in your fuel systemwhen mine reads 100 miles till empty, i take into consideration myself late because that a refill
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Had my 04 execute the same thing, best fro new, until I made decision to see just how accurate the DTE was. When it told me had actually 0kms come empty, i drove an extra 165kms. Then when I sustained up, the gauge to be correct, and also so was the DTE.After that, ns was able to get in 110L as soon as the DTE showed around 30kms.
I watch in this write-up you placed in 110L in tank ,i have actually a 2010 quad cab 1500 short box and i have actually put in 100L come 105L in ~ times as soon as the irradiate is on.The short fuel irradiate is ~ above for some time.Is this possible with this truck?
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