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Hi all, I require to change a fuse. My cigarette lighter fuse is blown, yet I have no reservation if i m sorry fuse is which.Is over there a diagram somewhere of the layout that the fuses?Thanks

Hi all, I require to readjust a fuse. My cigarette lighter fuse is blown, yet I have no clue if i beg your pardon fuse is which.Is there a diagram what of the layout of the fuses?Thanks

I thought the layout was on a diagram by the fuses? maybe I am thinking of mine old vehicle I will have to go out to the garage and also look!

I assumed the layout to be on a chart by the fuses? possibly I am reasoning of my old automobile I will need to go the end to the garage and also look!
If ns recall the fuse box in the engine compartment has the layout ~ above the inside of the fuse box lid.

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There is a layout top top the fuse box lid, yet you have to be analysis what numbers walk to what the end of the owner manual. Go to the earlier in the index and search "fuse" and it will certainly tell friend what page.
This might help...Front power Distribution center Fuses# Amp Description
1 20 Yellow Left High Beam Headlight2 20 Yellow best High Beam Headlight3 15 Dk. Blue flexible Pedal4 20 Yellow Horn5 25 clear Headlamp Washer If Equipped6 15 Dk. Blue Front control Module (FCM)7 20 Yellow Fog Lamp8 15 Dk. Blue Park Lamp9 15 Dk. Blue non ABS Brakes10 5 Orange Starter11 20 Yellow Auto Shutdown/Powertrain manage Module (PCM)12 13 14 25 clear Powertrain control Module15 20 Yellow Injectors, Ignition Coils16 15 Dk. Blue Powertrain regulate Module17 30 Pink Antilock Brake system (ABS) Valves18 30 Pink Windshield Wiper/Washer19 50 Red Radiator Fan20 20 Lt. Blue Starter21 50 Red ABS Pump Motor22 40 green Radiator pan High/Low23 50 Red High intensity Lighting24 25 30 Pink bright Left High Beam/Right low Beam26 20 Lt. BlueTransmission27 30 Pink light Left low Beam/Right High BeamRear power Distribution center Fuses1 60 clean Ignition off Draw2 40 green Battery3 4 40 eco-friendly Battery5 30 Pink boil Seat/Steering Column6 20 Yellow Fuel Pump7 8 15 Dk. Blue Ignition Start/Run - Start9 20 Yellow Console strength Outlet10 10 Red rear Fog desk lamp If Equipped11 25 C/BRKR memory Module/Door Locks12 25 C/BRKR Passenger strength Seat13 30 C/BRKR Door Module Run/Acc/Delay14 10 Red Sentry Key/Remote Keyless Entry/Cluster15 20 Yellow Brake irradiate (5.7L)16 20 Yellow strength Outlet trunk - if equipped17 18 20 Yellow Selectable power Outlet19 10 Red stop Lamp20 20 Yellow rear Wiper If Equipped21 22 23 24 25 26 27 10 Red Airbag/Occupant category Module28 10 Red Curtain Airbag - if equipped29 5 Orange Sentry Key/Remote Keyless Entry/Powertrain control Module Ignition Feed30 10 Red Steering pillar Module/Power winter - if equipped31 32 33 34 35 5 Orange strength Antenna/Garage Door Opener/Ignition Delay36 20 Yellow Radio/Navigation37 15 Dk. Blue Transmission38 5 Orange Analog Clock/Garage Door Opener39 10 Red boil Mirror40 5 Orange strength Mirror41 10 Red Climate control Module/Headlamp Leveling if equipped/Rear Park assist if equipped/Tire press Monitoring if equipped42 30 Pink automatic Temperature regulate (ATC) Blower Motor43 30 Pink rear Defroster44 20 Lt. Blue Audio Amplifier