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Wow the pic really helps TBSSLOWERINGPRO. I"ve made decision to stick with 22"s for my rims & currently I"m just debating whether to lower my TB through the 1.5 front 3" rear drop from Ground force or go v the 2/4 indigenous DJM. Even though on DJM"s website it doesn"t specify the it would certainly fit mine TB because it"s 4X4 but I"ve heard alot of civilization on this board say it still walk fit.Also can anyone check if i do have actually a DJM suspension install would certainly I additionally have alignment problems? would I need to buy anything rather to gain it appropriately aligned? the is my biggest worry when buying a kit that lowers it too much. Ns know human being have posted that they don"t have any problems aligning the Ground pressure kit, but is it the exact same with the DJM? If so climate I"m obtaining the DJM kit. I choose the reduced look.

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1) djm kit fits a 4x4 but only the top a eight which wont lower2) top a arms will obtain aligment into specs and will help with the balljoint angle3) id get a belltech 2/3 autumn kit on a 4x4 one (2wd id just go djm 2/4 but you deserve to use the reduced mounts that lower because of the front axle shafts)4) the cheapest location shipped for the belltech kit is from you can either go v 140 or 141 kit that will lower it 2/35) pm me and also ill tell you who to talk to for the djm kit. That is 345 because that the former kit i m sorry you can only usage the top a arms. The will gain the van to align(which many times belltech kit friend cant) but the main thing is a saftey factor. I have been saying because that a while currently on the sites the threats of not utilizing the djm top a arm due to the fact that of top bj angle and also sure sufficient a customers truck i did a while back which ns told that to obtain the djm uppers didnt desire them and also he snapped the top balljoint in his driveway. If he was on the freeway could have to be deadly. From here on the end I will certainly NOT install any drop kit there is no the djm top a arms.btw another option the ive done is this1) get the belltech 2 customs front autumn spring the will lower the truck 2 inch no probs its like 117 shipped2) in behind ive set up qa1 coilovers. The dr8855p through 300 lb springs (its pricy around 380 bucks) but you can adjust how high or low you want the truck and they are totally adjustable ride.3) whenever you lower these van i worked with suicide doors for a flexible panhard bar. The rear finish becomes counter the reduced you walk so the panhard bar will facility the wheel in the well.Any other questions men ask away. I want to gain the right info out there because that you guys.