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chapter 5
accounting clerk An accounting worker who procedures routine details about accounting transactions.
financial institution statement A report the deposits, withdrawals, and also bank balances sent to a defense by a bank.
empty endorsement An endorsement consisting only of the endorser’s signature.
Canceled examine A inspect which has actually been payment by the bank.
Cash over A petty cash top top hand amount the is more than the recorded amount.
Cash short A small cash on hand amount the is much less than the taped amount.
checking account A financial institution account from which payments have the right to be bespeak by a depositor.
Debit card A bank card that instantly deducts the quantity of a purchase from the checking account that the cardholder.
Deposit on slide A bank kind which list the checks, currency, and also coins one account holder is adding to a bank account.
Dishonored examine A examine that a bank refuses to pay.
EFT See digital funds transfer.
digital funds deliver A computerized cash payments device that transfers accumulation without the use of checks, currency, or other document documents.
proof A signature or rubber stamp on the earlier of a examine transferring ownership.
Non-sufficient funds check A check dishonored by the bank because of inadequate funds in the account the the maker of the check.
NSF check view non-sufficient funds check.
small cash An amount of cash preserved on hand and also used for making small payments.
small cash slip A form showing proof of a petty cash payment.
Postdated inspect A examine with a future day on it.
Restrictive proof An endorsement restricting further transfer the a check’s ownership.
special endorsement An proof indicating a brand-new owner the a check.

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Voided inspect A examine that can not be processed due to the fact that the maker has made it invalid.