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‘he had a rich save of anecdotes’‘He had led an exciting life and also was complete of amusing stories and anecdotes, all of which that told through enthusiasm.’‘No funny stories, no funny anecdotes just a proud Dad sending out his baby off right into the huge wide human being of further education.’‘It mingles facts and figures through anecdotes and stories in quick sections which are listed alphabetically.’‘The publication is full of short, amazing anecdotes which capture a moment in time.’‘I"ve made enough speeches to recognize that you"re an alleged to affix with the audience by informing a joke or a feeling anecdote or some amusing tale.’‘Cultural differences are not simply amusing anecdotes, however can have actually a real impact with real consequences.’‘Full of personal anecdotes and hilarious stories, the specific running order of the present is likely to change on a nightly basis.’‘The story was based on an anecdote - a true occurrence that I had heard indigenous Professor B. Buchshtab.’‘His witty introductions, funny stories and anecdotes retained the crowds laugh throughout.’‘The train journey from London come the north is explained not just a train journey yet as a repository the stories and anecdotes.’‘Though it is an amusing anecdote, this detail touches top top a tiny but potentially crucial peculiarity in the present international emergency.’‘He was widely well-known for his warmth, generosity, and modesty, and for his fund of humorous and also interesting anecdotes.’‘It is a fascinating read, complete of interesting information and also funny anecdotes.’‘This is staged documentary, its narrative gleaned from personal statements, in essence, a theatre of an individual anecdote, performance arts on an operatic scale.’‘The very nice one of Resnick"s account is amplified by the entice of Bohemia, i m sorry he and Passlof enrich with anecdote and intertwine v aesthetics and also social history.’‘Relying on debate or anecdote for their appeal, these publications included just a handful of indifferently reproduced black-and-white plates.’‘The novel is packed with incident and anecdote and also although mostly realist in style borrows some of the familiar techniques of Garcia Marquez"s magic realism.’‘There is satire, particularly in the rather tedious publication II, but there is also all the wit, anecdote and engaging assumed of good conversation.’‘She suggests, more importantly, that public numbers like Jonathan Clarke become much more comprehensible when linked to residential and personal memoir and anecdote.’‘Bennett"s memoir is complete of crucial technical insights right into Broadway and also Hollywood practice, yet by method of instructive anecdote rather than structured discussion.’‘The playwright had to strategy the battle to subdue the tangle of confusing anecdote understanding what lesson he want it to teach and also prepared to discard, distort, and also invent in order to present his own version the the an interpretation of history.’