Definition noun, plural: consumers An organism that normally obtains food by feeding on other organisms or organic matter because of lack the the ability to manufacture very own food from not natural sources; a heterotroph Supplement customer pertains to any type of of the organisms in many trophic level in a food chain, other than for producers and also decomposers. Consumers are additionally referred to together heterotrophs in comparison to autotrophs, which room the producer of the food chain. Consumers thus include animals and also heterotrophic bacteria and also fungi. Tree that are carnivorous and also therefore consume essential matter as well are pertained to as both consumers and also producers. In a food chain, the level of consumer are major consumers, secondary consumers, and tertiary consumers. Main consumers are herbivores that feed top top producers. Second consumers space consumers the feed on primary consumers and/or producers. Tertiary consumers room consumers the feed on an additional and major consumers, and also on producers. Word origin: middle English consumen, Latin cōnsūmere (“to take) + –er Synonym(s):

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consume (verb, to use; come eat)


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