I have been thinking around this speak a lot of in the previous week (and correctly I saw Prince in concert 30 years ago, and the Ramones the very same night), but I have heard it because I to be a child. Ns guess I discover it amusing because my europe shoe size is 48 and also I have only been older than that for a few years. I ultimately grew up, apparently!

So, whereby did the speak "Act her age, no your shoe size" come from? US? UK? Can"t have actually been from EU, unless they adjusted their shoe size units recently.

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HotLicks - are those two consumption instances reliable? did you examine the real date and the resources or walk you just look at the graph?
The earliest enhance for "Act your age, not your shoes size" the a Google books search finds is one indigenous 1967 quote in Charles Doyle, Wolfgang Mieder & Fred Shapiro, The dictionary of contemporary Proverbs (2006):

Act her age, no your shoes size.

1967 Barbara Schoen, A Place and a Time (New York: thomas Y. Crowell) 57: ""Why don"t you act your age, no your shoe size?" claimed Paul. That made a venomous face and also ran out and slammed the door." 1981 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 5 Feb.: "The high college students put their feel succinctly, when they made indicators which urged the negotiators to "act her age, no your shoe size."" The proverb originated as an anti-proverb based on "Act her age."

Google books confirms the Schoen citation as being from a novel published in 1967.

A associated anti-proverb detailed in the same dictionary is "Act her age, not your IQ," because that which the dictionary gives a first citation date of 1995. A Google books search, however, find an circumstances of this expression in Student Lawyer, volume 16 (1987) :


The new York Court that Appeals ruled the Steve Baccus might not sit for the state"s bar exam last February due to the fact that he was four years shy of the 21-year-old age limit. In ~ 17, Baccus, who attended the university of Miami institution of Law and also passed Florida"s bar exam after receiving an age waiver, is referred to as the youngest lawyer in the joined States.

Another beforehand instance of "Act your age, no your IQ" appears in Jolene Prewit-Parker, Homecoming (1990).

A Google publications search also turns up multiple instances of "Act your period no your color," dating earlier to Clara McLaughlin, The black Parents" Handbook: A overview to healthy and balanced Pregnancy, Birth, and also Child Care (1976) :

If girlfriend make an adverse statements to her child about him or black civilization in general, the boy will combine blackness through inferiority. How regularly have girlfriend heard the statement "Act your age and also not your color"? What go this tell her child?

All of these expressions appear to be prolonged variants that "Act your age," i m sorry Jonathon Green, Cassell"s dictionary of Slang (2005) identifies together originating in the unified States:

act her age! excl. (also be her age!) 1920s+) (orig. US) a term of contempt, based upon condemning someone who the speak considers is acting childishly; also ext. Together act your age, not your shoes size!

The more quickly search result matches the I"ve been able to uncover for "Act your age" are from Life magazine, volume 85 (1925) :

"Act her age, kid, act her age," to be the prompter"s admonition.

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and indigenous the Yellow Jacket (October 13, 1926):

Fella: I have actually been looking for you through many aeons. I feel that we must have known each other because the start of time.