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The Lekue Microwave Popcorn Popper is compact and produces little batches of popcorn v minimal unpopped kernels.

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Pros: Easy to use, compact storage, effortless cleanup, minimal unpopped kernels, affordable, 10-year warranty on production defects

Cons: Small, potential for burned popcorn

How to use: Fill the bowl to the line through popcorn kernels, drizzle a small oil (or no oil at all), include seasoning of your choice, placed the lid on, and also microwave

How lot it makes: A batch tantamount to what a microwave popcorn packet would produce (best for 2 people)

How long it takes: A minute and also a fifty percent in the microwave

How large it is: 8" x 5" (collapses to 2")

The Lekue Microwave Popcorn Popper is the many compact option in ours guide, around the size of a cake pan when fell down upon itself, which renders it right for apartments and tiny spaces.

It"s easy to use and the lid avoids the popcorn native spilling out and into your microwave. The bowl can go directly from the microwave to the couch, too, so friend don"t have to clean an additional dish.

The bowl is made of BPA-free platinum silicone, which is known for the nonstick properties that make cleanup a breeze. . Be sure to take it it out of the microwave as soon as the popping slowly to protect against burning. And, for whipping up professional-tier popcorn, the maker comes v a variety of recipes developed by the Alicia structure and motivated by various film genres.

Lekue additionally offers a 10-year guarantee on manufacturing defects if the article fails throughout use.

$20.00 native Amazon

Bed bathtub & past

For whipping up fast, delicious batches of evenly popped popcorn, the Whirley popular music Stainless stole Stovetop Popcorn Popper is our favorite stovetop option.

Pros: to produce high-quality popcorn, doesn"t need electricity, durable construction, heavy steam vents allow moisture to escape, 25-year vouch on mechanically parts

Cons: requires a stove and cranking, reports the the gears catching

How come use: add oil and also kernels come the pot and also turn the crank come agitate the unpopped kernels. As soon as it becomes an overwhelming to rotate the crank, the popcorn is ready.How much it makes: increase to 6 quarts that popcorn, twice as much as the conventional microwave bagHow lengthy it takes: three minutesHow large it is: 16.5" x 9.5" x 8"

The Whirley pop Stainless steel Stovetop Popcorn Popper supplies a mix of her stove and also physical cranking to create excellent popcorn.

The durable aluminum pan to produce crispy and fluffy kernels. Through built-in vapor vents, moisture will certainly escape, while the hand-crank attribute manually stirs the popcorn to evenly distribute oil so that won"t burn.

The stovetop popper is straightforward to clean, too: just remove the lid and also wipe the inside of the pan v a file or food towel. Wabash farms offers a 25-year guarantee on all mechanical parts if you operation into any mishaps.

$24.99 from Bed bathtub & past

West bend

The West bend Stir Crazy electrical Hot Oil Popcorn Popper Machine is basic plug-and-pop alternative for large, savory, and also premium-style kernels.

Pros: High yield, minimal waste, fantastic flavor, doesn"t require the use of other appliances, one-year limited warranty on production defects

Cons: Requires more oil than other picks

How come use: add oil and also kernels to the device and plug right into your wall surface outletHow lot it makes: up to 6.75 quarts that popcorn, twice as lot as the typical microwave bagHow long it takes: A few minutes, depending upon the lot of popcornHow big it is: 10.25" x 10.31" x 12.78"

The West bending Stir Crazy electrical Hot Oil Popcorn Popper device doesn"t require an additional appliance, prefer a microwave or stove, to use. You just plug it into your wall surface outlet and also let it carry out the work.

It stirs the unpopped kernels through a integrated agitator at the basic to avoid burning. Once it"s excellent popping, you have the right to flip the unit over and use the height as a bowl, which additionally fits within the peak for easy storage.

Though efficient and also easy come use, it requires a bit much more oil than some other models to produce flavorful popcorn and ensure the unpopped kernels space well lubricated when they roll roughly the machine. Be sure to usage an oil that can withstand high warm — choose coconut oil or sunflower oil —and protect against oils that burn easily, favor olive oil.

West Bend uses a one-year restricted warranty on production defects, too.

$39.99 from Target

To most accurately produce a movie theater-like experience, the Great Northern little Bambino Table optimal Popcorn Popper produces your go-to snack for watching activity films and rom-coms.

Pros: Easy to use, cooks batches quickly, fits on many countertops, dishwasher-safe parts, one-year minimal warranty on manufacturing defects

Cons: Difficult come clean

How to use: Add kernels and oil come the kettle (the popper contains a measure up spoon and also cup) and also plug in the machine. The kettle stirs the kernels till they popular music to facilitate the popping process and to store burning come a minimum.How much it makes: Up come 4 quarts that popcorn every batchHow lengthy it takes: Five minutesHow huge it is: 9.75" x 11" x 18.75"

The an excellent Northern tiny Bambino Table peak Popcorn Popper gives you the commercial suffer at a reasonably affordable price, without acquisition up a many space.

Once the vintage-style an equipment finishes its first round the popcorn, usage its exterior take care of to tip the kettle over right into the larger reservoir so you can pop another batch. The an equipment comes with two popping kettle hangers, a removable popcorn tray (to slide out and also eat directly from), a measure spoon, and a cup. The popcorn machine also has actually a 10-watt bulb that keeps the popcorn rather warm.

A fence to this device is its an obstacle to clean, in spite of dishwasher-safe parts. Putting ingredients can likewise be cumbersome. But, these things are common with a bigger machine, and the nostalgic endure it provides is unmatched.

If anything goes awry, good Northern has you spanned with a one-year limited warranty on production defects.

$59.95 native Walmart

If you desire a movie theatre popcorn maker in-house, the Nostalgia Concession Vintage Popcorn Cart is the most accurate, freestanding replica.

Pros: Built-in stirring mechanism to pop kernels, heat- and scratch-resistant tempered safety glass, interior light, tilt serving door for easy scooping, warehouse compartment for popcorn accessories, transportable through bicycle-style wheels, affixed tabletop for tubs

Cons: May be challenging to clean, no warranty

How come use: Add kernels, oil, and seasoning come the kettle. The device comes with a integrated stirring system and dual-hinged lid to quickly empty the popcorn.How lot it makes: Up come 8 quarts the popcorn every batchHow long it takes: A few minutesHow huge it is: 17.5" x 24.5" x 53"

Sure, a larger-than-life projector and also plush movie seat are crucial for one at-home movie theater, however the Nostalgia Concession Vintage Popcorn dare is what will finish your room. V a vintage-style look, it offers a beloved touch, allows you to see your popcorn shooting up through its tempered glass design, and also will certainly have civilization ask wherein you scored such an item.

The 2 oversized bicycle wheels make this "50s-style device an all-in-one snack essential. The stainless steel kettle stop eight ounces that kernels and also circulates them together they pop using a integrated stirring system. When lights space dim or off for movie watching, the machine will light up the room to create the perfect theatre ambiance, too.

Nostalgia also hooks you up v a next shelf that"s perfect because that storing seasonings, oils, and bags. The affixed next tray is an excellent for lining increase red-and-white-striped tubs to to fill white and aged-cheddar flavors.

Though Nostalgia doesn"t sell a warranty, it"s built to critical so it"s no a deal-breaker.

$176.99 indigenous Amazon

When make popcorn in ~ home, it"s all about the seasoning and oils. Coconut oil is your finest bet for tasty popcorn, yet you might additionally consider canola oil if you are in search of a cheaper alternative. Avoid olive oil, i m sorry burns quickly, and vegetable oil, which can increase her levels of negative cholesterol.

In our research, we found the finest seasoning for your popcorn is Flavacol. It"s what movie theaters use for that perfectly artificial buttery flavor. Just be careful when including because Flavacol often tends to it is in a little strong.

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If you desire to spice things up, purchase a great Cajun seasoning at your regional market. My favorite mix in mine microwave popper is coconut oil, Cajun seasoning, and a little salt.