Quote two examples of internal rhyme and two examples of alliteration in "The Rime of the ancient Mariner."
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Alliteration occurs when words start with the same consonant are placed in close proximity to each other. Interior rhyme occurs once words rhyme in ~ a heat or in the middle of different lines, or once a word at the end of one heat rhymes with a indigenous in the middle...

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Alliteration occurs as soon as words beginning with the exact same consonant are placed in close proximity to every other. Interior rhyme occurs once words rhyme within a heat or in the middle of separate lines, or when a word at the end of one line rhymes v a native in the middle of the following line. The adhering to couplet is a good illustration the Coleridge"s use of both alliteration and internal rhyme:

And the forrow adhered to free.We to be the very first to ever before burst into the silent sea

The three repetitive "f" sound in the first line are an instance of alliteration. They develop a pleasing sense of rhythm. "First" and also "burst" in line two are an circumstances of inner rhyme, when "silent sea" is one more example of alliteration.

The "S" sound in the adhering to passage are examples of alliteration:

Swiftly, promptly flew the ship,Yet she cruised softly too:Sweetly, sweetly blew the breeze ...

The "B" sound in the last line are additionally an example of alliteration.

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Another example of inner rhyme is "About, about, in reel and rout." Alliteration occurs v the "W" and also "D" sounds in " A wicked whisper came and made / mine heart as dry as dust."

Alliteration is much more associated with Old and Middle English poems 보다 nineteenth-century poetry and also thus is aptly supplied by Coleridge in this ballad. The alliteration helps loan the job-related a fairytale, medieval quality. Transparent the poem, the rhymes—end rhymes and internal rhymes—help move the poem along from verse to verse and give a long story consistency and coherence.