Jenna Ortega is one American actress. She is ideal known for her role as Young jane in the romantic comedy-drama series, jane the Virgin. She began her career together a boy actor. Her debut duty was in an illustration of the TV series, Rob. Since then, she has appeared in numerous TV series and movies including "CSI: NY", "Iron male 3", "Richie Rich", "Stuck in the Middle", "Elena of Avalor", and also "The Babysitter: Killer Queen".

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She was listed very first on a perform of Popsugar"s "20 under 20: Young Women who Are currently kicking Ass and also Taking Name" in 2020. She was additionally named a brand ambassador because that the American brand, Neutrogena in the same year.

She is quite energetic on society media platforms. She has approximately 5.9m followers on Instagram
jennaortega, around 122.2k followers on Twitter
jennaortega, and around 383.7k followers on facebook

What is Jenna Ortega well known for?

Famous together an American actress.Her function as Young mrs in the romantic comedy-drama series, "Jane the Virgin".

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Jenna Ortega career Highlights

Jenna Ortega had actually interested in exhilaration from a really young age and began receiving auditions by the period of eight with aid of she parents.She make her exhilaration debut with a guest appearance for the television series, "Rob" in the illustration of "Baby Bug" in 2012. Complying with this, she shown the role of Aimee Moore in the 9th season that the popular American police procedural TV series, "CSI: NY" in the episodes title "Unspoken" i beg your pardon aired top top October 19, 2012.In 2013, she made she big-screen debut v a minor role in the superhero movie, "Iron man 3" together the vice president"s daughter. The very same year, she starred as Annie in the horror film, "Insidious: chapter 2".She had actually a recurring function as Zoe Leon in the comedy-drama TV series, "Rake" in 2014. The exact same year, she was actors in the role of the younger variation of woman on the romantic drama collection "Jane the Virgin".She likewise starred as mary Ann in the direct-to-video comedy film, "The small Rascals conserve the Day" in the same year.In 2015, she was actors for the Netflix original series "Richie Rich" play Darcy, Richie"s ideal friend. The exact same year, she appeared as Anna Chapa in the film, "After Words".From 2016 to 2018, she play the lead function of Harley Diaz on the Disney Channel sitcom, "Stuck in the Middle".