Ever wonder i m sorry team it s okay the basketball in ~ the start of the quarter or half? Doesn’t that seem confusing regarding why a team gets the basketball again once they won the tip? This in reality confuses a most spectators and also even basketball players. It really is basic who gets possession, let me explain.

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The way the basketball possession is determined at the start of a quarter, half, or overtime will rely on the rules which administer the play. In the NBA the winner the the tip-off at the start of the game will also get the basketball in ~ the start of the 4th quarter. While the team that lost the reminder will gain the basketball at the beginning of the second and third quarters.

So we know exactly how the NBA works as far as possession goes at the start of each quarter, however what about other leagues such together high school, college, and also FIBA room the rule the same for overtime also? Let’s take it a look.

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NBA Possession

In the NBA there is a run ball between the two teams at the begin of the game. Once the referee throw the basketball increase in the wait the tallest player from every team battles to pointer it to your teammate.

The team the wins the guideline will gain the basketball in ~ the begin of the 4th quarter when the team that shed the reminder will get the basketball at the begin of the second and 3rd quarter.

For example, if we usage Team A and also Team B, It would certainly look favor this; Team A won the tip, it climate goes Team B in ~ the start of 4 minutes 1 2 and also quarter 3, if Team A would obtain the sphere at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

AWon Tip, 4th Quarter
B3rd and fourth Quarter


If two teams room tied at the finish of the regulation we recognize the game goes right into overtime. Yet who it s okay the basketball come start? Well actually it’s simple, there is a jump round to start the overtime at center court. For each added overtime, over there is a jump round to start.


What is the possession arrow?

Before we relocate forward and also discuss the other leagues and also levels that basketball, let’s take a look in ~ what the possession arrow is and also how it functions in basketball.

This is crucial so that we understand who it s okay possession the the round at the start of a 4 minutes 1 or half.

The possession arrow is situated at the scorer’s table and is an arrowhead that points to a team.

The team that has the arrow pointing at their bench gets possession the a dead or run ball. Referees space human and there room questionable calls the happen throughout a video game that could be determined either way.

This is an easy method to determine who gets the ball without the have to slow down the game. This is why the possession arrowhead exists.

To make this easy to understand, the possession arrow works together follows; the team that wins the tip-off has the basketball because of this the arrowhead would point to the contrary team.

Any time over there is a tie-up in between two players fighting because that the ball, a jump ball or the basketball went out of bounds yet the referees are unsure that touched the last, it will certainly go come the possession arrow. Whichever bench the arrowhead is pointing come is the team’s ball.

If a team is rewarded through the possession arrow then the arrow is switched to the opposing team now. This as referred to as the alternative possession preeminence in basketball. The NBA walk not use the possession arrow.

Possession arrowhead for High School, College, and FIBA

At all 3 levels of play each of i beg your pardon has various rules to govern their basketball games. The alternate possession is provided with the arrow.

The means that the possession is figured out at the beginning of the quarter is whichever team has actually the possession arrowhead pointed to your bench obtain the round at the begin of the quarter.

The arrow immediately switches come the the opposite team when the ball is inbounded.

The just difference between the rule books of these 3 level of basketball is overtime and also this is just how it works.

High School and College Overtime Possession

For High School and also College Basketball, overtime works as follows, 2 teams space tied at the end of regulation and the possession arrow is not used to recognize who it s okay the basketball, that resets.

The possession that the basketball is determined at the beginning of overtime v a tip-off or run ball similar to the begin of the game.

The winner that the tipoff gets rewarded v the sphere while the team that shed the tipoff it s okay the arrow and also will get the basketball when there is an alternating possession as result of a jump round situation.

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FIBA Overtime Possesion

In FIBA it is a little different than the NBA, College, and also High School. The way overtime works for i m sorry team gets the basketball is no by a jump ball however by the alternating arrow.

So the team v the arrowhead gets the basketball at the begin of overtime while the arrow is switched instantly to the the opposite team, simply as it’s excellent at the start of the 4 minutes 1 or half.