with all the weapons in Resident evil 4, players require to understand which ones space the finest to blasting zombies right into oblivion.

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Resident evil 4 village attack
Resident evil 4 has actually such a large arsenal, it can be tough to save track of every weapon and also decide what to use throughout a playthrough. This perform should assist anybody going v the game for the first time plan ahead ~ above what come use. Though originally released on the Gamecube and eventually the PS2, modern-day versions are basic to access on existing hardware.

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discovering what tools you want to upgrade is an important to saving money and also making sure you have enough resources. This list additionally does not list every weapon in Resident evil 4. Instead, it concentrates on the weapons you conference throughout the really campaign, excluding unique unlockables earned native The Mercenaries and beating the game.

Updated on July 17th, 2021, through Jason WojnarResident Evil never ever goes out of layout for long. 2021, resident Evil"s 25th anniversary, is particularly busy year because that the franchise. Fans have actually Resident Evil: Village, the Netflix series Infinite Darkness, and an upcoming live-action film. That is at this time unknown if the live-action native Netflix collection will likewise come in 2021. Through all this Resident evil celebration, that feels favor a good time come talk around the finest weapons in Resident angry 4 again. This time, we"re offering some an ext information about the weapons. 

15 Shotgun

Resident evil 4 shotgun
discovered in a residence in the very first chapter during the very first big attack in the town prices 20,000 pts indigenous the seller final upgrade prevents damage dropoff with selection costs 277,000 pts to complete its upgrade path The Shotgun is found early on in the adventure during the very first stand in the tiny village. The does no let you down during the first chapter yet is better left at the wayside once you can buy far better shotguns. Nevertheless of power, the Shotgun is always good for staggering enemies.

Rocketr launcher RE 4 copy
costs 30,000 pts from the seller found in chapter 3-3 in the castle if it might seem like this weapon is too low ~ above the list, several disadvantages do the Rocket Launcher less than ideal. It just fires once and also takes increase a lot of inventory space. Only one is discovered in the environment during the lock chapter. It is much better to offer than use. Leon disposes of Saddler with a special Rocket Launcher. If only he had prior to Saddler killed Luis. 

Rifle RE4
prices 7,000 pts final upgrade increases the assault power costs 289,000 to complete its upgrade course friend should certainly buy the Rifle as soon as it becomes easily accessible to acquisition from the Merchant, yet there is no need to upgrade it. The variety is nice, yet it becomes obsolete as soon as you reach the castle and the semi-automatic Rifle i do not care available.

Resident evil 4 Krauser fight
specifically effective versus the final Krauser hit no upgradable do not underestimate the Knife. While that is not really powerful, the Knife is an important to conserving ammunition, especially beforehand on.

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as soon as an opponent is knocked come the ground, walk as much as them and knife them instead of shooting them. Maybe it is just a couple of shots, however they add up. The knife is also good against Krauser throughout his ceo fight. 

purchase In chapter 3-1 for 9,800 pts expense 28,000 pts in the initial GameCube relax final upgrade makes the bullets homing and gives lock a bigger blast radius costs 211,000 pts to finish its upgrade course as cool together the Mine Thrower is, you do not need it. It is great for clearing a crowd, however other weapons fulfill a comparable purpose. The ammunition is likewise valuable, therefore one strategy is buying the weapon and selling the ammo friend collect.

Can additionally be bought because that 20,000 pts final upgrade pierces v five enemies costs 276,000 pts to finish its upgrade course The Punisher is a pistol obtained by shoot at the very least ten blue medallions in the very first chapter. The pierces through enemies, permitting you to damages multiple Ganados at once. We at some point recommend using it simply until you obtain the Red9. In state of permanent use, either the Handgun or Red 9 are more desirable.

costs 38,000 pts found in the castle when you have ashley ago costs 455,000 pts to complete its upgrade course This magnum is available to buy from the Merchant, but it is far better to collect it during the lock chapter. The the 2 magnums girlfriend can obtain in the game, the is the worst. All the same, it gets the task done till you can purchase Killer 7. It also just feeling cool to use. Any Resident Evil fan knows to save Magnum ammunition because that the bosses.

prices 32,000 pts final upgrade simply boosts its firing power prices 415,000 pts to complete its upgrade path Taste in shotguns eventually depends on personal preference. While the Riot gun is weaker 보다 the Striker, it has actually a longer variety and is less complicated to aim. It eventually depends ~ above what you worth in a shotgun. Its special capacity is naught to write home around either.

expenses 77,700 pts No special final upgrade, however it is a supremely an effective weapon costs 337,700 pts to complete its upgrade route This magnum must replace the damaged Butterfly immediately after obtaining it. Starting at a basic firepower of 25, it at some point goes approximately 35, do it perfect power weapon for any boss fight. The name is obviously one homage to the Capcom game Killer 7. ~ above a first playthrough, try to purchase it prior to the Salazar ceo fight, because it deserve to take him the end in just several shots.

costs 43,000 pts last upgrade provides the magazine host 100 bullets the smallest shotgun obtainable price 392,000 pts to complete its upgrade path The Striker is the the smallest of the shotguns and aims from the hip, do accuracy a challenge. However, the increased power and also rate the fire make it a beast of a total for obtaining Leon out of a corner. The last upgrade allows you placed 100 bullets into a magazine, do reloading a non-issue.

Default handgun, additionally costs 8,000 pts indigenous the merchant last upgrade makes headshots do critical damage more often costs 198,000 pts to complete its upgrade course The Handgun is every Leon has at the start. If its power is nothing contrasted to various other pistols, the last upgrade substantially increases a headshot"s opportunity at crucial damage. That is useless versus bosses, yet regular opponents are mincemeat v this ability.

expenses 35,000 pts final upgrade substantially improves firing rate expenses 351,000 pts to finish its upgrade course replace the normal Rifle the moment you have actually the ability to to buy this weapon. The Rifle (Semi-Auto) is powerful at both close and also long distances.

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several of the bigger adversaries like the Regenerador and also Garrador are substantially easier v this rifle in tow.

The three varieties of Grenades are all good for obtaining Leon the end of a jam. Consistent ones send opponents flying, when Incendiary Grenades burn them where they stand. Flash grenades incapacitate many foes because that a long time. Speed Grenades additionally immediately kill the Plagas that sprout from some enemies" exploded heads.

prices 10,000 pts In the GameCube initial it prices 15,000 pts last upgrade enhances the attack power costs 330,000 pts to finish its upgrade course The only automatic weapon in the game is a must-have. It is also decently powerful when fully upgraded, so us recommend to buy the increased power as shortly as it becomes available. With enough ammunition, numerous bursts have the right to clear a whole crowd the Ganados.

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prices 14,000 pts last upgrade sees a significant damage rise expenses 331,00 pts to finish its upgrade route The Red9 is the best handgun in Resident angry 4. Sufficiently an effective and fast to reload, it is the finest use that Handgun bullets. When an ext powerful ammunition runs low against bosses, Red9 is tho useful. On peak of whatever else, the is simply a cool-looking pistol.

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