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Unkind-CruelTooth- biting cold the winterRude- rough, coarseHigh-ho- one expression the joyThe environment-friendly holly- one evergreen bush or treewhich is a price of the everlasting friendliness the nature.

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Feigning- Pretending, deceivingBite so nigh- Bite sharply or deeply (to thebone)Nigh- nearWaters warp- introduce to the wind curling andruffling the sea. Water transforms to ice.As benefits forgot- together the mindset of thosewho, after receiving favours, prove thankless.As girlfriend remember’d not- as is a man’sungrateful plot in forget a friend.
The winter wind can blow as much hard as the likes since it is notso harsh and also rude choose man’s nature of being ungrateful. The assault of thewinter wind is no so sharp because it is not visible although that is bitinglycold. The poet below says that the friendship is only a pretence and also loving isnothing but absurdity and foolery. The poet asks the frosty sky to freezebecause it won’t cause him deep pain as caused by his friends who forget hisfavours instead of gift thankful.
The main idea the the poem is that the poet keenly observed theshrewdness, hypocrisy, treachery, betrayal and also sinfulness of human being beings. Herethe poet think that person friendship is likewise feigning and also hypocritical. That hasno depth or significance. For this reason he glorifies winter wind and invites it come blow.He thinks the winter wind is not as unkind together man"https://aufdercouch.net/blow-blow-thou-winter-wind-meaning/imager_1_8980_700.jpgs ingratitude. That"https://aufdercouch.net/blow-blow-thou-winter-wind-meaning/imager_1_8980_700.jpgs why,he prefers winter wind, which has actually no sensation, to human being beings.

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The very first stanza that this city affirms the the impact of man"https://aufdercouch.net/blow-blow-thou-winter-wind-meaning/imager_1_8980_700.jpgsingratitude is more unkind than the biting effect of the winter wind, becausethe wind continues to be unseen, vice versa, the male guilty that ingratitude stands prior to usin all his repulsive humanity as a permanent emphasis for our bitterness feelings. Thesecond stanza compare man"https://aufdercouch.net/blow-blow-thou-winter-wind-meaning/imager_1_8980_700.jpgs ingratitude to freezing temperatures, which,though able to "https://aufdercouch.net/blow-blow-thou-winter-wind-meaning/imager_1_8980_700.jpgwarp water"https://aufdercouch.net/blow-blow-thou-winter-wind-meaning/imager_1_8980_700.jpg, in other words freeze water, do not "https://aufdercouch.net/blow-blow-thou-winter-wind-meaning/imager_1_8980_700.jpgbite so nigh"https://aufdercouch.net/blow-blow-thou-winter-wind-meaning/imager_1_8980_700.jpg together a manwho forgets favours done. The an initial six currently in each stanza are adhered to bythe very same jolly six line refrain which do the generalisation from theseparticular observations "https://aufdercouch.net/blow-blow-thou-winter-wind-meaning/imager_1_8980_700.jpgmost friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly"https://aufdercouch.net/blow-blow-thou-winter-wind-meaning/imager_1_8980_700.jpg.
Summary and theme of Blow, Blow, you Winter Wind wilhelm Shakespeare- HSC English 1st paper
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