the blue and also white alpha flag signifies what

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the blue and white alpha flag signifies what

the blue and also white alpha flag signifies what

Diving Flags

There room 2 flags offered in the civilization to indicate that divers are in the water. What is the difference between the two and when should each it is in used?

The A flag or Alfa (alpha) flag has a clean international meaning meaning: “I have a diver down; store well clear at sluggish speed”

The red and also white diving flag is a common sight in phibìc America but is not typically seen elsewhere. Its meaning is also less precise.

From the Canadian for sure Boating Course required by all strength boaters in Canada:

The global diving flag (usually blue and also white in colour) need to be displayed by any type of vessel engaged in diving.

A red and also white flag lugged on a buoy is supplied to mark locations where diving is in progress, back divers might stray native the limits of the significant areas.

The code of signal Flag A is regulated under the private Buoy Regulations. As soon as encountered the operator the a satisfied craft have to keep fine clear at slow speed.

The Collision Regulations ascendancy 27, make under the Canada Shipping Act specifies that:

The dive watercraft must lug a rigid representation of the international code “A” flag not much less than 1 metre (39.25″) in height if the boat has divers down and also cannot maneuver. Measures shall be required to ensure all-round visibility.

At night, the boat shall display three all-round lamp in a vertical line, the highest and lowest of i beg your pardon shall it is in red and also the center light shall it is in white.

The red and also white diver under flag is not known for use on the boat. There is no ascendancy that forbids its usage however.

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A buoy may be used if that meets the specifications set out in the regulations. The Canadian Aids to navigating (TP 968) establish the use of the red and white flag top top a buoy.

and the exclusive Buoy regulation (SOR 99-335) provide the specifications for the buoy itself.

A diver’s buoy have to be:

White, v yellow retro-reflective striping, a minimum of 15.25cm (6″) across and 30.5cm (12″) over the water

bearing the letter “PRIV” top top opposite sides in big black lettering and displaying the owner’s name and contact information prominently.

It must be paris the red and also white diver under flag, which should be square and 50cm (20″) .

on each side, with the white stripe prolonging diagonally indigenous the pointer of the hoist under to the bottom the the fly. The buoy must be securely moored.

There is no regulation saying how much a watercraft must remain away, OR just how close a diver have to stay close to the flag/buoy/boat.

The safe Boating overview issued by move Canada recommends boat operators store clear 100m (328′) native a diving flag/buoy

In practice, one is more likely to see a red and white flag than a blue and also white flag for pleasure scuba divers in Canada and also the united state where it is commonly recognized.

Photo by Soljaguar (Own work)

The us Department the Homeland security special notice to mariners

ALPHA FLAG FOR limited MANEUVERABILITY (Due to Diving Operations)

There has been some confusion over the condition of the timeless sports divers’ flag since of a adjust to the U.S. Inland navigation Rules worrying the usage of a one meter strictly replica of the global Code FlagAlpha (a blue and also white flag).

The Alpha flag is to it is in flown on small vessels involved in diving operations whenever this vessels are restricted in their capacity to exercise if divers room attached come the vessel.

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But in sporting activities diving, where divers space usually totally free swimming, the Alpha flag walk not have to be shown and the coastline Guard encourages the ongoing use of the timeless sports diver flag.

the blue and white alpha flag signifies what

The difference the coast Guard desires to make clear is:

The Alpha flag is a navigational signal to plan to safeguard the vessel native collision. The sporting activities diver flag is an unofficialize signal that, through custom, has concerned be offered to protect the diver in the water.

It is the duty of the operator the a diving courage to recognize if his craft’s activities are restricted. Come be most effective, the sporting activities diver flag need to be displayed on a float in the water to mark the approximate place of the diver. NOTE: I have actually modified i breaks and bold because that emphasis. Cd

The Red and White diver under flag has another meaning

The diver down flag has been embraced by dive it is provided shops and other providers as a authorize that diving solutions or provides are noted by the shop. That is flown top top land with no diver in the water for that purpose.

History that the diver down flag.

designed and also introduced in 1956 by marine veteran Denzel James Dockery. After ~ making a home made scuba gear he discovered he required a way of maintaining curious boaters away and designed the red and white divers down flag. For a history of the architecture here is a link to article.

The bottom line is a little bit confused.

The intent is not. Maintaining boats and divers safe.

So in north America where the red and also white diving flag is known (and regularly required) it need to be displayed prominently by all sports divers.

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Putting up the Alfa flag too does no injury at all however will more than likely not be recognized by all boaters..

Elsewhere in the world the global Alfa flag

is extensively recognized and also should be flown, the is typically the regulation to perform so anyway. Adding the red and white flag go no harm and also is not typically prohibited.

If you are diving in a country where you are not familiar with the custom and also law, ask a regional dive shop. If in doubt paris both flags.

Commercial divers and also deep sea divers v air hoses will screen the alfa flag not only to warn of divers below but likewise to warn various other vessels the the delivery has restricted movements due to divers attached to air lines.

the blue and white alpha flag signifies what

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Diver under flag

A diver down flag, or scuba flag, is a flag offered on the water to show that there is a diver below. Two layouts of flag are in use. Internationally, the code flag alfa/alpha, i beg your pardon is white and also blue, is offered to signal .

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The purpose of the flags is to inform to any type of other watercrafts to command clear for the security of the diver and to avert the possibility of a collision through the dive watercraft which may be unable to maneuver out of the way.