The component of the vertebrae bone that you feel once running a finger down the facility of the ago is called: spinous process
Spinal curvatures the are current at bear are dubbed primary curvatures and also those that construct later are an additional curvatures.

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The critical 2 pairs of ribs are called the true ribs due to the fact that they have actually no anterior attachments. false
Hematopoiesis describes the formation of blood cell within the red marrow caries of details bones. true
The largest fontanel top top a babies skull is the posterior fontanel. false
The axial skeleton contains: 1. Skull, 2. Arms and also Legs, 3. Ribs and sternum, 4. Vertebrae, 5. Pelvic girdle 1, 3, 4
A compound fracture can be descried as when: the broken bone is exposed come the outside
The atlas is the: first cervical vertebra
There are 7 cervical, twelve thoracic, and five lumbar vertebrae. True
The small cavities in bone tissue whereby osteocytes are found are called: lacunae
What form of tissue covers the epiphysis that bones and reduces friction in the joints: articular cartilage
Synovial articulations permit movement in the skeleton true
Blood formation starts in the liver. false
The arrangement of lamellae around the main (Haversian) canals creates osteons. true
Sharpey's fivers connect the periosteum to the compact bone. true
The zygomatic bones type the cheekbones. true
small networks that radiate v the procession of bone canaliculi
area wherein bone expansion takes place epiphysial plate
space wherein osteocytes are housed lacuna
cells the can construct bony matrix osteoblasts
cells that deserve to dissolve the bony matrix osteoclasts
layers that calcification the are discovered in bone lamellae
The sternum is the result of fusion of 3 bones dubbed the: manubrium, body, xiphoid process
Bones space hollow and do no contain anything false
thin, flattened, and typically bent bones, such together the ribs and sternum, form ____. flat
a round or oval hole through a bone, which includes blood ship and/or nerves, is referred to as a ____ foramen
Blood cell development is dubbed ___. hematopoiesis
a fracture whereby the bone division cleanly, yet does not permeate the skin is termed a ___ fracture closed or simple
a large, rounded forecast on a bone is referred to as a ____ tuberosity
yellow marrow is a warehouse area for ___ adipose organization or fat
the type of fiber connecting the periosteum to the basic bone are referred to as ____. perforating, or Sharpey's fibers
What type of organization is the forerunner of long bones in the embryo? hyaline cartilage
A shallow, basin-like depression in a bone regularly serving as an articular surface ar is a: fossa
Which is the correct order that ribs, from superior to inferior? true ribs, false ribs, floating ribs
In adults, the duty of the yellow marrow is to: store adipose tissue
A person have the right to have more than the allotted number of bones, specifically sesmoid bones. true
The skull bones room joined by wormian sutures. true
Which the the complying with bones is no considered component of the appendicular skeleton: sternum
The setup of bone tissue shone in this number is called: an osteon
ligament on external of knee the joins femur to tibia lateral colateral ligament
ligament in center of knee the attached in back posterior cruciate ligament
ligament in middle of knee that attaches in front anterior cruciate ligament
shiny material at end of bone articular cartilage
cartilage in a horseshoe shape between femur and also tibia. meniscus
ligament on within of knee the joins femur and tibia anterior cruciate ligament
The bones assistance the body true
Articular cartilage consist of the diaphysis of lengthy bones true
Broken bone the penetrates with the skin open (compound) fracture
bone is crushed compression
ragged break occurs when too much twisted forces are used to a bone spiral
broken bone part is pressed inward depressed
broken bone end are required into every other impacted
bone division incompletely greenstick
bone division into countless fragments omminuted
break that does not pass through the skin closed (simple) fracture
Which the the adhering to is correct of the woman pelvis once comparing it v the masculine pelvis the distance between the female ischial spines is greater
Which of the following groups of bones in the person body, categorized according to shape, is correct: skull bones - flat bones
Articulations permitting just light degrees of movement are ____, vice versa, articulations permitting no movement are dubbed _____. amphiarthroses; synarthroses
The middle component of a long bone between the 2 ends is called the diaphysis. true
Match the follow is no an opening: trochanter
The most important minerals stored in the skeleton are: calcium and phosphorus
Plane, hinge, and also pivot joints are all types of synovial joints true
Which of the following remodel bone? osteoblasts & osteoclasts
Which of the complying with is NOT component of the axial skeleton? coxal bone
The hyoid bone is unique because: it is the just bone of the body that does not directly articulate through any
The pectoral girldle is created of three bones false
atlast irregular bone
phalanges long bone
ulna long bone
true ribs flat bone
coxal bone irregular bone
parietal bone flat bone
patella bone sesmoid bone
femur long bone
fibula long bone
sternum flat bone
tarsals short bone
The fibrous connections in between the skeletal of a fetal skull are: fontanels
There room 4 step in the heal of a bone fracture. I beg your pardon of the following ideal illustrates the succession of this stages:1. Bony callus formation, 2. Bone remodeling, 3. Fibrocartilage callus formation, 4. Hematoma formation 4,3,1,2
disease in youngsters in i beg your pardon bones fail come calcify rickets
bone breaks fractures
disease that the aged in i beg your pardon articular cartilage is affected osteoarthritis
disease resulting from accumulating that uric acid crystals at joints gouty arthritis
inflammation the bursae connected with synovial membranes bursitis
What space the 2 main subdivisions that the skeleton axial and also appendicular
in anatomical position, the lateral lower leg bone is the fibula true
which the the adhering to are NOT reasons for havine feet in her skull; you understand the sinuses? for extr bones to attach
The sacrum has 5 fused vertebrae true
Which the the complying with is not an arch in the foot? posterior latitudinal arch
The bones do not protect any kind of soft organs false
The presence of one epiphyseal plate indicates that: bone length is increasing
The sella turcica is component of the ____ bone. sphenoid
Bone expansion that occurs as result of weight lifting at period 40 is many likely: appositional ossification
The factor(s) that recognize where bone procession is to be remodeled is (are): stresses the gravity and muscle pull on the skeleton
The thigh bone is called the ____ femur
The skull, vertebral column, and also thoracic cage kind the ____ skeleton. axial
The head the the humerus fits right into the ____ that the scapula glenoid cavity
the an illness in which uric acid accuulated in the blood and may it is in deposited as needle-like crystals in the soft organization of joints is called ____. gout
the large hole situated in the base of the occipital bone that permits the spinal cord and brain to connect is the foramen magnum
An increase in bone diameter is referred to as ____ growth appositional
The external acoustic meatus is uncovered on the ____ bone temporal
Immovable joints are functionally classified as ____. synarthrosis
A structure discovered on the femur is the: intercondylar fossa
the intervertebral discs that cushion the spine and absorb shock are composed the fibrocartilagee true
the femur, tibia, humerus, and radius space all divide as: long bones
a fracture the is typical in osteoporotic skeleton is a(n): compression fracture
Osteoblasts respond come the parathyroid hormone (PTH). false
which of the complying with is an example of a bone that develops from fibrous membranes? the parietal bone
Which of the following are the rings of the osteon? lamellae
How countless pairs of true ribs do people have? 7
The periosteum is the outside covering of the diaphysis true
The wrist bones room actually: carpals
The most stable synovial joint in the human body is the ____ because it has actually muscle to secure it. hip
There room ___ skeleton in the person body. 206
Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects fibrous joints.

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Which of these bones are connected with the hand? metacarpals
Which of these bones space NOT a long bone discovered in the leg: patella
Wrist joint plane joint
shoulder joint ball and also socket joint
knuckle joints condylar joint
thumb joint saddle joint
elbow share attached to the ulna hinge joint
joint in between atlast and axis pivot joint
The master gland the the body (pituitary gland) is housed in a saddlelike depression in the temporal bone dubbed the sella turcica false
The tailbone is the: coccyx
The spinal cord passes through the human body of every vertebra false
Which the the adhering to is no a sinus? vomer sinus
sole that foot outward eversion
leg turns to the external hip lateral rotation
leg transforms to the within hip medial rotation
fingers the hand spread out apart abduction
hand upward supination
rotation of ball in socket joint circumduction
knee bent increase posteriorly flexion
sole the foot inward inversion
toes upward bent at ankle dorsiflexion
mouth closed ??
chin moved anteriorly protraction
hand downward pronation
toes bending downward at ankle plantar flexion
fingers the hand together adduction
incus anvil
malleus hammer
stapes stirrup
the pubic are has a woman is higher than 90 degrees true
a bone fracture wherein the bone is broken into plenty of fragments is a: comminuted fracture
which two bones constitute the forearm? ulna and radius
all that the adhering to facial bones are paired except for one, which of the followin gis the unpaired face bone? vomer
the ___ cavity conains yellow and also red marrow for blood formation. medullary
immovable or contempt movable amphiarthroses
amphiarthroses cartilagenous joint
synarthroses fibrous joint
dairthroses synovial joint
freely movable joint diarthroses
immovable joints synarthroses
the ball of the humerous tha fits into the shoulder cavity is recognized as: proximal epiphysis
the pectoral girdle: contains both the clavicle and also scapula
the smallest bones in the human body are found in the neck: false
a fracture the is typical in children, who bones have relatively an ext collagen matrix and are much more flexible than those of adults: greenstick
the bone cells that respond come parathyroid hormone (PTH) to destroy bone and also release calcium into the blood space called osteoclasts
which that the complying with is no a process fossa
joint in ~ the humerous and also ulna hinge
hip or shoulder ball-in-socket
joint that thumb saddle
joint at humerus and radius pivot
wrist joint plane
joint in between finger bones condylar
the suture found between the parietal and also temporal bone is the: squamous suture
four the the five answers detailed below are parts of the exact same anatomical area. Select the exception fibula
the hardwood spine curves more anteriorly lordosis
spine curves to ideal or left of center scoliosis
the thoracic spine create a hump kyphosis
the tool to measure range of movement is referred to as a goniometer true
the skull has 2 set of bone: cranium and also facial bones true
giant bone-destroying cells osteoclasts
bone-forming cells osteoblasts
mature bone cells osteocytes
bone-thinnins is dubbed osteoporosis true
bone development can be referred to as: ossification
teeth fit into mandible gomphosis
sternum and hyaline cartilage joint synchondrosis
join tibia and also fibula together at distal end syndesmoses
between vertebra or pubis bone symphysis
joints that the skull suture
opening in the center of the osteon Central (Haversian) Canal
bone cells osteocytes
canals perpendicular to the bone Volkmann's canal
cavities containing bone cells osteocytes
rings the osteon lamellae
tiny canals connecting central or Haversian canal canaliculi
canals parallel through the bone Cantral (Haversian) Canal
what tiny canal connects central canals come lacunae in compact bone canaliculus
the canal that runs through the main point of every osteon contain blood vessels and also nerve fibers
the fetal skull is 1/8 the size of the body, whereas the adult skull is 1/4 the dimension of the body false