Eric Hernandez (older brother), Presley Hernandez (sister), Tiara Hernandez (sister), Jaime Kailani (sister), Tahiti Hernandez (sister)

Each parent thinks that his boy is gifted, and in case of Bruno Mars his parents were right. Both an innovative and musically talented people, lock noticed your son’s virtuosity and also helped the to develop his natural skills and become an influential music artist of his generation. Let’s look at a small closer at Bruno Mars household members.

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They say, that mother is the person, who gives life to a baby, and also father is the person, who provides him strength. It’s constantly a pity, when the child isn’t blessed v a caring and loving father, but obviously it’s no Bruno Mars case. His dad noticed his son’s talent and helped to develop it.

Bruno’s father was born in Brooklyn, brand-new York and spent his young years there. Jewish and Puerto-Rican blood operation in his veins. Peter is a musician and it is he, that taught his child love and understand music. He took his chubby son to the stage, and 4-year-old boy wrecked tumultuous applause.

And currently Bruno Mars tells in each his family-oriented interview, how he likes his father and also expresses his gratitude to him.

Peter Hernandez is a dad of 6 kids. All of them he had with his wife and colleague Bernie san Pedro Bayot. Lock divorced, but remained girlfriend till her early on death.

Bernadette mountain Pedro Bayot (mother)

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Date the birth: respectable 14, 1957

Date that death: June 1, 2013

Bernie Bayot is that very woman, who gave life come the Grammy-winning music artist Bruno Mars. Through the way, in her rarely interviews she constantly said the Peter Gene Hernandez to be a distinct kid. She to be absolutely certain that someday he would come to be a star. Every her youngsters were musically talented, but none of them might reach Bruno’s level.

Bernie comes from Manila, subway Manila, Philippines. She is a component of a large family – her mother and also father had actually 7 kids. Once she gained older, her parents sent out her come USA to reside v her grandmother, who was a citizen of that country.

She worked out in Hawaii at a tender age of 10. Being extremely slim and flexible, she acquired interested in dancing. To her late teenagers Bernie turned right into a skilled hula dancer and also performed in ~ the concert of neighborhood bands. With her job she met a drummer Peter Hernandez and also fell in love with him. They got married and also gave a bear to 6 kids.

After Bernadette and also Peter divorce, their youngsters left in the mother’s home, but stayed in touch through their father.

In 2013 Bayot-Hernandez observed a family members tragedy – Bernie unexpectedly died from brain aneurysm. Bruno misses his mother till now. He tattooed her name on his shoulder.


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Date of birth: September 9, 1976

Bruno Mars originates from a talented breed, wherein each human is musically gifted. His older brother Eric is no exclusion. Bruno Mars fans now, that Eric works with his brother. He performs by Bruno’s side as a drummer.

He to be born in 1976 in Brooklyn, new York as the an initial child the Peter and also Bernadette Hernandez. His father motivated him to exercise music, and the boy’s main love was play the drums. Nicknamed together E-Panda in a household circle, Eric ended up being a commemorated drummer in Hawaii at his late teens. In 1995 that left his home town because that Hollywood to go after his job there. The performed in the band “Louie Says”. Yet then Eric acquired disappointed in his activity of a musician and also became a policeman. During 5 years he conserved LA citizens indigenous criminals, however then rotate his challenge to music again, once Bruno pertained to LA and began to perform here. He encouraged his older brothers Eric to sign up with him ~ above the stage.

Nowadays Eric joins his career v a household life. That is married to a pretty woman, named Cindia and also has a boy Liam and also daughters Vida and Mila through her.

Jaime Kailani Bayot (older sister)

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Date the birth: November 22, 1983

Jaime Kailani is Bruno’s larger sister. She is a musician, reality TV actress, organization woman and also philanthropist. Jaime was born in Hawaii. She is a product of education of Kaiser High School. After ~ graduation she relocated to Los Angeles, CA and also started job of an entertainment artist there.

She climbed to fame as the member of family band “The Lylas”, which contained Bruno Mars sisters. In 2013 in the firm of she 3 sister she developed the reality collection “The Lylas”. She plot in the truth show, too.

Jaime joins she career with a happy household life. She is a mother of 2 sons. In addition, she is the founder that a philanthropic company “Mama Earth”.

Tiara Hernandez (older sister)

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Date of birth: September 26, 1984

Tiara is another one Bruno’s younger sister. Like various other members of she family, she earns her living as a music artist. She started singing in public in ~ a an extremely early age, as the part of the tape “The Love Notes”. Later she joined her sisters in the household group “The Lylas” and also starred in reality collection of the exact same name.

Although the major part of she life she arisen career of one entertainer, there to be time, when she operated as a preschool teacher to do the end meet.

Currently Tiara is single.

Presley Hernandez (younger sister)

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Date of birth: July 23, 1990

Presley is Bruno Mars’s younger sister. She is a singer and an actress, recognized by the girl band “The Lylas”. She has a two-year-old daughter v her boyfriend.

Tahiti Hernandez (sister)

photo instagram / tahitilovesu

Date of birth: June 2, 1987

Tahiti is the youngest girl in the family. She is a musician. Bruno Mars is she younger brother. As soon as she created on Instagram, that father provided her Bruno because that protection; nevertheless, she deserve to kick his ass. Tahiti is a mommy of 4 kids. She married Billy Kemper, the dad of her kids, on November 7, 2018.


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Even Bruno Mars parents had no idea at first, the their plump cute young is an artist through future.

In despite the of his parents’ divorce, he stayed linked with both, his father and mother. His dad Eric Hernandez, a musician, cared about his son’s music education. Peter can sing and dance even at the tender age of 4. He copied his favourite artist Michael Jackson, and also dreamed sooner or later to end up being as renowned as he.

After graduation native school, Peter (nicknamed as “Bruno” in a family circle) relocated to Los Angeles to start career of a skilled musician. At very first he created songs for other artists (like Adam Levin, Alexandra Burke and also others), however then dared to execute himself. He signed the address Elektra documents (then the talented singer has actually just turn 25) and also released his an initial set of song “Doo-Wops & Hooligans”. The main single of the album “Just the way You Are” top the key musical charts for numerous weeks. The popular of the singer rocketed sky-high. Many tracks the the album got the approval the critics and brought the young singer the recognition of a wide audience.

As because that now, Bruno boasts with 3 studio albums, every of which obtained multi-platinum certification. His talent is verified with a wire of awards, including prestigious American Music Awards and Grammy Awards.

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Interesting and also fun factsSince 2011 the is in relationships v a version Jessica Caban. Previously, he date a singer Rita Ora.Maroon is his favorite color.Michael Jackson and also Elvis Presley were his idols while that was farming up. Through the way, plenty of journalists have already written about Bruno’s resemblance to Elvis.His favorite dish is indigenous Philippines cuisine. It’s called “Chicken Adobo”.Bruno began his job at the age of 4. Then he was a part of the family band “The Love Notes” (together with his parents and also siblings). The boy performed 5 days per week.