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Last update on September 22, 2021

I create an dreadful lot around things v ‘cheese’ in the surname on this site, and also it’s not surprising considering the minefield that is discovering which cheese-related commodities are for sure to eat, and which aren’t.

This article tackles precisely which species of cheesecake you have the right to – yes, can! – eat once you’re pregnant.

Pregnant females only must avoid cheesecakes that a) contain egg and also b) have actually been collection in the fridge instead of baked. These unbaked species of cheesecakes (usually homemade) deserve to increase the risk of salmonella poisoning and also should be avoided in pregnancy.

This leads, naturally, to much more questions as to whether frozen, shop-bought or restaurant cheesecakes room safe because that pregnant women to eat.

It depends on the ingredients, so I’ve broken down some typical ones below.

Covered in this Article:

Is new or Frozen Cheesecake native a Shop or store safe in Pregnancy?

The species of Cheesecake to Avoid as soon as You’re Pregnant

Old-fashioned cheesecake recipes, specifically those indigenous the UK or Europe, contact for the cheesecake pour it until it is full to be collection in the fridge, quite than baked.

These room sometimes dubbed ‘Continental’ cheesecakes. Baked cheesecakes room far an ext common in the USA and the Americas and are set in the oven.

The cheesecakes to prevent are the unbaked (‘no-bake’) ones v these ingredients:

Any sauces or toppings make from cream or milk the is unpasteurized

The factor is the eggs possibly containing salmonella are only safe if full cooked come an interior temperature of 160F / 71c (source: FoodSafety.gov).

The over ingredients – consisting of raw eggs – room generally only found in homemade cheesecake recipes.

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If you’re make the cheesecake yourself, then opt to make a small one instead, or usage an egg-free recipe, and choose pasteurized ingredients.

If you’re at a friend’s residence or elsewhere where friend didn’t have actually a hand in that preparation, then ask about the ingredients used.

If girlfriend bake and also cook a lot with eggs and also want come learn much more about eggs and pregnancy safety, examine out our finish guide to eggs here.

The types of Cheesecake You deserve to Eat as soon as You’re Pregnant

You can eat virtually all varieties of small cheesecake (even if they are complete of eggs) since the baking temperatures (usually 160C/320F or higher) are much more than enough to kill any kind of salmonella that may be existing in the eggs.

This includes pretty lot all baked cheesecakes, brand-new York small cheesecakes and also the Chicago baked types as well.

You can likewise eat cheesecake the is unbaked and set, so long as it does not have raw or partially cooked egg in, and also the cream cheese or other ingredients are pasteurized.

For example, the ones made through cream cheese and sugar, then collection in the fridge, are fine if the cream cheese is pasteurized.

If you eat or usage cream cheese a lot, you might want to review this overview to cream cheese in pregnancy, too.


Is fresh or Frozen Cheesecake from a Shop or store safe in Pregnancy?

If you’re going come a supermarket or large store then you’ll most likely be purchase a commercially-made cheesecake.

These generally contain pasteurized ingredients and also have commonly been baked, together it helps maintain the consistency the the filling when they’re thawed the end to serve. This method they’re safe to eat in pregnancy.

Common Cheesecake Brands and Pasteurization

Common USA brands space usually pasteurized. For example, Sara Lee Cheesecakes are pasteurized (source: Sara Lee).

Also, Edward’s have evidenced that Edwards cheesecakes room made using pasteurized ingredients, for this reason they’re fine come eat if you’re pregnant.

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It’s additionally OK to use Philadelphia ready-made cheesecake, together they usage pasteurized ingredient in all their products.

UK supermarkets (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and also Waitrose) all offer ‘baked’ cheesecakes, both fresh and frozen – the word ‘baked’ is commonly written plainly on the label.

British women also ask me a lot around the brand “Gü” since they make delicious mini cheesecakes. Yes, you deserve to eat Gü cheesecakes – they are made with pasteurized ingredients.

However, your Anytime Mousse, chocolate Mousses and also Hot ChocolateSoufflésare made with raw egg, so you should avoid those.

Whether the cheesecake is new or frozen doesn’t make a difference to exactly how safe it is for pregnant women to consume. The vital is the ingredients.

As a ascendancy of thumb, however, most frozen cheesecakes have been pre-baked and so room fine come eat in pregnancy.

Can Pregnant women Eat any type of Flavor the Cheesecake?

The main worry when you’re pregnant is whether the cheesecake pour it until it is full itself has been baked and if it has raw egg or unpasteurized ingredients.

Some save on computer alcohol (e.g. Bailey’s) yet this is in such small amounts it’s not thought about unsafe. Click right here to learn more about what to do when your food includes alcohol.

That gift said, girlfriend still have to pay fist to any type of fillings or toppings that are poured or served with the cheesecake.

If you’ve no made them yourself, double-check which ingredients have been used and also avoid any kind of unpasteurized dairy.


Can Pregnant women Eat Cheesecake at a Restaurant?

The Cheesecake Factory is especially addressed below, but for all various other restaurants, it counts on exactly how they’re making their cheesecakes, and whether they are making castle on the premises.

Many restaurants “buy in” your desserts native catering carriers who will certainly be mass-producing commercial-style cheesecakes, therefore they’re commonly baked and also use pasteurized ingredients. They’re because of this safe for pregnant women.

However, if you are eating at a restaurant that has “homemade” desserts and cheesecakes, climate you’ll should ask if any type of unpasteurized ingredients space used and also whether the cheesecake has actually raw egg in it.

If it does, it’s much better to select something else.

Can Pregnant females Eat Cheesecake factory Cheesecakes?

The Cheesecake factory sell cheesecakes both in your restaurants to eat there and also then, in your bakery ar and additionally frozen to purchase in stores.

I got to out come the Cheesecake Factory and queried this through them directly, because there was a many confusion online regarding whether your cheesecakes were safe for pregnant ladies to eat.

I’m happy come report that their cheesecakes room all baked, and are made through pasteurized ingredients, so every Cheesecake manufacturing facility cheesecakes are safe for pregnant ladies to eat.