ELF top top the Shelf is a famous Christmas heritage that households follow every year, hiding an elf toy in a various place every morning of December. Yet can girlfriend touch Elf on the Shelf?


Can girlfriend touch Elf top top the Shelf: Elves cannot be touched by people (Image: Getty)


Can you touch Elf on the Shelf: emotional an elf can aufdercouch.netst them their magic (Image: Getty)


Can you touch Elf ~ above the Shelf?

The official Elf ~ above the Shelf website details the three rules come follow.

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The first and most important preeminence is the you should NOT touch your Elf.

If friend do, castle will shed all your magic - and nobody wants that to happen.

When saufdercouch.netut elves shed their magic, they can’t go about their Christmas duties.

This method no presents for anyone in your family!


Can girlfriend touch Elf ~ above the Shelf: Elves can not speak yet can hear (Image: Getty)

The seaufdercouch.netnd dominance is that children should talk to your elves as lot as lock like.

The site explains: “Saufdercouch.netut Elves can’t talk, however they are an excellent listeners. Small ones have the right to share secrets and wishes v their elf as often as they’d like.”

The final rule is the all elves should go back to the north Pole on Christmas Eve, sadly.

The official dominion states: “Saufdercouch.netut Elves have to return to the north Pole on Christmas eve to assist Santa prepare because that the following Christmas!”

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Can adults move Elf on the Shelf?

Adults have the right to move the elf through tongs or potholders in an urgent situation.

The Elf ~ above the Shelf blog details six occasions where it is it s okay for an adult come touch the elf.For example, when:

Your Saufdercouch.netut Elf was tired and fell off the shelfYour Saufdercouch.netut Elf landed in a great spot, but then, the dog spotted themYour Saufdercouch.netut Elf lost their balance and also fell from your spotYour Saufdercouch.netut Elf make a huge mess that needs to it is in cleaned upYour Saufdercouch.netut Elf landed on something you need to useYour Saufdercouch.netut Elf dropped in something that they can’t continue to be in every day


Can you touch Elf ~ above the Shelf: If girlfriend accidentally touch one elf, you have the right to fix the instance with cinnamon, a letter and singing (Image: Getty)

What to do if girlfriend accidentally touch the Elf top top the Shelf?

Don’t panic if girlfriend accidentally touch the Elf, accidents happen!

You can renew your elf’s magic in one of three means - girlfriend can try them all three if you’re desperate.

The very first option is to write a keep in mind to the elf or to dad Christmas apologising for poignant the elf.

Apparently this is the “most reliable way” to aid the Elf to gain its magic earlier ASAP.

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If you have any cinnamon in ~ home, usage it to lug magic ago to your elf.

Sprinkle some of the spice alongside the elf to assist it spring back into action.

Rumour has actually it that cinnamon works choose vitamins for the elf, for this reason a dash of the stuff must return the elf to full health.

The final trick is to song a Christmas carol with your family.

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The official advice states: “Elves love singing, and also all the Christmas cheer is certain to produce plenty the Christmas magic come make your Saufdercouch.netut Elf much better in no time!”

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