Q: a school bus stops with its flashing lights on in ~ an intersection on my appropriate , have the right to i revolve left far from the bus?

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Andrew Popp answered on Sep 24, 2021

The answer depends on additional details. Ar 4511.75 of the Ohio Revised code spells the end your obligations. (link below) https://codes.ohio.gov/ohio-revised-code/section-4511.75

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Q: have the right to my personal university mandate me to gain vaccinated ~ I’ve to be accepted, payment money, and told me that ns don’t?

castle told united state we walk NOT have actually to gain vaccinated climate an hour later told united state that us DO need to get vaccinated versus COVID-19. I was embraced for a month and a fifty percent with a down payment before I was informed that I essential to obtain the COVID vaccine, so currently it’s crunch time and I either get the shot... Read more »


Bruce martin Broyles answer on Jul 26, 2021

I have actually not personally looked increase the resources, however it is my knowledge that the vaccine has actually not received last approval indigenous the FDA. The emergency use of one unapproved medicine is extended by 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3 - Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies. A... Read an ext »

Q: Ohio code 2967.01 meaning of a judge in the law itself top top the Ohio legislative branch website at the finish of the paragraph

and also then states that unless they have been pardoned excellent there sentence or served there time out? could you please check out that i

Andrew Popp reply on may 19, 2021

The statute is nice clear. I'm not sure what your asking. I imply rephrasing to resolve the ultimate problem you are trying to figure out. Restoration of rights? Firearm issues? Voting? etc.

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It's in the definition says unless the convict has served the president's sentence or prison terms or is pardoned or perfect the neighborhood sanction program? so if I'm knowledge that properly the unless way that as soon as you room finished so every privileges must be restored... Read much more »


Matthew Williams answer on may 19, 2021

The definition of judge in R.C. 2967 is any kind of person convicted of one Ohio felony whether or no they visited prison but not including people who were pardoned or have finished serving their sentence. In other words, convict method any human being either in prison for a felony, in jail because that a felony, or... Read much more »

Andrew Popp answer on Apr 22, 2021

This is a complicated question to answer. Is it a personal or publicly school? What type of punishment room you talking about? the seems like the tardiness would be excusable. Is over there some type of appellate process? depending upon what's walk on it might or might not be worth the expenses of rental an... Read more »

Q: deserve to I questioning my institution for structure blueprints?

making use of for a project yet they refuse my request because they claimed it violates protection protocols.

Matthew Williams answer on Mar 10, 2021

Sure, you're allowed to ask, and they are permitted to speak no.

Q: regional public school claims I need to have actually custody of mine daughter to authorize her up because that school

ns am attempting to sign my daughter up for kindergarten in our neighborhood public school. Her mom recently passed away this year. I am top top the birth certificate and also we'd have lived with each other for approximately 7 years and also before ours daughter to be born. I administer all health insurance, insurance claim her ~ above taxes, and... Read an ext »

Joseph Jaap reply on Feb 25, 2021

If you were no married to the mother, climate the mother had sole legal custody and also parental rights. Those parental legal rights did not instantly transfer to you once she died. It regularly is not sufficient that her name is on the birth certificate, as you found with the school. If a court has not... Read much more »

Q: I have a 17 year old son who is suffering from poor anxiety. He cant an won't it is in around huge amounts of civilization he ..

I have a 17 year old kid who is enduring from poor anxiety. He i do not know an won't be around large amounts of people he beginning to have really poor anxiety. That won't even go into a keep unless that positively needs to . So he desires to drop out of institution an go after his GED. Can he fall out with a... Read much more »

Kimberly Winslow answered on Feb 4, 2021
Q: If i’m 18 and also live in Ohio deserve to I relocate out if ns a an elderly in high school I have actually a job and have one more place to live
Matthew Williams answer on jan 20, 2021

Yes, however while you room still in Highschool and also living at home, her parents room responsible for her reasonable care, accommodation, and feeding. If you relocate out, you will certainly relieve lock of those responsibilities and also they won't need to take you back if it turns out you can't cut it on her own.

Q: can a person get probation for they very first time being charged with anything

mine mom paper charges on my boyfriend and his brothers saying lock shot at the vehicle this the first time my boyfriend remained in trouble . My mom want to offer him probation currently she want to basically drop it but it’s to late they both in jail because that something that never ever happened

Matthew Williams answer on Nov 5, 2020

They need to be working v an attorney. They certainly could gain probation, however they could easily walk jail or prison specifically if there to be someone in the car.

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Q: that Is legal because that a public university to randomly need students to test because that Covid and deny accessibility to their class if not

Students will be randomly selected throughout the semester, 100 in ~ a time. Students through no symptoms, no contact tracing, perfect random. If they select not come be tested they will certainly be made come “ quarantine “until castle comply. They will not be enabled to attend their classes. This is only for... Read more »

Matthew Williams answer on Aug 5, 2020

that’s a fairly strange scheme. There’s little precedent on a most these issues. General, common sense health and wellness precautions are likely to be upheld in court. Yet this does it seems to be ~ wrongheaded. For one thing, with minimal testing resources, it renders sense to focus on those through symptoms or probable... Read more »