taking Xanax when sick might seem useful for sleep, yet it can lead to enhanced side effects, weaken the immune system and interact with other cold medications.

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Many cold medications contain depressants similar to Xanax.Taking Xanax in enhancement to various other cold medications deserve to increase the danger of dizziness and drowsiness.Xanax can worsen breathing difficulties for civilization who have actually COVID-19.Speak through your physician before starting any brand-new medication when sick.

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Reasons civilization Take Xanax as soon as Sick

To assist With Sleep

The key reason human being might take it Xanax while noble is that it can aid them sleep and get rest. Since Xanax is a depressant, it can help you relax and also fall asleep. It have the right to be challenging to get enough rest as soon as you’re sick, an especially when you tossing and also turning.

To aid with Coughing

Another reason civilization might take Xanax if they’re ailing is due to the fact that they i think it could help with cough symptoms since Xanax depresses the respiratory system. However, Xanax go not help with a cough. That does not affect the areas of the mind that manage cough.

To avoid Withdrawal Symptoms

Some civilization regularly take it Xanax and continue to do it if they’re sick because discontinuing use might lead come uncomfortable symptoms. Depending upon the extent of their usage, it can even cause Xanax tap the money symptoms.

While you might feel there are a couple of benefits to taking Xanax while sick, there space many an ext potential flaw that deserve to be attention or also deadly.

Does Xanax help with nausea?

No, Xanax will certainly not treat symptoms of nausea.

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Does Xanax dehydrate you?

No, Xanax walk not impact your hydration, yet can reason diarrhea, which may cause dehydration.