Maybe did you do it heard the old adage, “no brown in town,” or other similar. The basic “rule” is the black and also brown nothing mix. Pertained to think of it; who makes these so-called rules, anyway?

Here’s the deal. I’m no going to make you check out all the way to the last paragraph prior to revealing the answer to this burning question.

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The brief answer is a resounding, yes!

You have the right to wear a black shirt v brown shoes if you feeling comfortable law so. Nothing let anyone tell friend differently. Heck, the fact that an ext people room asking this question plainly indicates the the “rule” needs to be thrown out, or at least, it requirements reviewing.

How to layout Black Shirt and Brown Shoes: 5 Styling Ideas

The concern is not whether the “black shirts brown shoes” combo is a fashion sin. Instead, the is a matter of how to appropriately wear them there is no looking favor a fashion victim. As you probably currently know, the rules in men’s fashion are conveniently giving way to bolder self-expression. Because that example, the one-time hard and also fast dominance that guys don’t stay pink is, well, no so strict anymore.

You deserve to express yourself fully, also if someone thinks you must stick to some antiquated notions. And beginning combining black and also brown is a an excellent way to make your personal fashion statement. As lengthy as friend know how to interval a pair the brown shoes through black tops, you should be fine.

Don’t know exactly how to perform the black shirt brown shoes combo? here are 5 styling principles that will make friend stand out in a an excellent way.

1. Black color Suit and also Brown Shoes

Not so long ago, it would be considered sacrilege to even think about wearing a black color suit through a pair of brown shoes, no issue the the shade of brown. For many gents, the safest means to undertake a black suit is v black shoes. But all of that is an altering now.

If girlfriend are ready to let your audacious side come forward, get a pair of high-quality brown loafers, brogues, or oxfords to integrate with your finest black suit. Don’t know just how to select a brown shoe? check here because that some terrific recommendations.

Here’s what you should keep in psychic if you choose to follow the less-trodden route of donning black suits top top brown shoes: pick a darker the shade of brown. Tan shoes space too light because that a black color suit. It won’t match. You’ll only stick out prefer a sick thumb through that styling (if it have the right to be called that). If friend don’t have actually darker shades of brown, play the safe and match your black color suit with a pair of black color shoes.


Instead of relying on rules handed under eons ago, you can stay updated with existing fashion trends using the adhering to tips.


People-watching is a previous time you might want to connect in. That course, it doesn’t median you should spend every day observing people, however a an excellent way to understand what’s trending is by paying a little more attention come those roughly you. Observe your dress codes and also how they combine colors. Looking right into pre-existing street layout will give you a same idea the trending footwear, tops, and also bottoms.

What to people-watch without obtaining on their nerves? A an excellent place to begin is a coffee shop, yet not just a coffee shop on an ideal street. Grab a pen and paper, head down to a coffee shop ~ above a liven street, buy you yourself a cup of coffee, and sit because that an hour or for as long as friend have totally free time. Taking mental notes is fine, however a more reliable method would it is in to jot under a mix of outfits the pique your interest. If girlfriend can, do a couple of sketches in your jotter.

Online and also Social Media

Search because that outfit inspiration online and also on social media. For example, you can examine Pinterest for existing fashion trends. For more accurate hits, make sure your search has phrases or keywords together as:

Formal men’s outfitBlack shirt brown shoesSummer brown pair of shoes men

For searches on society media choose Instagram, you will need to use hashtag searches together as:


Celebrities and Public Figures

Keeping tabs on fashion-forward celebrities and also public figures is an additional excellent method to prevent grievous fashion mistakes.

Choose a grasp of masculine celebrities known for their impeccable fashion sense and do a fast Google find on each of them. Here’s an instance of exactly how to operation such searches.

at the mall” for searches tending towards casual wears“red carpet ” for searching tending toward an ext formal wears

Black shirts Brown Shoes: commonly Asked Questions

What the best means to undertake brown shoes?

This is easier than most civilization realize. The reality is there are no strictly rules, only layout guides. If you desire a smart casual look, go with a tool to irradiate brown shoes. They give you the “off-duty” look and also feel.

For an ext formal outfits, girlfriend will desire to stick through darker shades of brown shoes. And also if eye-catching outfits are your thing, you could move toward cognac and burgundy shoes.

Which goes far better with a black color suit: a brown solitary or dual monk strap?

While an individual preference theatre a duty here, you desire to maintain a cleaner profile through a single monk strap. A formal black color suit through a pair that brown single monk strap is good for company or official meetings. The style is likewise suitable because that a semi-casual look.

The double monk strap provides a an ext accurate fit because that gents with narrow feet. However, that is a tad edgier and will not complement a formal black suit the means a solitary strap monk would. Make reservation those for very casual outfits.

Which loafers are an ext versatile?

Any an excellent brown pair of coin loafers will offer you lots of liberty to enhance most black color tops and also pants. Coin loafers, with their unique leather piece that adorns the saddle, market the many flexible style, not simply with black color outfits but additionally with all other colors of outfits.

What kind of brown shoe suits slim jeans?

Most brown shoes will go perfectly well v skinny jeans. However, because skinny blue jeans are more casual, you have to stick through brown casual shoes. These encompass light brown to medium boat shoes, trainers, and boots. Friend can combine skinny jeans through oxfords, loafers, or Derby pair of shoes if you desire to gain a an ext semi-formal look.

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Can i wear a formal brown shoe v jeans?

Here’s the thing, jeans are much more casual. So any footwear worn through them will an outcome in a casual a semi-formal look. Derby shoes, oxfords, and also loafers are an excellent with a pair of jeans if a semi-formal look at is what you trying come achieve. You can make the format look even much more semi-formal by including other formal elements to the style. Good examples include suit jackets, vests, and also blazers.