We've been invited to a wedding in ~ West suggest Military Academy. I'm trying to find the least-stressful journey from one of two people LaGuardia/JFK/Newark. Any help would be considerably appreciated - i can't obtain a feel (from the Academy website steering directions) for which one to choose. It's a long means off, Nov 09, so ns am going on the assumption that airfare isn't a deciding aspect at this point. Also, walk anyone have any type of suggestions for a good B&B or small inn nearby?

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Mar 24th, 2008, 03:34 PM
From where room you traveling?I would price the airports in this order of proximity and/or ease.1. Closest is Stewart/Newburgh (SWF) - 2. Westchester/White levels (HPN). A little much more frequent service by the majors 보다 SWF. Around 45min away.3. Newark - no need to navigate NYC traffic. Probably around 75min or therefore drive. Great for long distance and shorter distance flights. CO hub.4. LGA. An excellent service up/down east Coast, DFW, and Chicago. Closer 보다 EWR but there have the right to be some hassle coming/going into NYC.5. Albany. 6. JFK. Also about 2hrs. Great for non-stops lengthy distance, and JetBlue hub.

Mar 24th, 2008, 03:36 PM
Actually, Stewart airplane in Newburgh is the the next airport--practically following door. Just a few airlines fly there now, but by following year, there might be more--at the very least that's what's planned.Of the other 3 NYC area airports, Newark would be a much less complicated for you

We're coming in native Bermuda, for this reason we can fly straight to the NYC area airports. Many thanks for every the information - possibly we have the right to swing a connecting trip to Stewart airport? There will be lot of of household (with cars!!) in the area if we might get the close.I appreciate the details!!
For me non-stop is constantly preferred end a connection. From BDA, the only non-stops space JFK (AA & JetBlue) and EWR (CO). I'd fly non-stop into EWR and also rent a car. There space no connecting flights right into Stewart indigenous NYC airports - too close.USAir flies PHL-BDA and PHL-SWF, so that may be an alternative that doesn't take it you too much out that the way.
Continental will regularly have sensibly cheap flights indigenous Bermuda come Newark. When in doubt, always go through the most direct option. You might absolutely save time from Stewart Airport, but the connection time would make the impractical.When you leaving Newark airport, follow indicators for 78 West. About 6 miles from the airport will certainly be the Garden State Parkway. Take the all the method to the NJ/NY boder as soon as it turns into the NY State Thruway.Total pilgrimage is much less than 70 miles.

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