Ignition Coils for her 2003 exploration with a lifetime warranty and cost-free shipping. Right here are aufdercouch.net, us work difficult to uncover the ideal price and quality mix, quite than just selling cheap parts. Through this being said, our components are tho low sufficient to wherein our number one question is "why are your parts so cheap?". Proceed on to uncover out exactly how much money you deserve to save ~ above quality aftermarket ignition coils.

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2003 Ford expedition Ignition Coil Packs

If you very own a 2003 Ford Expedition, you have actually either replaced a coil pack, or you will be instead of one soon. This is just a weak suggest in this SUVs. Friend may also know just how much these coil packs price at your ar auto components store or dealer if you have visited one recently. Security $500 or more on brand-new ignition coils is simply just too lot money to it is in spending on this job. These can be found for a lot of less, and that is precisely why we room here. Our high high quality ignition coils room priced a lot reduced than what you"d expect from any local store. That is common to attend to a negative coil fill for your 2003 Ford Expedition. There is no difference in between the 5.4 V8 and also 4.6 V8 coils package used between the engines. Castle both usage the DG508 ignition coils. This ignition coils have an angle on the rubber boot, making it simple to determine the appropriate ones. The other models of coil packs for various other Fords walk not have angled rubber boots. We likewise offer silicone dielectric grease with our ignition coils to help with keeping moisture away. Silicone dielectric grease additionally makes it easier to install and remove the coil packs. We recommend using a slim coat top top the within of the bottom the the rubber boot. Many world will pack the boots v too lot dielectric grease i m sorry can reason issues.

2003 Ford expedition Ignition Coils v a Real lifetime Warranty

Yes, you read that correctly. We offer a warranty for as long as you very own your Expedition. If any of our ignition coils fails, climate we will certainly send a replacement free of charge, and cover shipping expenses both ways. We are confident in the high quality of ours parts. Us make sure they space made through the same materials as the original devices coils. Ours ignition coils are additionally tested come make sure they are fully functional before arriving. We buy straight from the manufacturer, and sell directly to our customers to pass these excessive savings on come you. On height of our life time warranty, we likewise offer a complete 2 month to return the unused parts. We know that a misdiagnosis can happen, and also would choose to sell plenty that time come make sure you understand what the difficulty with your auto really is. We likewise ship ours items out really quickly. Us ship every orders the end by 3:30 pm PST Monday with Friday, and by 1:30 PST top top Saturdays, so your item can move ~ above the weekends as well.

2003 expedition Misfire due to Water Leakage native Wiper Cowl

The wiper cowl deserve to warp, and also the seals have the right to wear out, permitting water to autumn on the earlier ignition coils. Girlfriend would typically get a password P0303, P0304, or P0307, and P0308. There room the 4 back ignition coils on the 03" Expedition. If water gets under to whereby the coils are, you will certainly get a misfire.

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This misfire may have the ability to be just cleaned up, but there is a readjust that the coil pack have the right to be permanently damages as water can short it out. We likewise recommend come not eliminate the ignition coils while