Condoms are normally a useful means to guard against sexually sent illness (STDs) and also pregnancy. However, no birth control method is 100% effective. This form of contraception go not typically require a strict regimen wherein you need to remember to take a pill in ~ a particular time. But, there room things that can take place while using a condom that can lead come an unexpected pregnancy. If the condom slipped off while you and your partner were involved in sexual intercourse, it may be a good idea to begin gathering info to learn an ext about a feasible pregnancy or a potential STD.

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What Can reason a Condom to slip Off?

As a barrier technique of birth control, a masculine condom might be worn end the prick to stop semen native entering the vagina. A advantage of using a condom is that it’s one of the couple of contraceptive techniques that have the right to guard versus STDs. But, partners who suffer a condom slipping off might be at hazard for one STD or unanticipated pregnancy.

Condoms usually need to be placed on a certain means in order to it is in effective. And also it’s advised the a man waits till he’s totally erect prior to he areas it end his penis. This helps to save it native falling off. Because the sheath is typically supposed to be inserted over an erect penis, the condom may not remain on if that soft. The tip may need to be pinched as soon as rolling the condom all the way to the base. If this is done just partway, the likelihood of the condom comes off may increase. There may still be a chance of pregnancy if the condom is not removed instantly after your companion ejaculates once his prick is quiet semi-hard. Your partner may additionally need come remember to organize the basic of the condom once he pulls the end of you.

Another reason a condom deserve to slip turn off is the it may not fit correctly. To prevent unexpected pregnancies and reduce the possibility of spreading diseases, a condom generally needs to be able to fit snugly end an erect penis. You may not desire to usage the condom if it’s loose or bunched up in ~ the bottom.

Some couples may need to it is in careful about using lube. Too much have the right to make the condom slippery and unlikely to continue to be in place.

What should I perform If the Condom Slipped Off during Intercourse?

Your sexual health is important. You may want to obtain tested for an STD with your medical care provider or obtain a referral because that a low-cost test at a neighborhood health center. If she contemplating abortion as a potential unexpected pregnancy decision, ruling out the possibility of an STD is a step you may want to check off her list first. It’s encourage you watch a medical professional. They deserve to assess her condition, as undergoing one abortion with an undetected STD can reason the bacteria to spread. This may bring about complications such as Pelvic Inflammatory an illness (PID).

Practical next Steps

If you doubt you could be pregnant ~ the condom slipped off, climate you may want come arrange to take it a pregnant test to check your suspicions. That understandable the you may be feeling a little bit nervous or frustrated. Acquisition a pregnant test through a physician or one more reliable experienced can provide you space to ask questions around your pregnancy, and also discuss your options with a reliable source if the results are positive.

If you receive a positive test result, you may likewise want come ask around scheduling one ultrasound exam. This have the right to be important, also if you’ve been thinking around abortion. This is since an ultrasound exam deserve to usually it is provided you with relevant information about your pregnancy. It deserve to alert you come the opportunity of symptom that may require alternative medical treatment.

Try not to panic, as it’s normal for over there to be anxieties around what to do next. It may be a great idea to look for support for this reason you deserve to have someone guide you and offer advice transparent your unexpected pregnancy.

It have the right to be frustrating if a condom didn’t work-related for you and your partner. And you may be wonder what her next procedures should be. Way Women’s facility can administer you through confidential support and also accurate information around your pregnancy, help you to relocate forward with a decision. We market free, medical-grade pregnant tests and minimal medical services. Through a private session with one of our pregnant consultants, you have the right to ask questions around your choices and receive vital information to equip girlfriend in your following steps.

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Reviewed by Patricia Kuenzi, APN-CNP, MSN, ANP, PNP.

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