Themes, symbols, and motifs come alive when you usage a storyboard. In this activity, student will identify themes and also symbols from the story, and support their choices with details native the text.

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Themes and Ideas come Discuss


An vital theme in “Contents that the Dead man’s Pocket” is ambition. Tom’s ambitious is what causes him to pick to remain home and work that evening fairly than walk out and also enjoy a day night through his wife. Tom hopes that his weeks’ precious of intensive research at grocery stores and also at the library will certainly be sufficient to present a new an approach of grocery store screens that will be put into use through spring. He knows it won’t lead to a raise or promotion immediately, yet he wishes it will be sufficient to do a name for self in the industry. His ambition also leads the to sweet the threat of his life end the hazard of losing the work, and he takes the chance of falling to his fatality in bespeak to conserve the paper.

The necessity of Balance

Another crucial theme is the need of balance. Before Clare leaves, she tells Tom that he works as well hard, and that does undoubtedly seem to be the situation - he wants to make a surname for self in the grocery industry. However, once Tom assesses the risk to his life matches the threat of getting the paper, that foolishly choose to hazard his life because that a scrap the paper, arguing that his top priorities are skewed. The doesn’t have a great enough balance of enjoying life versus occupational to have actually perspective of i m sorry is more important. This is a trap many career-minded people can autumn into, even if the situation isn’t together dire together Tom’s. Some will select work end families, health, and enjoyment, to their very own detriment.

Overcoming Fear

An extr important theme in the story is overcoming fear. While Tom was out on the ledge, that realizes just just how high increase he is native the ground, and he is paralyzed by fear. He nearly passes the end from the fear, i beg your pardon would have been fatal. Slowly, however surely, Tom is maybe to steel his mind against the overwhelming results of the fear and make his way back come the window, regardless of his newfound clumsiness. When the window closes top top him, he must assess the situation and come up v a brand-new plan come get back into the apartment. Tom’s ability to conquer his are afraid becomes necessary to preserving his an extremely life. This is a common theme found in many other functions of literature as well.

Motifs & icons to watch ForThe Yellow sheet of Paper

An necessary symbol in “Contents the the Dead male Pocket” is the yellow paper of paper. Because that Tom, the file represents his hopes and also dreams, his ambitions, for his career. It represents weeks of hard work and also intense thinking. It represents his future, a much better future for him and Clare. Once he realizes the still has the paper out top top the ledge, however, the thinks around how if anyone uncovered the record in his bag after he fell to his death, the it would average nothing come anyone else. In the end, the realizes, it would not median anything at all if he’s dead. It involves represent his foolishness by the finish of the story.

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The Window

Another vital symbol is the window. The home window is the an initial part of Tom’s problem and the last obstacle for Tom to go back to the safety of his apartment. The thinks around how Clare never is may be to open up the home window because it constantly sticks, and now that same concern is maintaining him native getting back in. Together he rears ago to punch out the window, fighting ago his fear, he think of Clare, and screams she name. It is Clare that gives him that last little of strength. The window also steals his job-related again as he leaves, but this time, Tom to know what is much more important.