that Dakota Johnson played In 21 jump St (& will She Return In The Spinoff?) Dakota Johnson had a small role in 21 jump Street, and here"s that she played in the movie and if she"ll be part of the upcoming spinoff.

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21 run Street dakota johnson fugazy
Here"s that Dakota Johnson play in 21 jump Street, and also if she"ll be part of the upcoming spinoff movie. The original collection of 21 run Street followed a unit the youthful-looking cops that went undercover in colleges or colleges come suss out any kind of illegal activity. The series was a breakthrough for actors choose Johnny Depp and also Richard Grieco, whose character Booker confirmed popular enough to knife his own short-lived spinoff. 21 jump Street ran for 5 seasons in total, prior to receiving a movie adaptation in 2012.

While the 21 run Street work again, please again is technically canon with the initial show, which includes cameos native Depp or Holly Robinson Peete as their characters, it features a really different tone. The movie version featured the unlikely however inspired pairing the Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as 2 mismatched partners recruited because that the titular unit, who have to discover the resource of a new drug in a high school while basically reliving their awkward teen years.

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21 jump Street was a surprise an essential and commercial hit, and most the the cast and crew soon returned for sequel 22 run Street, which was arguably even better received. The initial movie likewise featured notable early on performances native future names prefer Brie Larson, Dave Franco and also Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades the Grey). The latter plays Fugazy, one more undercover detective who is partnered v Rye Rye"s personality Jr. Jr.

21 run Street dakota johnson
Dakota Johnson doesn"t get much to carry out over in 21 run Street, yet Fugazy and Jr. Jr. Act as sort of rivals come Schmidt and Jenko. They"re definitely an ext competent at your jobs, throwing the shade at the bumbling duo once they near their third high school operation and also pointing out the medicine Schmidt and Jenko are claimed to be avoiding - called "HFS" - has already spread to other schools. Fugazy and Jenko additionally appear to have a point for one another, and also they spontaneously make out in the final scene when Schmidt and Jenko have actually cracked the case.

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Neither Dakota Johnson nor Rye Rye returned adhering to 21 jump Street, and also it at this time doesn"t show up they will certainly be earlier for the plan spinoff Jump Street: currently For she Pleasure either. Talk of a female-led spinoff began shortly after the second movie"s release, and also it currently shows up Zendaya and also Tiffany Haddish will lead the movie. Of course, there"s nothing to say Johnson couldn"t reappear in the movie since little has to be revealed about the story or if any type of familiar characters will return. Development on the spinoff has been somewhat slow, however, and also no director has been announced.