Steve Hairy has proven the one can make the exact same impression as a toupee ~ above hair or a sauve outright head.

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With a current spike in popularity, the hair the Steve Harvey has been turning heads. Between his stand-up and also hosting career on radio, he’s one of the most successful comedians the end there. Whites and black can be natural competitors for fame however when it comes to hairdo nobody can complete with this blob that Afro textured hair!

The Steve Harvey hairstyle in the 1980s was a high peak fade haircut, with a well-defined hairline.

Widely considered an icon of his time, Steve Harvey’s brand hairstyle resembled a rug covering his scalp that prevented the from seeing what was happening on the ground. His top Horseshoe mustache served as a centerpiece for plenty of jokes and also comparisons among men.

Back in his heyday, Steve Harvey rocked a game-changing signature hairstyle with the high peak fade. From there, the made number of moves to produce buzz. At some point he do the efforts out various styles from the surfer curly hairstyle come the afro.

He an initial used Toppik to combat a balding patch, but had worries with it no blending in well. This led him to go for a hair weave instead.

Now – after acquisition off his wig during the NBA All-Star video game in 2016 – we understand Steve Harvey’s hair was not real.

Recently, a celebrity was caught shaving his head and also word spread out quickly. Male fans venerated him because that the way his shaved hairline looked – but as their favorite celebrity, he had actually to be constantly under media scrutiny.

In do the efforts to do the ideal of this situation, he made decision he’d fairly leave his hair alone instead of disappointed his fans. For this reason he eventually just shaved it all off for a organic style, i beg your pardon is miscellaneous we deserve to only excellent him for.

As his Hair get the speak of the city – he encashed top top his technique by add grooming point to all. In this show up he aid the selection of commodities that he has used to stay on optimal as an ambassador for modern-day Afro-American or Latino men.


The author of “Steve Havey’s Barber… says is all!” states Harvey’s motivational result on his job and an individual growth has actually been, in a word, inspiring.

Though this publication is aimed at hairdressing professionals, countless of the self-improvement methods presented space applicable to anyone. The natural truth that world will frequently start losing their hairline in late adolescence or early adulthood deserve to be a significant blow to someone’s confidence as soon as they need to adapt your appearance since of mother nature’s makeover.

Steve Harvey’s balding may have triggered a procedure of acceptance amongst his followers. Being at the peak of his career and also thinning, he may then try various ways to maintain his above look.

Steve Harvey’s hair will always be talked around by men with upscale style – as he was known for his immaculate coiffures means before he began rocking bald.


2 Steve Harvey hair inspire : The King that Comedy

Who is Steve Harvey?

You might be surprised to uncover that he was born in 1957, so he is 63 years old currently (2020). He is finest known because that his work as a comedian and also MC. However, perform you understand that the has likewise worked together a broadcaster and also writer? Harvey hosted countless famous TV shows, such as Showtime at the Apollo, The Steve Harvey Show.

There have actually been some an excellent moments for Steve Harvey hair. Because that starters, in 1996 he gained his own display called the “The Steve Harvey Show” that aired until 2002 and reached a greatly African-American audience. Throughout this time, he additionally created a comedy tour well-known as “The Original queens of Comedy” v him and also three other comedians the brought huge results.

Given his talent and humor, Steve Harvey hair to be immense factor in creating the success of NBC’s unscripted show. The favorite regimen for both children and adults will now be hosted by actor Melissa McCarthy.

Do you recognize that Steve additionally works as a humanitarian? native 2010, he raised a fund with his wife’s surname (Marjorie Harvey). It provides mentoring to fatherless young people.

Steve Harvey hair inspire : The King the Comedy

TV personality Steve Harvey is accomplished in numerous fields. He’s functioned as a comedian, organize of radio speak programs and even written books. Have you heard around the TV reality present he hosts? He works alongside Aly Raisman, Laurie Hernandez, Simone Biles and also other stars come share their life stories with those watching in ~ home. Steve is 63 year old now, and also as that 2019, his net worth was approximated at $180 million. In addition to his mam Steve likewise co-founded a charity which provides support come fatherless young people.

Steve Harvey’s standing as a clean-shaven male will most likely come together no surprised to either his audience or his TV viewers.


The celebrity was born bald and also started shedding hair at the age of 49. With the pressures of fame, that experienced major baldness.

And his last decision is to stay with this hair problem, when he shaved every one of it. Us think that prior to shaving he tried countless things to improve his hair state. His hair surprised audience at the first appearances—he to be unconfident about it and they accepted him in the end.

Steve Harvey Young Hair


In the past, Steve Harvey’s hair to be afro-textured blob style. He likewise had a mustache, but he had actually hair ~ above his head. The difference? as soon as we see photos of Steve Harvey through hair, we deserve to see the his Horseshoe moustache wasn’t influential when the had complete tresses.

His hairstyle was curly, a specific hair structure of American afri culture. In the 1980s Steve adjusted his hairstyle – he had actually an afro fade the was trimmed closely so regarding give the a well-shaped undercut and also shaved corners.

How go Steve Harvey Wig Look?

The much more we read around Steve Harvey hair, the much more we feeling he could have worn a wig or toupee to store his hair indigenous thinning out. We can see in this photograph that his hair is exceptionally full and also blacker than any type of other organic hairstyles.

In 1993, Steve Harvey had actually his toupee solved in the restroom prior to playing because that the All-Star Game. The 63-year-old was going to wear a hair weave but readjusted his mind and also wore it back as he did then.

Afro Hair


The guy wears a high optimal fade haircut, which he sported in the 1980s. The classic hairstyle looks great when left long on top, and suits his curly hair form well.

The renowned TV character’s curly afro hair made him look prefer a judge. The looked perfect top top him, the strands were neat and also styled nicely together well. Perhaps, he chose this hairstyle since it to be popular. Or perhaps, the consulted with his stylist and asked what haircut would finest suit his face shape and skin tone. Either way, the style drastically adjusted his appearance for the better.

Steve Harvey brand-new Look


Steve Harvey hair does no wear a hairpiece. He has proudly revealed to the general public that he has actually no hair. His outright head may have actually helped him become an ext famous and attractive, together people came to be curious about his absence of hair after see it ~ above camera. That doesn’t worry himself through rumors regarded his claimed toupee use. Steve Harvey hair has been sporting a beard and also mustache because that years, yet he recently shaved that off. That is often shown with his trademark head shape and mane of black hair in the media. As such, by cut his mustache he aims to adjust his iconic picture to miscellaneous new.

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But, in December 2018, the 63-year-old man readjusted his black beard to a light salt and pepper hue. The would like to readjust his signature photo after sporting it for a really long period of time. His wife also liked this brand-new look on him. Top top Instagram, Steve posted a photograph of himself v the grey mustache he has actually now. Netizens commented that he did not look together nice v this look and also didn’t choose it. That joked in his follow-up comment, “I know I to be old. Old is what i’m going because that after all!”

Steve Harvey Loves His Baldness

We love his talent and also humor, not how he looks. Steve Harvey hair does no wear a toupee. The well-known TV personality is still appealing without hair ~ above the crown of his head.