This October I'll it is in flying down to Atlanta and then renting a vehicle to drive to Asheville (I'll be making the pilgrimage on a Saturday). Go anyone have actually suggestions for the course with the ideal views or stops to take? I'd favor to save the complete trip under six hours if ns can.

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I-985 to Gainsville, Ga. It i do not care 365, climate 441 merges in. Proceed on 441 come 74 E at Dillsboro, NC. Merge onto I-40 E at Clyde, NC and also follow come Asheville. There are numerous nice communities along the method including Tallulah Falls, Ga.....Tallulah alleyways State Park is there and also can be viewed from several rim overlooks the don't require much walking at all. A gorgeous suspension bridge spans the gorge, but it is down countless steps, but absolutely worth it.

Black rock Mtn State Park is over Mountain City, Ga and offers great views just pulling turn off the road.

Clayton, Ga is a cute hill town through several an excellent lunch restaurants.

We travel to Asheville frequently and always go this route, no the boring I-85 way.

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2.Re: proposal for scenic path from Atlanta come Asheville
6 year ago
^ art is right on it. That's my wanted route as well. Very scenic, just around as fast as acquisition the interstate, and lots of potential stops along the way if you desire to take her time obtaining there. In addition to those stated above, girlfriend might consider slight detours right into downtown Franklin, Dillsboro, Sylva, or Waynesville in NC. All room worthy that a walk about or even a rapid drive-through. You'll also find a number of unique mountain craft stores along the roadside.

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To clarification stated you'd prefer to keep the total trip under 6 hours--do you median round trip? If so, it's around 7 hrs round trip from the airport come Asheville, and also Atlanta traffic may make it longer depending upon the time the day. If you average six hours one way, then you have plenty that time together it's around 3.5 hours one way. Carry out you have actually a specific reason because that flying right into Atlanta? If the just purpose that your pilgrimage is to visit Asheville, you must fly into Charlotte. It's lot closer come Asheville--about a two-hour drive.