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The southern California coast is without doubt one the the many beloved road pilgrimage routes in the U.S. And also possibly the world. Yet the West shore has for this reason much more to offer. A Portland to mountain Francisco road trip is the ideal chance to take in every the Pacific’s lesser-known treasures, in addition to two that its most eclectic and enchanting huge cities.

From old forests come striking coastlines and also dramatic hill ranges to charming tiny towns, the trip is as enjoyable as the destination on a Portland to mountain Francisco drive. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of this adventure.

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Best Portland to san Francisco Road trip StopsWhere to continue to be on a Portland to san Francisco roadway Trip

Planning a Portland to san Francisco Drive

The path from Oregon come California has actually been well-trodden since pioneer days, and some foot of the trip retain your Wild West, old-world wonder. However that’s no to say you’ll need to fend off any type of bobcats or be wary of gift in the dorn saloon in ~ the wrong time.

This stretch of the I-5 freeway and the network that highways and also roads the stem from it space mostly fairly well-maintained, and you’ll discover ample areas to avoid for provisions, i.e., gas and food, follow me the way.

Just off the I-5 space several small cities, consisting of Eugene and also Redding, while you’ll uncover several quaint little towns follow me the coastal highway. State and also national parks will likely consist of the mass of her Oregon to California road expedition itinerary, and also most of this contain campgrounds and also at least one much more sophisticated accommodation nearby.

If you should rent a vehicle for her road expedition then booking v RentalCars.com will permit you to discover the finest price across all significant car rental companies. If you’re combining this expedition with various other routes along the West shore such as from Portland come Seattle or mountain Francisco to mountain Diego and want to publication an RV or campervan, climate Outdoorsy provides a variety of options.

Portland, Oregon

How far is san Francisco native Portland?

The street from Portland to san Francisco is 635 miles (1022 kilometres), and there space a couple of different paths you can select from.

Probably the most-traveled route between the two cities is federal government 5 South. Through no stops and also a blessing from the website traffic gods, girlfriend could complete the trip in a small over 10 hours.

While ns don’t recommend taking I-5 the entire means (you’d miss all the good stuff!), you deserve to use it together a baseline from which to endeavor off top top one or more of the several regional highways.

For example, you have the right to travel on US-26 and US-97 S native Portland because that a while before getting back on I-5 S. This alternative takes a little over 11 hours and consists the 656 miles. On this route, you’ll pass through stops including Crater Lake nationwide Park, Bend, OR, Shasta-Trinity national Forest, Burney Falls, and the Redwoods.

Another choice is to take it U.S. Route 26, Sunset Highway, to Highway 101 S prior to getting ~ above I-5 S. You’ll travel along the stunning Oregon Coast, passing several quaint towns and the tiny colorful city that Eugene, OR. Then, top top entering California, the highway winds previous some the the state’s most enticing organic attractions, including beaches and also wine country. This course takes about 12 hours.

Driving along Highway 101 indigenous Portland to mountain Francisco

By American standards, a 10-hour Portland to mountain Francisco journey time isn’t all that much. Yet where’s the fun in going directly from point A to suggest B? roadway trips room all around adventure, and also there’s plenty come be had actually on a Portland to mountain Francisco road trip.

To do the many of her journey, you’ll desire to setup to invest at least 4 to 5 days. However a main is appropriate for a pair of reasons.

First, allocating a week for this drive gives you a small bit the wiggle room in case of bad weather. Granted, if wind and also rain aren’t your things, climate this can not be the expedition for you. Yet even united state seasoned Pacific Northwesterners aren’t constantly keen top top being out and about in the midst of one unrelenting gale or downpour. That course, you could get lucky and have sunshine the entirety time, yet why hazard it?

Secondly, no one likes to feeling rushed. Freedom and also flexibility are two that the ideal features of a roadway trip. By plan a week-long journey, you’ll have time to linger what you really love or take it an immediate detour.

Best Portland to san Francisco Road pilgrimage Stops

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, with its renowned Haystack Rock, is around an hour-and-a-half northwest of Portland. It might seem odd to go north when your ultimate location is south, however if you have actually the time, it’s fine worth the detour for one of the state’s most scenic and popular attractions.

The coast itself is stunning, containing mile of sandy shoreline. And also its key attraction, Haystack absent is a 235ft sea ridge resembling a shark’s fin. In instance you’re wondering, yes, there are sharks in the Oregon shore Pacific Ocean, yet it’s improbable you’ll accomplish any.

Aside native its Insta-worthy aesthetic, Haystack rock is additionally home come tufted puffins, which nest on optimal of the development in season, and myriad creatures who live within its caves.

From the north finish of the beach, you can access trails in ~ Ecola State Park and also hike approximately Clark’s point of view for sweeping coastal views. Or, head south to Arcadia Beach, which attributes tide pools, or Hug allude State Recreation Site and also its birds pools teeming v life.

Cannon Beach

Columbia river Gorge, Oregon

The Columbia flow Gorge nationwide Scenic Area is about an hour east of Portland on federal government 84 E and also truly a vision to behold on any type of Portland to san Francisco road trip.

The Columbia flow flows from the Pacific Ocean right into Oregon and also through the Cascades and Eastern Washington into British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains. Here at the gorge, the river cuts with the mountains at the border line through Washington, showcasing that power and splendor.

Hiking or biking through the gorge, you will do it find plenty of waterfalls, including the famous Multnomah Falls, the tallest cascade in Oregon, and also Punchbowl Falls.

Multnomah Falls

Mt Hood, Oregon

Many iconic shots the Portland incorporate in the elevator the state’s largest and also most it s as beautiful as picture mountain, Mt. Hood. This dormant, 11,239ft volcano towers over the city and the Columbia river at that is base.

Surrounded by a lush forest and snow-capped for lot of the year, Mt Hood is the ideal spot for winter sports and also houses six ski areas. If snow sporting activities aren’t your cup of tea, take a hike on one of the trails, consisting of the Salmon river Trail or mirror Lake Trail, because that stunning views and an immersive, tranquil experience.

For a quintessential taste the the Northwest, be sure to choose up part fresh-picked huckleberry products and smoked salmon native a regional shop. Girlfriend can likewise handpick few of the tart, tiny berries in season in the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderneress nestled in the mountain’s shadow.

Mt. Hood makes for an excellent stop as soon as driving native Portland to bending – the following stop top top this road trip!

Bend, Oregon

If you’ve chose to keep eastern for this leg of your Portland to mountain Francisco road trip, protect against by the tiny city the Bend, Oregon. As soon as a component of the Oregon Trail, these days, bend is much more well-known for its bending Ale Trail and craft breweries, including Crux Fermentation Project and Deschutes Brewing.

Nestled in the shadow of the Cascades with lush woodlands to the west and high desert to the east, Bend also offers part beautiful see to pair through your pints. The hill Air Trampoline Park, Tumalo Creek Park, and also Paulina Lake hot Springs likewise offer excellent avenues to enjoy Bend’s the end offerings.

Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon, is kind of choose a miniature Portland. Residence to the college of Oregon and resting top top the Willamette river banks, Eugene is home to one eclectic mixture that students, out enthusiasts, hippies, and creatives.

Its nickname “TrackTown USA” should offer you some hint around what it’s finest known for, though. The small city hosts two out that the 3 largest skilled track and also field meets in the nation.

But if you’re not right into hurdles and sprints, no worries. Over there are likewise countless long trails and nature routes for those that like a slower pace. Stop by Hendricks Park to check out a vast array the the Pacific Northwest’s many beautiful indigenous plants: rhododendrons in their natural habitat, or Alton Baker Park, which contains a 237-acre Whilamut organic Area.

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of arts is likewise worth a avoid if you an art buff. As well as its detailed brick and iron exterior, the museum boasts considerable collection of Asian and American art and some european pieces.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake is a striking reminder that much of the Cascade Mountain range contains 20 significant volcanos. The deep blue lake, in addition to the staggering lava cliffs neighboring it and also Wizard Island’s crags shooting up native its depths, is actually the caldera of mount Mazama, an die out volcano.

If your road trip from Portland to mountain Francisco is in the warmer months, ride along Rim Driver, i m sorry encircles the lake, to get a different perspective. Friend can likewise pre-book a watercraft trip, consisting of a tour of wizard Island, or hike down the steep Cleetwood Cove follow to accessibility the lake.

Redwood National and also State Parks, California

This is one prevent you can’t miss on her Portland to san Francisco drive. The Redwood woodland is an additional of the west coast’s exceptional testaments to mother Nature’s mind-blowing magic.

Within the 139,000-acre park complex, you’ll uncover an tremendous landscape consist of of prairies, rivers, and old-growth forests, residence to endangered types like the north spotted owl. It likewise includes a beautiful large of coastline populated through sea lions.

Even if friend don’t have actually time to explore much, it’s worth a stop to watch the huge Redwoods, several of the tallest trees on earth, up close. The large Tree Trail, which embarks just outside the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park visitor Information center near the park entrance, is just one of the much more popular routes. Over there are additionally several other trails and stops along the road through the park. Grab a catalog at the information center to view what understanding you.

Fort Bragg, California

After the Redwoods, that time come head back to the coast and also one that California’s most stunning shores: the Mendocino Coast. Fort Bragg, not to be perplexed with the enormous North Carolina army installation, is a must.

Here, in ~ MacKerricher State Park, residence to port seals and a vast array that bird species, you’ll discover the Mendocino shore Botanical Gardens, i m sorry shelters an extensive assortment of indigenous plants, and also the aptly called Glass Beach.

Glass Beach’s shores space the stuff photographers’ desires are made of, pebbled through a cornucopia of colorful glass stones. How the glass acquired there is no so nice a picture. It come from a time once it to be commonplace to dump garbage off the shores that the state’s north coast. Fortunately, the state is currently doing an ext to maintain both the Pacific Ocean and its coastlines.

Wine Country, California

Besides mountain Francisco and also the Redwood Forest, Wine country is more than likely Northern California’s most famed tourist attraction and also a should on any kind of San Francisco to Portland drive.

Napa valley is the most well known territory. Its 3 dozen grape varieties and also signature Cabernet Sauvignon have actually been tasted by everyone from Hollywood celebrities come Silicon sink moguls and international elites.

But Sonoma County, about three hours south of fort Bragg, is nearly equally popular and also offers a slightly an ext laid-back experience. It’s likewise home come the enchanting Coppola Winery, own by manager Francis Ford Coppola. Here, you’ll discover a delightful mix of wonderful wines and intriguing movie memorabilia amidst a characteristically Coppola aesthetic.

For a quiet, somewhat much less touristy time in wine Country, take into consideration stopping through Healdsburg about 45 minutes phibìc of Sonoma and an hour and a half north the the golden Gate Bridge. The little town offers old-world charm, farm-to-table cuisine, and, the course, ample alcohol tasting opportunities.

Point Reyes nationwide Seashore, California

Further under the California coastline in Marin County, do one last avoid for a moment of serenity in nature before heading to your last destination. Around 30 miles external San Francisco, the area’s crowning jewel is the picturesque suggest Reyes, through its famed National Seashore and allude Reyes Lighthouse.

Here, you’ll discover stunning views and also ample avenues for out adventure, consisting of hiking and also kayaking, prior to you head into the big city. Together with a thriving elephant seal population along the sea cliffs, you can observe deer and also elk in their organic habitat in ~ the nearby Tule Elk Reserve.

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Where to remain on a Portland to mountain Francisco road Trip

If you’re to plan on break this roadway trip right into a pair of nights, then we would certainly recommend plan to protect against for a night or two in Bend, Oregon and also then again in the city of Crescent City, California, i beg your pardon is the gateway to the Redwood National and also State Parks. If you’re wondering where to remain in these places, have actually a watch at this recommendations.

Bend, Oregon

Hampton Inn & Suites — This is a great option if you’re in search of the consistency and also reliability the a chain hotel deserve to provide. Situated in a an excellent area for trying out Bend, they have actually a variety of clean and also comfortable rooms easily accessible and a variety of amenities come make sure you have a great stay. Click below to watch their availability

Oxford Hotel — This is a lovely, locally-run boutique hotel is a great option if you’re looking for a distinctive stay in Bend. This environment-friendly lodging has a variety of quaint rooms available, a great location and also includes breakfast sourced from neighborhood farmers every morning. Click below to watch their availability

Private Rental — If a hotel isn’t her cup of tea, there are many houses and quaint cottages to rental in Bend, together well. If this is much more your speed, there space countless alternatives to select from, including this historical Belle Millhouse in ~ walking distance of the city centre! Click right here to uncover the best private rentals in Bend!

Not fairly what you’re feather for? Click here to browse more hotels in Bend!

Crescent City, California

Lighthouse Inn — This inn is a an excellent place come base you yourself in Crescent City. Centrally located, they have actually a number of clean, comfortable and spacious rooms top top offer and they encompass a an excellent continental breakfast in the room price each morning. Click below to watch their ease of access

Travelodge Crescent City — If you’re in search of a basic, continuous chain hotel in Crescent City, then this one is a heavy option. Positioned in a great location for trying out the city and it’s bordering area, they have a number of great rooms to choose from and also offer an alternative to incorporate breakfast each morning. Click here to view their availability

Not fairly what you’re looking for? Click below to browse more hotels in Crescent City!

San Francisco, California

Orchard Hotel— This is a lover boutique hotel in the love of mountain Francisco and also perfect if you’re searching for a bit of charm on your trip. Located within basic walking distance of Union Square, you can easily visit all of the city’s key attractions and also there space a selection of good rooms to do your remain fantastic. Over there is also breakfast included each morning. Click below to watch their availability

Axiom Hotel — If you’re on the hunt for a little of deluxe in mountain Francisco, climate look no further than this chic hotel. Situated right turn off Union Square, this hotel has the ideal ar for easily exploring all that this city has to offer. They have a range of plush, modern-day rooms ~ above offer and also numerous various other amenities come ensure the your continue to be is a great one! Click right here to check out their availability

Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse more hotels in mountain Francisco!

Portland, Oregon

The society Hotel — situated in central Portland, this is a beloved boutique hotel for trying out this i know well Oregon city. They have actually a selection of stylish and comfortable rooms accessible and likewise a restaurant on site to ensure the you never need to wonder whereby to eat! Click below to see their availability

Kimpton Riverplace Hotel — If you’re after ~ a high-end stay in Portland, climate this plush hotel is a fantastic choice for your. Located on the financial institutions of the Willamette River, this hotel is positioned within simple reach of the city’s peak attractions. They have actually a selection of luxe rooms to choose from and also a number of other good amenities ~ above offer. Click here to view their availability

Private Rental — If you would rather have actually a feeling of “home” once staying in Portland, a private apartment or home rental in the Oregon city might be a an excellent option because that you. Over there are tons of choices to choose from that will suit any kind of travel style, including this strange cottage within easy reach of every one of the city’s attractions! Click right here to discover the ideal private rentals in Portland!

Not rather what you’re spring for? Click below to browse more hotels in Portland!

There is so much to see on a Portland to san Francisco road trip that it is a dead to rush through it! Take her time to make a few (or all!) of these stops and you’re certain not to be disappointed!

Are friend planning ~ above driving from Portland to san Francisco? Have any type of questions about this road trip? permit us understand in the comments!