One that the most complicated relationships in literature, Jace and also Clary space each other’s key love attention throughout The Mortal Instruments series.

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They very first see each other at the Pandemonium Club, when Jace, together with Isabelle and also Alec Lightwood, go after a demon there. Indigenous the very very first sight, Jace and also Clary find each various other annoying but intriguing. They discover themselves thinking about the other, even while outwardly insulting one one more – Clary having even slapped Jace. As they spend much more time together, the annoyances begin to disappear and also they are attracted to each other, progressively falling in love. They share a passionate kiss top top Clary’s birthday. A few misunderstandings here and there, and they room stopped from forming a genuine relationship, even though both clearly love every other.

Soon afterwards, Valentine Morgenstern, Clary’s father, top them right into believing the they space siblings, horrifying them. Jace particularly visibly becomes distraught.

In the following few weeks, things become awkward for both Jace and also Clary due to the fact that despite finding the end they space brother and also sister, they cannot rid themselves of their romantic feelings for one another. They shot to address it through entirely preventing each other, communicating only when exceptionally necessary. Clary attempts to start a relationship with her finest friend, Simon and also Jace also hooks up through Helen Penhallow – both do the efforts backfiring because of the mounting jealousy for the brand-new person in the 2 lovers. These weeks are harrowing because that both Jace and also Clary who are required to re-superstructure a passionate kiss at the Faerie court and also also practically commit incest in the heat of the moment while in Idris.

When Jace, again mistakenly, finds out he has actually demon blood, the realizes that perhaps this is why that feels what the does because that someone that is an alleged to it is in his sister. He gives in to his passion and love and also offers to start a clandestine connection with Clary. The latter refuses top top grounds the it gift ‘sickening’. Jace is horrified that she would certainly think what he feels because that her could be sick, developing quite an irony at the situation.

Later, Jace and Clary re-superstructure a platonic night together and also Jace pipeline her a letter admitting that he loves her v all his heart and also goes to find Valentine. In the following fight v Valentine’s genuine son Jonathan (also known as Sebastian), Jace is injured and later Valentine stabs him to death. Once Angel Raziel sponsor a great to Clary, she asks because that Jace come live again. The 2 are lastly freed of this facility situation now that they understand that castle are, indeed, no siblings. They officially begin a relationship and are happy through each other.

However, their pleasure is short-lived when Jace begins to have nightmares around killing Clary. That starts preventing her and also is almost fully closed off, leaving Clary confused and hurt. He, himself, spends time with Simon that notices the Jace is physical showing indicators of deep distress. As soon as the reason of the dreams concerned light via the silent Brothers, he is request to spend a night in ~ the cellars in the City that Bones. Lilith possesses his mental while he’s there and even throughout that possession, his feelings for Clary stay unaffected. After ~ the defeat of Lilith, Clary provides it clean to Jace the her feelings have never wavered because that Jace, no issue what he did since it to be the possession that made the act up.

While Clary goes away to meet the Shadowhunter team that had actually arrived in ~ the scene, Jonathan Morgenstern, who was increased by Lilith as a balance to the regeneration of Jace, forces Jace into one more kind the possession wherein they end up being one. Jace and Jonathan go missing, and also Clary is left at the brand-new York Institute with her friends and family trying to uncover him. Jace, who deserve to still not stay away from her, concerns Clary in the middle of the night one day and asks her to accompany him. As soon as she later realizes this is the only means she can number out what’s walk on and also get Jace back, she agrees come leave through him. Traveling about Jace and Clary re-publishing a lot of their relationship’s high moments, also while Clary knows that this is no ‘her Jace’. This is evidenced later once Jace division out the his possession temporarily and also tells her the he is jealous that ‘the other guy’ safety time with her.

When Jonathan’s gathering of Shadowhunters, who are to it is in administered Lilith’s demon blood, is damaged up by Lightwoods and their company, Clary stabs Jace v Archangel Michael’s knife severing the connection between Jace and also Jonathan and releasing him indigenous the possession.

Later Clary concerns see Jace who is currently healing in the NY Institute. The sword leaves heavenly fire inside Jace’s body and also they share a kiss but he ruefully admits the they can’t perform what they ‘almost did in Paris’.

Afterwards, as soon as Clary put her load behind it, Jordan Kyle help Jace address his simmering fury that urges the heavenly fire to gain out that control. When Jonathan, going as Sebastian, starts attacking Institutes anywhere the world, the Shadowhunters retract inside Idris. Jace and also Clary continue to be by each other, help each various other in this difficult time because they both recognize they understand Sebastian far better than the Clave. At last they decide to visit hell together with the Lightwoods and Simon, whereby Sebastian is hiding, learning that the Clave cannot loss him, and also they have to rescue Magnus, Jocelyn, Luke and also Raphael. Also while having actually false visions the a happy life together she enters hell, Clary’s life still had Jace – she was obtaining married to him in the vision. She reiterates to him that she would never wish for an additional life since this one lugged her to Jace. She helps Jace with the heavenly fire, when he loses regulate of it and also purges that of it, enclosing the fire in her shortsword. They keep it a secret, and that an enig is what help them to defeat Sebastian in ~ the end. That was, together Simon had thought to himself, a perfect team work.

Jace and also Clary prospered from bickering at each other to being two perfectly matching puzzle pieces. They go back to Idris after defeating Sebastian and Jace decides to take up the name Herondale. Tessa Gray, at Jocelyn and also Luke’s wedding, hands end the Herondale household ring come Clary that passes it on to Jace. That remarks that when again, she’s the one who brought a absent piece of him come him. The teases her by calling she Clary Herondale once, and also their story closes through Clary and Jace sitting close to the Mortal Mirror, the town hall the night sky with every one of their friends.

By 2012, Clary appears to it is in officially known as a Fairchild. She, in addition to Jace Herondale, has taken over the new York institute from the Lightwoods, becoming some the the youngest Shadowhunters to host such senior positions. Both of them have actually affinity for the Los Angeles academy Shadowhunters, even when they’ve establish Blackthorns are maintaining secrets native the Clave.

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People often talk about how they deserve to tell Jace and Clary’s feelings for one another by feather at their faces, also all through the time once they mistakenly thought they were siblings. It’s a note of how strongly they feel for each other for even Lilith comment on this, describing Jace and also Clary’s love as one that can “burn under the world or progressive it increase in glory”.

As Emma Carstairs rightly observed, Clary and Jace room “an institution, a legend. Castle belonged together.”