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I have to do a bunch of difficulties such together converting meter to km and also cups to mililiters etc. Exactly how do i calculate sig numbers for these troubles for instance i walk 12 miles to kilometers12 miles x 1.609 km/1mile = 19.308 km = 19 km ? do i leave the sig figs at 19.308 or do i change the answer to 19 to do the answer only 2 signigicant figures? since 12 mile is just 12 sig figs ns made the answer two is that correct....thanks

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How many far-reaching figures in her final an outcome depends ~ above the the beginning accuracy of your information. In her case, you began with 2 figures, "12". You have to keep TWO significant figures for your result, in your case, "19 km".

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The counter factor certainly applies. The limitation on far-reaching figures relies on i m sorry number has the the smallest amount of far-ranging figures in the conversion expression. In your case, your 12 miles is what restricts friend to two signif. Figure. Her conversion variable has many of figures. ....in fact your conversion factor would limit you come FIVE far-reaching figures; but since your number to transform only has actually TWO sigfigs, girlfriend are limited to two far-reaching figures.
Note that some conversion components are precise by definition, and also can be taken into consideration to have actually an boundless number of significant figures.Examples:1 cm = 0.01 m1 foot = 12 inches1 customs = 2.54 cm
Could be my English falls short me, however this sounds ambiguous come me. Is that 12 miles together measured (in which situation it has actually 2 significant digits) or is it precisely 12 mile (12 is an integer, in which case it has infinite variety of SD)?
I agree, "12 miles" has actually 2 sig figs. I can"t imagine a situation, in real life, whereby you would understand something is exactly 12 miles.
I agree, "12 miles" has 2 sig figs. Ns can"t imagine a situation, in genuine life, wherein you would recognize something is exactly 12 miles.
12 mile is exactly 12 mile
Note, the HallsofIvy to part extent confirmed ambiguity composing "I would interpret". Ns would interpret the concern the same way most likely, assuming that is 2 SD. However it is just an interpretation.Question doesn"t state even if it is it asks around the real people measurements, or about abstract counter factors. I can easily imagine student that interprets 12 as an accurate number and gives 19.312128 km as one answer. No accepting this answer once the exact an interpretation of the inquiry is open to interpretation will certainly be IMHO wrong.If the concern would say something prefer "I have measured distance between my home and school to be 12 miles, how much it is in km", that"ll be completely different story.

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One can have been given the trouble of identify how countless miles were in 10,560 fathoms...In that situation the number of sig figs is no 2.