Crested geckos (Rhacodactylus ciliatus) are fun and interesting pet lizards that have gained in popularity within the reptile understand in the last few years. These cute little geckos are additionally known together “Eyelash Geckos” as result of the miniature spiked hair-like ridges that run from your eyes down to your tails.

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They deserve to be a selection of colors ranging from dark brown, orange, red, grey, and beige. They can have no markings at all or have actually speckles, stripes, or bar trends adorning their skin.

Frogbutt crested geckos are only influenced cosmetically through the ns of your tail.

What causes a crested gecko to shed its tail?

The factor a crested gecko loser its tail deserve to be facility or simple.

Sometimes a crested gecko is a little bit skittish through nature and can it is in predisposed come drop that tail as result of its high-strung nature. V these species of geckos, a according to noise or sudden movement deserve to be sufficient of a trigger to reason the gecko come drop that is tail.

Cresties with more calm demeanors will usually only drop their tails in bondage if castle feel threatened or scared. Due to the fact that it’s a defense mechanism, shot not to make your Crestie feel favor you’re a potential predator. Move slowly and also within her gecko’s line of vision to shot to avoid any surprises.

What to perform if her crested gecko fall its tail

First the all, nothing be alert if the tail wiggles autonomously. The dropped tail is expected to deter and also distract predators, so it is organic for the to continue to move and twitch top top its own.

If her gecko’s enclosure has actually gravel, sand, or other small particulate substrate, us recommend moving your gecko temporarily to a small, clean container with no substrate or paper towels liners. This will assist ensure the no loose pieces that substrate accidentally cling come the wound and cause it not to cure or to become infected.

Although you could feel lean to perform so, that not essential to put any kind of kind of salve or ointment on the gecko’s stub. The just time this might end up being necessary is if you notice the stub watch infected. In the case, that is acceptable to put a tiny bit of antiseptic such as Neosporin ~ above the wound.

If the stump ever begins to ooze, your gecko requirements to check out a vet. This is a rarely occurrence, however once the tail has gotten that infected, veterinary care will be forced for the gecko come survive.

Crested geckos are likewise known together Eyelash Geckos as result of the ridges the hair-like spikes under their backs and also heads.


Frogbutt geckos space not uncommon in the wild or in the reptile understand world. This “new look” only affects the gecko cosmetically and personally, us think frogbutts are simply as cute as Cresties through a full tail.

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If friend think you’re prepared to welcome a Crested Gecko of your own into your home, Backwater Reptiles does have frogbutt crested geckos available as well together crested geckos with undamaged tails.