It was an epic bug battle hardly ever seen, and in the end, a black widow learned it's no a good idea come mess v a praying mantis.

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The drama unfolded in the West Kelowna residence of Varina Stone, once a black color widow spider attempted come snag a praying mantis, just to have the tables turned.

Stone posted a video clip of the fight on Youtube.

It would seem a black color widow is nomatch for a mantis, i beg your pardon overpowered the arachnid and then began to feast top top its adversary.

“I never even knew the mantises actually naturally eat black widows as one of their prey. Ns didn't understand that till I looked it up online,” claimed Stone, adding she has a brand-new appreciation because that a mantis.

Stone admits, she had actually her money on the widow come come out on top.

“I to be betting ~ above the black color widow, but praying for the mantis,” claimed Stone.

The spider did manageto escape, yet not unscathed.

“The mantis ate a couple of she legs,” stone said.

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