My 6 yo DD insists the you aren"t supposed to wear underwear under leotards. She claims that gymnasts don"t undertake underwear under your leotards. Ns say they do, however what do I know? I never ever did gymnastics. We"ve excellent it both ways...but I thought I"d ask friend guys. Underwear or no under leos?


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Our younger girl don"t for practice, when they fight puberty the older girl wear shorts over their leos and also do, yet not because that competitions

There is nothing worse 보다 a spangly leo and a pair of saggy pink trousers hanging the end the political parties ! lol
Your daughter is right, you are not supposed to stay underwear under a leotard. These days some leotard service providers make this an elaborate leotard underwear to go underneath yet that never ever existed before and people have actually worn leotards for plenty of years.Leotards are prefer swimwear, and swimwear definitely does not need is likewise a pet peeve that mine. It looks a small cute once they are 3 or 4 and also you see the underwear difficult out. Yet as they acquire older the looks horrible to watch pink and purpleoka period underwear sticking out from under a sleek fine fitted leotard.

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My kid just wears undies through her exercise leos. She doesn"t undertake undies come competitions. Reportedly nothing is an alleged to present from under the leo, no undies or bra straps can show.I want to obtain her few of the high reduced ones I check out in the gym leo catalogs. Anyone use those? just how are they? she does have some that space high cut but they quiet peek the end occasionally.
I agree with number of of the above, over there is nothing worse than arriving for gym and also seeing all these gymnasts wearing these beautiful leotards then to check out that one girl through a big pair the white panties sticking the end of every sides. Put it this way, girlfriend buy a beautiful bikini you gain ready to walk to hang the end on the wonderful beach or in ~ the pool and before you perform you put your bra and panties on under your swimsuit. It"s kinda like that. No underwear necessary just make certain the leo is tight fitting enough so your small ones private components are maintained nice and covered, I always have mine daughter shot on any brand-new one and also do a few easy skills at home so I recognize if she will certainly be ok and also nothing will be exposed.
My DD doesn"t wear any type of with she leos. She doesn"t like the method they feel. Even when she put on the shorts, she doesn"t favor to stay them.
RileyG- I believe the price is yes. The judging at the very least USAG is pretty strict on stuff. Ns remember once a girl on mine daughters L5 team was obtaining ready to do her beam routine, she saluted the judges then picked she leo out of she bottom (like they all do) then acquired up and did a beautiful routine. Us later uncovered out from the coach that she was deducted for picking she leo. Ns guess as soon as you salute every little thing you do is officially part of your routine in this situation picking she leo so I"m guessing if they deducted for that they would certainly deduct for panties. But I would certainly check.
ooooh, knicker picking can be a bugbear for some judges, over here I think over there is no dedcution if the underwear is skintone and discrete
Never underwear, yet sometimes nude colored briefs if the leotard is a really light color. Several of the lighter fabrics have the right to be view through. She no wearing briefs though and also avoids them at all cost.
We had white compete leotards and also wore nude colored briefs through them. No large deal... Yet my dd"s don"t commonly wear castle with practice leotards.
Our girls are required to wear briefs under your leos in ~ practice. They every wear the naked high cut gym panties GK sells. They every wear sporting activities bras too, also those that don"t require them.It"s become a typical policy in this area, many gyms are doing this.

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Our girls are required to stay briefs under your leos at practice. They all wear the naked high cut gym panties GK sells. They all wear sporting activities bras too, also those who don"t require them.It"s end up being a usual policy in this area, many gyms space doing this.