If girlfriend would choose to say, “I don’t speak English.” in Spanish, girlfriend would just say, “No hablo ingles.” To be even an ext polite and apologize for no speaking English, you could include “sorry” to the start of the expression and also say, “Lo siento, no hablo ingles.”

Learning Spanish is attainable for many who placed in the time and effort––especially if you currently speak related languages prefer Italian and also French. Both Italian and French are really closely concerned Spanish, as all three come straight from Latin. Also English shares numerous of those same Latin roots. It is why you’ll notice that there are numerous English words favor “action” that sound nearly identical in French (action), Italian (azione), and Spanish (accíon).

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The Spanish language also has a truly basic pronunciation system, with only a few irregularities. This is especially unlike English, wherein the connection between letters and sounds hardly ever seems to follow noticeable rules. The Spanish alphabet is additionally closely regarded French, Italian, English, and also most various other languages in west Europe. Over there are only three extra letters you’ll should know: ch (chay), ll (elle), and also ñ (eñe).

For start learners of Spanish, one of the many important very first steps to take is finding out the correct pronunciation the the letters of the Spanish alphabet as well as the Spanish words that stand for numbers. This is fortunate because that English speakers, due to the fact that the differences in between the English and also Spanish alphabets are really rather minor. This means that learning the Spanish alphabet and numbers comes naturally for plenty of English speakers.

To discover the Spanish alphabet and numbers, it’ll be necessary for girlfriend to focus on correct Spanish pronunciation. You will likely discover that part letters ~ above the Spanish alphabet have actually sounds you’re familiar with. Take it the letter j because that example. The Spanish letter j is pronounced choose the English letter h sound. You might be quite acquainted with this sound already from hearing Spanish names prefer Jose, Julio and, Javier. That said, other letters that the Spanish alphabet might sound rather unfamiliar come you.

Just choose with Spanish letters, girlfriend may currently know some of the Spanish numbers. Numerous English speakers have been taught at college or through TV mirrors to counting to 10 in Spanish:

uno = onedos = twotres = threecuatro = fourcinco = fiveseis = sixsiete = sevencho = eightnueve = ninediez = ten

If you already know these first ten Spanish numbers, then you’re ready to relocate on come larger, link numbers such together ciento veintiocho (128). You deserve to learn the bigger Spanish number by applying what you’ve currently learned of the smaller numbers, and also then applying some basic patterns to kind the name of larger Spanish numbers.

Another fortunate characteristic of Spanish is the it’s a much more phonetically regular language than English. Therefore Spanish words are virtually always pronounced just like they space spelled. This voice consistency can offer you the confidence to pronounce complex-looking, multi-syllable Spanish words. Those huge words can look a little bit daunting, however you’ll likely find that they really aren’t.

Honing your pronunciation does need that you gain immediate and also accurate feedback top top your initiatives to speak in Spanish. This feedback will permit you to make any type of needed correction to her Spanish pronunciation. Then, as soon as your pronunciation is correct, you can practice till you’re comfortably able to shape the sound of spoken Spanish.

Rosetta stone helps you get the pronunciation just right in a snap v TruAccent. Our patented decided engine soon compares her voice to native and non-native speakers, for this reason you get real-time feedback because that the most accurate pronunciation. It’s likewise adjustable, which enables you come fine-tune her accent. TruAccent is among the most an effective tools because that helping friend learn and speak the Spanish language.

After girlfriend have got the an easy words and phrases that room the building blocks of Spanish, you can move onto learning the much longer Spanish paragraph that comprise so much of everyday real-world Spanish conversation. Rosetta Stone’s brief, easily digested, 10-minute lessons space designed to aid you do just that. They’ll assist you learn the basics, then relocate onto discovering longer phrases and also on in the direction of understanding and speaking Spanish through confidence. Rosetta rock Spanish lessons repeatedly structure vocabulary acquisition and in context v real-world situations––a proven practice that can assist you advice your expertise of spoken and composed Spanish.

Surround yourself with Spanish whenever, wherever v the Rosetta rock app .

Download a unit and also knock it out on the train or a flight. Pick a 5-10 minute lesson and sneak the in while girlfriend wait in line or for her ride to show up. And also explore dynamic features, choose Seek and also Speak, whereby you can allude at an object in the genuine world and also get a translate into .

The ideal part? friend don’t have actually to choose between application or desktop. Both come with your subscription and also sync, for this reason you deserve to switch in between devices seamlessly.



I've been utilizing Rosetta stone for years to gain straightforward competency in lot of languages consisting of German, French, Italian, and recently Chinese and also Russian. Starts v the very basics teaching straightforward vocabulary and also grammar without any type of memorization. I've also impressed some locals in mine travels v pronunciation and also fluency. This is great place to start if interested in beginning to learn a brand-new language or brushing up top top one learned year ago.

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I to be trying out Rosetta Stone, to watch if that will aid out v the exactly grammar and conversation (as well together learning exactly how to read and also write the language). In ~ a week, i can already master the sentence structure and also start learning the grammar with particles. The local ar is for this reason excited to watch that ns am beginning to discover their language. The end of all the language discovering tools the end there, i 100% recommend Rosetta Stone!


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