In the diet mine dietetician has actually prescribed me, I have actually amount that pasta allowed noted for dry (uncooked) pasta.

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This is no a problem if I have the foresight to weigh the pasta prior to boiling, yet it is a difficulty if ns buy a dish v ready-made pasta or forget to sweet it prior to (or just forget how much I had actually measured, and also didn"t create down).

Can you give me a ascendancy of ignorance / estimate, how much 75g of dry pasta weighs after ~ it"s boiled?


The welcomed answer to the question about a very closely related matter: "how much water go pasta absorb", to obtain its an outcome goes through a calculate involving straight answer to my question.

100g dried pasta turns right into 100g*75/31 = 242g of pasta.


The estimate listed below from the nutrition facts is 1.4x, i beg your pardon probably coincides to common American overcooked pasta - a surprisingly large difference indigenous mine. I"m guessing you"ll be somewhere between, perhaps 1.25x.

Obviously obtaining the amount of pasta+water entails simply increasing these determinants by 1, so al dente will certainly weigh 2.25x the original, and also "typical American overcooked pasta" will certainly be 2.4x the initial weight.

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For my pin money of 75g that gives me 180g that "overcooked" pasta or 170g of al dente.

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