Almost all understand the renowned image Lance Ryder Wilson pictured with RAPPER Eazy-E (he"s dead :_( ). Here are the key similarities that RAPPER and CHARACTER : 1. In the mission Robbing uncle Sam Ryder asks CJ"I call me, CJ, why didn"t I complete high institution ?. As you know, Eazy-E was kicked out of high institution . 2. Together you progression through the video game Ryder is dying, but not native AIDS (as Eazy-E). 3. Together you development through the video game Ryder begins to sell drugs come gangs. As you know, after expulsion indigenous high college by Eazy-E began to earn by offering drugs. A hints of the album the RAPPER : if friend buy the pizza in the pizzeria, as soon as the seller speak Cheasy does It. The an initial album Eazy-E is Eazy-Duz-It. and also what a coincidence you noticed ? Write around them here. We will remember him � Eazy-E �
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I noticed the appearance))) yet if chesno. You every probably already noticed) over there is nothing more Just and also to be favor - voice razyne, izi didn"t kill anyone...But here"s the similarity: both were full friend, Ryder"s, huge smoke, and also easy and ice cube)))

_DaVe 07.01.20

The topic is yes, really comprehensive, for this reason let"s walk to talk about here the point out of the stars in the game at all. PS Eazy-E. R. I. P. (7.09.63 � 26.03.95)

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kerm68 07.01.20

Very similar to Ryder. not Eazy-E is similar to Ryder, and Ryder similar to Eazy-E. :D

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The crazy Grunge Girl, the rapper is Ryder. What around Eazy-E happened? Why he passed away at the age of 32 years?

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In the very first message is it? In in march 1995, Eazy-E to be hospitalizovani through suspected asthma. However, the last diagnosis was much much more serious � AIDS. The disease was in the progressed stage, and also as the rapper was gaining worse. March 26, 1995, ten job after hospitalization, Eric "Eazy-E" Wright died at 32 year of life. A year later on he exit his last, unfinished album, "Str8 turn off tha Streetz the Muthaphukkin Compton". Wiki (c)

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The topic is yes, really comprehensive, for this reason let"s walk to discuss here the cite of the stars in the video game at all. Well, for instance the RAPPER foolish Dogg indigenous GTA SA this is a parody that RAPPER Snoop Dogg.

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Th loss I carry out not view them absolutely naught in common except Dogg at the end no Russian, please.

Vashe Velichestvo 07.01.20

I think Eazy-E has earned significant fame thanks to the rider from the game, no his talent that a rapper. Yet fans the the genre recognize better.

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To be honest, I very first played GTA SA, and then (on this forum) discovered out around Eazy-E. Well, i sootvetsvenno pulled ... And also before that i was interested in the life the Shakur.

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I think Eazy-E has actually earned major fame many thanks to the rider from the game, not his talent of a rapper. However fans of the genre know better. Since of this, he acquired fame just in the 21st century