Fairy Tail: 10 time Natsu proved He loved Lucy Natsu has actually time and again proven the his feelings for Lucy may be depths than just friendship. Hopefully, this feelings will end up being canon soon.

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Fairy Tail is an anime that is absolutely full of canon ships yet it appears that Natsu and also Lucy, the two key characters, space the only couple that has actually yet to to be confirmed. The 2 share really close shortcut that frequently makes fans question the true on purpose of their relationship.

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The lack that confirmation appears to greatly be as result of Natsu who is a little dense and also unconcerned v romance. And also yet, Natsu has time and also again proven that his feelings because that Lucy might be deeper than just friendship. Hopefully, this feelings will come to be canon soon.

The Fairy Tail corridor is in ~ an s when every one of the Fairy Tail girls regulated to obtain into the booze. Lucy is particularly drunk and starts meowing and fawning end Natsu. While initially freaked out around the incident, Natsu does his ideal to take treatment of Lucy. Not wanting to uncomfortable her, that accepts her change of character and goes in addition to her drunken charade.

Natsu also pets Lucy like a cat to appease her. Natsu is ultimately forced to take Lucy come the toilet on his ago and the illustration ends with Lucy reasoning to herself "Natsu"s earlier is warm...".

Natsu"s love because that Lucy is not limited to her present form. When Future Lucy comes back in time come warn Fairy Tail of the dangers of the future, Natsu totally puts his to trust in her. Natsu is unending empathetic towards the horrors Future Lucy had actually faced and also gives she the exact same warmth that shows current Lucy.

At this moment, Natsu kneels down and pressed his face against her, thanking her for protecting Fairy Tail, him, and present Lucy. Nothing shows love much more than trust.

lucy chained up
Natsu and Wendy space taken prisoner yet Hughes argues executing Lucy because they have actually no usage for her. Can not to manage Lucy"s mistreatment, Natsu i do not care angry and threatens come burn Hughes and his soldiers if they do as much as scratch Lucy.

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Natsu"s overly protective nature end Lucy can be observed in this scene. Regardless of being imprisoned and also having almost no method out of his prison, that still place on a solid front against Hughes and his soldiers because that Lucy.

7 Natsu dropped Asleep in ~ Lucy"s, waiting for Her

lucy and natsu fairy tail
Lucy is upset that Natsu and Happy always break into her home and also bother she so she spends the entire day adhering to Natsu to uncover where that lives. She at some point finds his home yet Happy and Natsu don"t come home. The episode then reveals that Natsu and also Happy to be at Lucy"s and also Natsu had been wait for Lucy all day.

Lucy comes residence to watch Natsu sleeping on she bed, without a treatment in the world. She smiles since no matter how annoying Natsu is, he wanted her to come home.

Natsu involves save Lucy due to the fact that he knows he is partially responsible for she endangerment. Ominous points were most likely in Lucy"s future if Natsu had not come. But like always, he does. Natsu comes in, fire blazing, and wrecks everything in the standard Natsu fashion.

Natsu punches Zash and picks Lucy up. In spite of complaining about her load all the time, he enthusiastically choose Lucy up and the 2 head come safety.

5 Natsu was Willing come Kiss Lucy

Natsu and Lucy space driven about by Asuka all day together they both promised come do everything it is the Asuka wants. Together the end of the work draws come an end, Asuka needs that Lucy and Natsu kiss. Natsu tells Asuka she"s as well young to ask for that however is completely nonchalant about the kiss.

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Lucy is flustered and embarrassed but Natsu seems more than ready to kiss Lucy. Unfortunately for Natsu, Lucy shoves Happy in her location as Natsu leans in.

War versus his brother Zeref is imminent. Natsu knows today will it is in the critical day of peace and also he chooses to spend it through Lucy. The 2 talk, laugh, and reminisce on their life and adventure. And that night Natsu additionally opens himself as much as Lucy. Natsu talks about how he desires to it is in stronger and fight however he doesn"t favor the pain and lives lost that often accompany it.

His putting of emotions pipeline him emotionally fragile with Lucy yet he doesn"t mind. Natsu"s to trust and capacity to be breakable with Lucy is proof of their deep emotionally bonds.

3 Natsu urged Lucy once She score Zero Points

Lucy fights versus Flare in the cool Magic Games. The two space neck and neck v Lucy about to unleash the "Ultimate Magic of the Stars" yet her incantation is erased by Obra. Flare uses this opportunity to brutally strike Lucy who drops to the ground. The success is Flare"s and she offers it as an excuse to contact Lucy "pathetic, ugly, and also a loser".

Everyone laughs at Lucy while she trembles top top the ground next to Natsu. He knows it is not Lucy"s fault and he motivates her to use her tears for their victory instead. Natsu never ever blames Lucy and even promises that Fairy Tail will turn the tide.

Natsu is filled with regret due to the fact that there to be so much he was not able come share through Igneel. Natsu knows that that will need to avenge Igneel however he is not solid enough and holds a letter in his hand. This letter is for Lucy. He tells Happy around the huge problem the the letter is. Its content reveals that he will certainly be leaving because that a year to fortify his stamin in hopes of beating the black Dragon.

Unbeknownst come Lucy, Natsu and Happy leave for your journey. Together she reads the letter, Lucy burst into tears around her loneliness there is no him. Lucy to be the only human that obtained a letter from Natsu.

1 Natsu hosted Lucy ~ Eclair"s Death

Natsu, Lucy, and also their friend watched Eclair pass away v the stone. Unable to expropriate Eclair"s death, Lucy beginning crying uncontrollably, questioning for a magic the will avoid the tears. Anyone is stricken through grief yet Natsu"s primary concern is Lucy.

He soothes Lucy, assuring her Eclair passed happy and permits Lucy to cry in his arm. Natsu has told Lucy the loves her in every the ways feasible except through words.

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