I am very first in Earth, 2nd in Heaven, I appear two time in a week. You deserve to only watch me as soon as in a year, return I"m in the center of sea. Who am I?

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Answer is EThe asnwer is E. Together In spelling of earth E come first, in heaven it comes second, in main it come twice, in a year it comes once and finally in order of sea E stand in middle of the spelling.
When Manish was three years old he sculpted a nail right into his favorite tree to mark his height. 6 years later at period nine, Manish returned to see just how much higher the pond was. If the tree flourished by 5 centimeters each year, how much higher would the pond be.
Three people check into a hotel room. The bill is $30 for this reason they each pay $10. After ~ they walk to the room, the hotel"s cashier realizes the the bill should have only to be $25. For this reason he provides $5 come the bellhop and also tells him to return the money to the guests. The bellhop notices the $5 can"t be split evenly in between the three guests, therefore he keeps $2 for himself and then provides the other $3 to the guests.Now the guests, v their dollars back, have actually each paid $9 because that a total of $27. And also the bellhop has actually pocketed $2. So over there is $27 + $2 = $29 accounting for. Yet the guests originally paid $30. What occurred to the various other dollar?
This riddle is just an example of misdirection. That is in reality nonsensical to add $27 + $2, because the $27 that has been paid contains the $2 the bellhop made.The correct mathematics is come say that the guests paid $27, and the bellhop took $2, which, if given back to the guests, would carry them to their correct payment the $27 - $2 = $25.
I to be a 5 letter word. Take away the first letter and also I to be a country"s name. Take far the very first two letters and I end up being the the opposite of the 5 letter word. Who am I?
Some days friend think i"m pretty, however some days you think i"m ugly. Part days you"ll love me, however some work you"ll dislike me. If girlfriend think i"m not an excellent enough, you might get rid of me. Who am I?
I"m YOU! some days friend think you"re pretty, but some days girlfriend think you"re ugly. Some days you"ll love yourself, however some days you"ll hate yourself. And if friend think you space not good enough, you can get rid of yourself. Life is amazing :) Live your life come the fullest!
Two sisters we are, one is dark and also one is fair,In twin towers populated we"re rather the pair,One from land and also one native sea,Tell us truly, who are we?

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