Juncture way to come together, or to consolidate, and also seperation means to seperate. Flammable and also Inflammable room opposites as Juncture and Seperation room opposites

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Flammable is to "Inflammable" as "Juncture" is to separation.

Juncture means to come together, or come consolidate, and seperation method to seperate. Flammable and Inflammable space opposites as Juncture and also Seperation are opposites.

This is an analogy, a type of coparison which refers to a cognitive process of transferring information or meaning from a details subject (the analog, or source) to one more (the target), or a linguistic expression equivalent to such a process.



Excerpt indigenous 100% - the story of a patriot upton sinclair 10 for this reason peter to walk along, through his belt drawn tight, and also his restless blue eyes wandering here and there, trying to find a location to acquire a meal. There were jobs to it is in had, however they were difficult jobs, and also peter wanted an easy one. Over there are civilization in this civilization who live by their muscles, and others that live by your wits; peter belonged to the last class; and also had missed countless a meal rather than descend in the social scale. 11 peter looked right into the faces of everyone he passed, trying to find a feasible opening. Some returned his glance, however never for more than a second, because that they witnessed an trivial looking man, undersized, undernourished, and with one shoulder higher than the other, a weak chin and also mouth, crooked teeth, and a brown moustache too feeble to host itself up at the corners. Peters" straw cap had countless straws missing, his second-hand brown fit was become third-hand, and also his shoes were transforming over in ~ the sides. In a city whereby everybody to be "hustling," everybody, together they phrased it, "on the make," why have to anyone take it a second glance in ~ peter gudge? why have to anyone care around the restless soul surprise inside him, or dream the peter was, in his own obscure way, a kind of genius? nobody did care; nobody did dream. 12 the was about two o"clock of one afternoon in july, and the sun beat down upon the roads of american city. There to be crowds ~ above the streets, and peter noticed that all over were flags and also bunting. As soon as or twice he heard the strains of far-off music, and also wondered what to be "up." peter had actually not been analysis the newspapers; all his attention poor been taken up by the quarrels of the smithers faction and the lunk faction in the an initial apostolic church, otherwise well-known as the divine rollers, and good events that had been happening in the people outside to be of no concern to him. Peter knew vaguely that on the various other side of the world half a dozen mighty nations were locked with each other in a fixed of death; the whole planet was shaken through their struggles, and peter had actually felt a little of the trembling now and then. But peter did not know that his own country had noþeles to execute with this europe quarrel, and did not know that certain good interests transparent the country had set themselves to rouse the general public to action. Based upon the author"s characterization the peter in paragraphs 10, 11, and also 12, which word best describes him? a) laborious b) loyal c) patriotic d) poor
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Describe the misfit’s experience of the world. To what level can his criminality be attributed to the problems of his life? even though the is not in jail, is that a totally free man?