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upper entry manifold gasket help
i am about to change my upper intake manifold gaskets (Lean codes) . And i to be doing the by myself. So i would prefer to ask more experienced world some questions. Like: A list of tools i to be going to need?Any trouble or symptom anyone has ran into?Estimated wrenching time?***and last yet not least can someone please post a link to a website wherein i have the right to buy the gaskets that space needed? "97 4.0 OHVRF is always good help, Thanx
I"ve never done castle on an OHV before but ns don"t see just how it"d be any type of different than many other vehicles and also you should have the ability to get away with just an easy hand tools. is a an excellent website because that parts however you can likewise buy the gaskets at any type of local components store. I"d choose up a Haynes manual or something comparable for your truck... They take it you pretty lot step by step through this sorts the things!
i walk by breakthrough and they have actually a totality kit because that 50$ but not simply the top ones. And i forgot i had a Haynes! thanks for the reminder haha. Ns looking at rockauto now. Much appreciated!
I bought 2 felpro kits off rockauto, nice stuff.All you need is straightforward hand tools for most of the task 8 and 13mm space the majority of the bolts. Friend will require an Etorx set and a torque wrench to get the exactly seal.The Etorx is to remove the fuel rail to gain the gasket between it and also the lower. If you pull the fuel rail you are suppose to replace the injector o-rings. To install the injectors much easier a tiny lube of speak Vaseline works fairly well.
blhde could you article a link for me please. Ns not entirely sure what im going to need. I already have the plenum gaskets and thats it. Not sure what others im going come need. And could i just do the upper intake or have to i have actually the reduced done too?
I provided this kit and also did valve covers at the same time together its just a couple of more bolts once you acquire down the far.1997 FORD RANGER entry Manifold GasketFEL-PRO component # MS98005T
well i acquired them changed.. And also all good (knock top top wood). Its been 400 miles and also no inspect engine light. Shes back to running like herself. Thanx you guys.

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